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RHDN Recent Changes - Past 30 days
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
Hacks - NewGod Save the QueenThisguyaresick22014-04-15 23:16:59
Games - EditChaos Seed: Fuusui KairoukiZynk Oxhyde2014-04-15 20:38:43Game updated
Credits - NewTranslations - Chaos SeedRecca2014-04-15 19:09:50
Translations - New ()The Legend of ZeldaOrden2014-04-15 13:07:35
Community - EditwangsitanZynk Oxhyde2014-04-15 04:56:47Profile updated
Community - EditKempyZynk Oxhyde2014-04-15 04:54:59Profile updated
Community - EditShadowOne333Zynk Oxhyde2014-04-15 04:53:25Profile updated
Community - EditExeguy11Zynk Oxhyde2014-04-15 04:52:17Profile updated
News - NewChaos Seed English Translation Released!Draken2014-04-15 02:06:46
Translations - New ()Chaos SeedDraken2014-04-15 02:01:37
Games - EditBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamZynk Oxhyde2014-04-14 21:16:27Game updated
Hacks - EditAkumajou Densetsu - Re-Translation / Title Screen Zynk Oxhyde2014-04-14 21:04:56Changed Game. We already have Castlevania III (Akumajou Densetsu).
Hacks - EditAkumajou Densetsu - Re-Translation / Title Screen Vanya2014-04-14 16:10:35There seems to have been some confusion here. Inccubus is my old user name. The actual re-translation was made by Vice translations. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/730/ I made the original title graphics and remapped the title screen on the re-translation and gave ShadowOne333 permission to use that work. http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,10334.msg221391.html#msg221391 ShadowOne333 did the subtitle graphics, "Dracula's Curse", and the additional text edits.
Community - EditOrdenOrden2014-04-14 11:29:05I used first person in my profile. Now I am correcting my sin.
Credits - NewTranslations - SlayersRecca2014-04-14 11:00:56
Credits - NewTranslations - Silva Saga II: The Legend of Light Recca2014-04-14 10:53:16
Credits - NewTranslations - Destiny of an Emperor 2: The Story Recca2014-04-14 10:37:05
News - NewMagic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors TranBob Liu2014-04-14 10:31:04
Games - EditMega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast FalzarZynk Oxhyde2014-04-14 02:09:09Game updated
Utilities - EditLufia and the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-14 02:05:40Bugs fixed.
Hacks - EditPokémon Throwbackdukejp2014-04-13 21:22:48The given crc is 84EE4776, the 1.1 version of Fire Red. The patch dont works with that version. I updated to the 1.0 version of Fire Red with the correct crc, that works with the GBA emulator i use (Visual Boy A.). I wonder if that is the correct version of the rom from the begining.
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy 7 PlatinumDrDimension2014-04-13 19:23:47A couple of minor fixes in the patch - https://www.dropbox.com/s/sue0iunslkiguac/Final%20Fantasy%207%20Platinum.zip Readme also updated - https://www.dropbox.com/s/z81lyuru4y57ek3/Final%20Fantasy%207%20Platinum%20Read%20Me.txt
HelpAds - NewErika to Satoru no Yume BoukenPennywise2014-04-13 18:17:24
Translations - Edit ()Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd: The Missing ColorsBob Liu2014-04-13 17:42:17Updating translation version.
Utilities - EditRSEARCHCUE2014-04-13 13:51:08Updated version
Hacks - EditPhantasy Star IV Proper-caservivify932014-04-13 11:06:37bug fix. i ran into the same bug that plagued v0.1. i swear, this game hates me. sorry for this...
News - NewSilva Saga II Romanian version released!Recca2014-04-13 10:16:25
Hacks - EditPhantasy Star IV Proper-caservivify932014-04-13 10:15:43my dumb self forgot to edit the actual version number. whoops.
Credits - NewTranslations - Silva Saga II: The Legend of Light Recca2014-04-13 10:02:11
Games - EditRockman EXE 6 FalzarRecca2014-04-13 09:37:13Missing alternate title, publisher and release date.
Games - EditAkumajou DensetsuRecca2014-04-13 09:32:28Missing alternate title, publisher and release date.
Hacks - EditPhantasy Star IV Proper-caservivify932014-04-13 07:30:22massive update
News - NewFinal Fantasy Zz Hard Type (Version 1.51) FINAL REzzonkmiles2014-04-13 01:48:19
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy 7 PlatinumDrDimension2014-04-13 00:15:52More detail on hack (to keep people from trying to get Trine from Materia Keeper).
Hacks - NewAkumajou Densetsu - Re-Translation / Title Screen ShadowOne3332014-04-12 17:53:31
Translations - Edit ()Silva Saga II: The Legend of Light and DarknessRecca2014-04-12 17:06:39Added patching and ROM/ISO information.
Translations - New ()Silva Saga II: The Legend of Light and DarknessRecca2014-04-12 17:03:03
Reviews - NewGames - Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd: The Missing ColoBob Liu2014-04-12 16:18:31
Translations - Edit ()Neugier: Umi to Kaze no KoudouTheFireRed2014-04-12 15:29:21The game needs a header and I wrote about it for future reference.
Translations - New ()Rockman EXE 6 Falzarexeguy112014-04-12 13:57:39
Credits - NewHacks - Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Bug exeguy112014-04-12 13:37:14
Hacks - EditSuper Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Bug Fixexeguy112014-04-12 13:34:11Broken download link
Hacks - EditFF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-12 03:05:19Update 1.2 - Improved various things in the hack. Changes are listed in readme.
Credits - EditHacks - Holiday HexH.S2014-04-12 01:36:11Updating the credits list to include the rest of the people who worked on the hack.
Hacks - NewSuper Street Fighter II Turbo Revivalexeguy112014-04-11 20:09:55
News - NewNew Utilities Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2014-04-11 17:49:28
Translations - Edit ()Shining Force III: Scenario 1Dantares2014-04-10 18:22:59Update patch.
Translations - Edit ()Shining Force III: Scenario 2Dantares2014-04-10 18:22:30Sorry ^^u , this is the good patch.
Credits - NewTranslations - Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2: Making of MBob Liu2014-04-10 16:18:11
Games - EditMahou Kishi Rayearth 2: Making of Magic KnightBob Liu2014-04-10 16:16:05Updating info.
Reviews - NewGames - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeCavery2102014-04-10 16:03:31
Utilities - EditFF7Toolscebix2014-04-10 13:10:13New release 1.1
Utilities - EditTim2ViewDrMefistO2014-04-10 08:45:34Updated version, r52.
Reviews - NewHacks - Pokémon ThrowbackChronosplit2014-04-09 22:01:49
Community - Editthroughhim413throughhim4132014-04-09 16:22:15Removing outdated information and updating description
News - NewPokémon Throwback - Evolve Your Pokémon ExperienceRichterSnipes2014-04-09 11:19:20
Games - EditMahou Kishi Rayearth 2: Making of Magic KnightBob Liu2014-04-09 09:11:03Updating info.
Hacks - EditMetroid - Dark Alliancepacnsacdave2014-04-09 08:25:59Changed title screen to credit Alan Jacobs
Hacks - EditMetroid - Dark Alliancemrrichard9992014-04-09 03:22:03Updated info
Credits - NewHacks - Metroid - Dark Alliancemrrichard9992014-04-09 03:20:09
Hacks - NewPokémon ThrowbackRichterSnipes2014-04-09 02:57:41
Hacks - NewMetroid - Dark Alliancepacnsacdave2014-04-09 01:44:26
Community - EditRichterSnipesRichterSnipes2014-04-09 00:02:42Updated my profile name to my modern one.
Translations - New ()Magic Knight Rayearth 2: Making of Magic KnightBob Liu2014-04-08 16:35:33
Credits - NewTranslations - Youkai ClubPennywise2014-04-08 14:32:34
Translations - Edit ()Youkai ClubPennywise2014-04-08 12:36:54new version
Credits - EditHacks - GrandChaos' ShootGrandChaos90002014-04-08 12:16:15Changed to 'hacking' instead of 'graphics' in contribution credits.
Hacks - EditGrandChaos' ShootGrandChaos90002014-04-08 12:12:42Removed middle 'the' character name in the description.
Utilities - EditBioHazard File Archive ToolMarkGrass2014-04-08 12:08:15I added support for Bio2 and Bio1.5 RDT data.
Reviews - EditHacks - New Awakening 2.0 (FIXED)puzzledude2014-04-08 09:27:27Update
Utilities - New7th Dragon Translation KitPokeytax2014-04-08 07:25:12
Hacks - EditPokemon Emerald: Complete Hoenn Dex EditionChronosplit2014-04-07 19:38:55May no longer uses a Torkal in an early battle, this bug was fixed back to Slugma.
Translations - Edit ()Shalom: Knightmare IIIWolfwood2014-04-07 01:56:49Release date was wrong (the correct date was written in readme.txt).
Utilities - EditLufia and the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-07 01:45:42Added another feature. :)
Utilities - EditSceneNavixdaniel2014-04-06 21:37:55Updated to v1.0 Beta 9.
News - NewIPS Peek Version 0.2.0vectorman2014-04-06 19:27:39
Hacks - EditFF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-06 15:53:24Added more details to the description page. Updated the readme.
Reviews - NewHacks - FF 1 and 2 DOS: Mod of BalanceSPennLUE2014-04-06 13:16:57
Translations - Edit ()7th DragonPokeytax2014-04-06 12:52:42Update to v1.00.
Hacks - EditFF 1 and 2 DOS: Mod of BalanceSPennLUE2014-04-06 12:42:56Added URL, linked to new hack revision
Reviews - NewHacks - Mortal Kombat II - Hidden Characters Playathainferno3052014-04-06 11:31:47
Credits - NewHacks - Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Need not DATACHwangsitan2014-04-06 10:32:17
Hacks - EditYuu Yuu Hakusho - Need not DATACHwangsitan2014-04-06 10:28:44correct a spelling error: hiden - hidden
Translations - New ()Neugier: Umi to Kaze no KoudouReMay2014-04-06 09:41:41
Translations - Edit ()Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight AloneReMay2014-04-06 09:29:39Updated to recent version.
Translations - Edit ()Clock TowerReMay2014-04-06 09:27:02Updated to recent version.
Utilities - EditLufia and the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-06 03:40:35Updated the editor. Added character magic editor.
Reviews - NewHacks - Dynamic Action HackBregalad2014-04-05 16:12:17
Hacks - EditChrono Trigger PlatinumDrDimension2014-04-05 09:54:27Vital patch fixes.
Utilities - EditIPS Peekvectorman2014-04-05 01:26:40Updated version and picture.
Hacks - EditNew Awakening 2.0 (FIXED)katage2014-04-04 20:21:44Added a great deal of new content and fixed up the game text to better suit the new content.
Hacks - NewYuu Yuu Hakusho - Need not DATACHwangsitan2014-04-04 11:52:02
Credits - NewHacks - Dawn of Souls - Hard Modemrrichard9992014-04-04 11:10:16
Hacks - EditFF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-04 10:46:10Small bug fix.
HelpAds - NewTreasures of ElnarkM-Tee2014-04-04 07:42:59
Hacks - NewDawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-04 00:37:52
Credits - NewTranslations - 7th Dragonmrrichard9992014-04-03 18:06:33
Credits - NewHacks - Super SpongeBob Kartmrrichard9992014-04-03 18:03:03
Translations - Edit ()7th DragonKiyoshi Aman2014-04-03 16:05:54Oops, dropbox link. Mea culpa.
Hacks - NewSuper SpongeBob KartKempy2014-04-03 11:10:47
Utilities - NewLufia: And the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-02 19:03:43
Reviews - NewHacks - Metroid: Wart's InvasionWhenChukAttacks2014-04-02 16:04:52
Games - EditGunstar Super HeroesZynk Oxhyde2014-04-02 08:12:23Game updated
Translations - Edit ()Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boymziab2014-04-02 06:32:16Updated to newer release.
Games - Edit7th DragonZynk Oxhyde2014-04-02 02:06:47Game updated
Games - Edit7th Dragonreplicant10272014-04-02 01:49:33Added Release Date.
News - New7th Dragon Translation ReleasePokeytax2014-04-01 23:07:09
Utilities - NewTiny HexerGreen_goblin2014-04-01 21:46:07
Translations - New ()7th DragonPokeytax2014-04-01 21:45:26
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy Zz Hard Type (v. 1.5)zzonkmiles2014-04-01 19:00:17This submission has four new screenshots to make this hack more appealing to play. The actual patch and readme remain unchanged. Thanks!
News - NewNew Alttp forum openedpuzzledude2014-04-01 16:14:41
Hacks - EditParasite Eve Font HackI.S.T.2014-04-01 12:54:32Fixing the URL
Translations - New ()Gunstar Super HeroesReMay2014-04-01 10:39:00
Hacks - EditGhostbusters Proofreading FixGrandChaos90002014-04-01 07:55:03Updated description.
Translations - Noncompliant ()Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd: The Missing ColorsBob Liu2014-04-01 06:16:18Duplicate, accidentally added a new translation instead of editing current one. Thought you edit it like a news post but I know now so remove this here, thanks. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/2170/
Translations - Edit ()Final Fantasy VImagno2014-04-01 05:04:26New patch version (1.0).
Credits - NewHacks - Ghostbusters Proofreading FixGrandChaos90002014-04-01 03:03:07
Games - EditGhostbustersGrandChaos90002014-04-01 02:47:45Added original publisher, release date and screenshot.
News - NewEtrian Odyssey RetoldPokeytax2014-04-01 00:13:53
Games - EditGhostbustersZynk Oxhyde2014-03-31 23:54:31Game profile updated
Hacks - EditEquestriaBoundRydel2014-03-31 23:30:01New version released - Fixed bugs, 1 potentially game breaking.
Hacks - EditChip 'n Dale - Lomax AttacksNARFNra2014-03-31 19:26:53Improved grammar.
Hacks - NewGhostbusters Proofreading FixGrandChaos90002014-03-31 16:10:25
Translations - New ()Romancing SaGa 3magno2014-03-31 14:37:12
Reviews - NewHacks - Pokemon - Septo ConquestSparkbomber2014-03-31 13:33:16
Translations - Edit ()Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd: The Missing ColorsBob Liu2014-03-31 12:24:20Updating file version.
Utilities - EditAddIntroGenGuyver2014-03-31 08:03:49Link incorrect(?). Download 90% and over...
Community - Editcebixcebix2014-03-31 03:52:26Completed my personal information
News - NewFF7Tools 1.0 Releasedcebix2014-03-31 03:47:30
Reviews - NewHacks - Pokemon - Battle FactoryJeville2014-03-31 03:43:28
Credits - NewHacks - Metroid Walljumpsnarfblam2014-03-30 19:17:14
Credits - NewHacks - Metroid Automapsnarfblam2014-03-30 19:17:02
Translations - New ()Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd: The Missing ColorsBob Liu2014-03-30 17:03:01
Hacks - NewMetroid Walljumpsnarfblam2014-03-30 10:39:15
Hacks - NewMetroid Automapsnarfblam2014-03-30 10:22:08
Utilities - NewFF7Toolscebix2014-03-30 07:01:50
Utilities - NewDreamToolUraKn0x2014-03-29 21:10:13
Fonts - NewSEGA'85GrandChaos90002014-03-29 16:23:06
Games - EditArabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei OuPennywise2014-03-29 16:04:06wrong publisher
News - NewNew Translations Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2014-03-29 10:54:38
News - NewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2014-03-29 10:54:38
Utilities - EditAddIntroGenGuyver2014-03-29 09:19:49ver 1.01 30.03.2014 - second release. - size of the output file became smaller - added obscuring the screen - removed rewinding of the palette
Community - EditGrandChaos9000GrandChaos90002014-03-29 05:44:06Added logo after redesigned.
Hacks - NewEquestriaBoundRydel2014-03-28 19:58:15
Hacks - NewDynamic Action Selection Unofficial UpdateGrond2014-03-28 18:02:58
Translations - New ()Cave StoryOrden2014-03-28 13:44:15
Hacks - EditGrandChaos' ShootGrandChaos90002014-03-28 08:34:55Minor fixes for few character letters and cutoff in big font numbers, and updated ROM information.
Translations - Edit ()Bionic CommandoTheFireRed2014-03-28 04:31:14Patch update with typos fixed
Credits - NewHacks - GrandChaos' ShootGrandChaos90002014-03-28 02:29:16
Hacks - EditNew Awakening 1.3 (FIXED)katage2014-03-27 23:29:39I fixed a few bugs I discovered and made some changes based on the last two comments made on the hack, which complained about some shortcuts in which the player could walk through certain walls. One commenter thought they were required pathways, while another thought they were bugs. I removed them to avoid any confusion or frustration. Also made some minor cosmetic edits and added a few new revisions to make the earlier dungeons a little less familiar.
Utilities - NewPokemon Black Black 2 Evolution EditorEvil Goku2014-03-27 15:18:34
Utilities - NewPokemon Pearl Platinum HeartGold Evolution EditorEvil Goku2014-03-27 14:59:15
Community - EditGrandChaos9000GrandChaos90002014-03-27 14:58:04Added some general information with my forum name, deviantART site and e-mail.
Reviews - NewHacks - Pokemon Emerald: Complete Hoenn Dex EditioShadowfury2014-03-27 06:26:42
Hacks - EditZelda II - Part 3Zynk Oxhyde2014-03-26 23:44:37Image resolutions fixed
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy ++Zynk Oxhyde2014-03-26 23:17:03Image resolutions fixed
Reviews - EditHacks - Pokemon Emerald: Complete Hoenn Dex EditioLegions2014-03-26 21:23:22Hacker updated release.
Reviews - NewTranslations - Castlevania III: Dracula’s Cursevince942014-03-26 20:43:08
Hacks - EditTrue DuelHatZen082014-03-26 14:49:45To update rom information
Hacks - EditSword Tech Ready StanceHatZen082014-03-26 14:48:34To update rom information
Hacks - EditStep DanceHatZen082014-03-26 14:47:38To update rom information
Hacks - EditRunic ForeverHatZen082014-03-26 14:46:43To update rom information
Hacks - EditEquipable UmaroHatZen082014-03-26 14:44:34To update rom information
Hacks - EditAutomatic HealingHatZen082014-03-26 14:43:42To update rom information
Hacks - EditAntimagic FieldHatZen082014-03-26 14:42:45To update rom information
Hacks - NewSynchronized PalettesHatZen082014-03-26 14:39:50
Reviews - NewHacks - Final Fantasy VII Advent Childrensuloku2014-03-26 08:35:58
Hacks - NewGrandChaos' ShootGrandChaos90002014-03-26 03:19:10
Hacks - EditPokemon Emerald: Complete Hoenn Dex EditionChronosplit2014-03-25 15:26:32There appears to have been a very slight bout of confusion stemming from this hack's title, accidentally relating it to another hacker's work. I can understand this honestly. I sincerely apologize, and I have changed the name slightly to avoid such problems rising again.
Hacks - EditMighty Final Fight for 2 playerswangsitan2014-03-25 12:28:28current file download is invalid
Hacks - EditWar Room Challenge 2012 - Advance Wars 2Xenesis2014-03-25 03:50:02Version updated to 1.1
Hacks - EditPlayable Golbez Editionfedorajoe2014-03-24 20:57:58Next release of hack, contains new features plus minor improvements to many areas of game.
Abandoned - EditPokemon NativityChippy20002014-03-24 16:41:01Link went down
HelpAds - EditPokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL 1.5Chippy20002014-03-24 16:37:14MASSIVE UPDATE ON NEEDS
Community - EditKiiriBob Liu2014-03-24 10:25:14Update info.
Credits - EditTranslations - Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd: The MissiBob Liu2014-03-24 10:20:43Update info.
Community - EditPearse HillockBob Liu2014-03-24 10:16:16Update info.
Hacks - EditSonic 3 and Amy Rosesnarfblam2014-03-23 21:30:39Updated ROM info
Games - EditMahou Kishi Rayearthreplicant10272014-03-23 20:29:28Fixed Primary Title ("Kishi" instead of Kishin").
Hacks - NewFreddy Vs. Jasonpacnsacdave2014-03-23 15:58:48
Fonts - EditFinS 8x8 fontsFinS2014-03-23 11:13:05Fixed error with Amstrad font
Hacks - EditPokemon Emerald: Emu EditionChronosplit2014-03-23 11:11:12I seem to be unintentionally doing daily updates. This in all likelihood is the last one. This ties up some last-minute capital letters I saw laying around, namely in Shoal Cave and the Battle Frontier.
Reviews - NewHacks - Pokemon Emerald: Emu EditionLegions2014-03-23 09:58:19
Hacks - EditPokemon Emerald: Emu EditionChronosplit2014-03-22 23:46:52One more quick fix, this time fixing an accidental typo in Flash Fire.
Fonts - NewFinS 8x8 fontsFinS2014-03-22 23:24:51
Fonts - NewFinS 8x16 fontsFinS2014-03-22 23:19:35
Community - EditCM30Zynk Oxhyde2014-03-22 22:47:25Profile updated
Reviews - NewHacks - Zelda - A Link to the Past - Master QuestDarklink78842014-03-22 22:18:10
Credits - NewHacks - F-Zero - xLightningWolFx's Tracksmrrichard9992014-03-22 22:04:42
Credits - NewHacks - Pokemon - Topazmrrichard9992014-03-22 22:04:12
Credits - NewHacks - Pokemon - Battle Firemrrichard9992014-03-22 22:03:54
Credits - NewHacks - Pokemon - Septo Conquestmrrichard9992014-03-22 22:03:31
Credits - NewHacks - Pokemon - Hollow Mysteriesmrrichard9992014-03-22 22:03:01
Credits - NewHacks - Pokemon - Ash's Questmrrichard9992014-03-22 22:02:46
Credits - NewHacks - Pokemon - Resolute Versionmrrichard9992014-03-22 22:02:24
Credits - NewHacks - Yet Another Super Mario Hack (YASH)mrrichard9992014-03-22 22:01:56
News - EditMagic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors Englsnarfblam2014-03-22 18:44:33Original submitter submitted a new article with modifications. Makes more sense to edit existing article.
Hacks - EditPokemon Emerald: Emu EditionChronosplit2014-03-22 18:05:15Slight fix involving two trainers' AI levels. Most users shouldn't even notice.
Credits - NewHacks - F-Zero - Corey's Tracksmrrichard9992014-03-22 17:43:53
Credits - NewHacks - F-Zero - The Revengemrrichard9992014-03-22 17:43:31
Hacks - NewPokemon - Resolute Versionmrrichard9992014-03-22 17:27:09
Hacks - NewPokemon - Battle Factorymrrichard9992014-03-22 17:16:13
Hacks - EditPokemon Brown 2014mrrichard9992014-03-22 17:00:05New Version
Hacks - NewPokemon - Ash's Questmrrichard9992014-03-22 16:49:18
Hacks - NewPokemon - Hollow Mysteriesmrrichard9992014-03-22 16:31:32
Hacks - NewPokemon - Septo Conquestmrrichard9992014-03-22 16:12:55
Hacks - NewPokemon - Battle Firemrrichard9992014-03-22 15:47:25
Hacks - NewPokemon - Topazmrrichard9992014-03-22 15:30:19
Hacks - NewYet Another Super Mario Hack (YASH)mrrichard9992014-03-22 14:51:20
Fonts - NewParasite Eve (Japanese version)Green_goblin2014-03-22 14:15:06
Fonts - NewParasite Eve (English version)Green_goblin2014-03-22 14:11:57
Fonts - NewFinal Fantasy 7Green_goblin2014-03-22 14:10:36
Fonts - NewChrono TriggerGreen_goblin2014-03-22 14:09:13
Fonts - NewChicago (dropshadow)Green_goblin2014-03-22 14:07:45
Utilities - NewAddIntroGenGuyver2014-03-22 08:31:24
Translations - Edit ()Final Fantasy VIReMay2014-03-22 05:28:36Typos fixed.
Hacks - NewF-Zero - Ace League Cars Patchmrrichard9992014-03-22 00:02:55
Hacks - NewF-Zero - Nytezeromrrichard9992014-03-21 23:49:45
Hacks - NewF-Zero - Nacho Tracksmrrichard9992014-03-21 22:48:39
Hacks - NewF-Zero - xLightningWolFx's Tracksmrrichard9992014-03-21 22:35:29
Hacks - NewF-Zero - Geliefertmrrichard9992014-03-21 22:23:22
Hacks - NewF-Zero - Corey's Tracksmrrichard9992014-03-21 21:55:42
Hacks - NewF-Zero - The Revengemrrichard9992014-03-21 21:42:55
Hacks - NewAyrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II Complete 19tag20152014-03-21 21:41:27
Hacks - NewF-Zero - Alternative Strikemrrichard9992014-03-21 21:34:37
Hacks - NewNEW SMW2 - Yoshi's Islandmrrichard9992014-03-21 20:52:20
Translations - Edit ()TwinBee 3: Poko Poko Dai MaouPennywise2014-03-21 15:03:11another ninja fix
Credits - NewHacks - Parasite Eve Font HackGreen_goblin2014-03-21 07:20:46
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy Zz Hard Type (v. 1.5)zzonkmiles2014-03-21 06:13:50I apologize. When I submitted this file a few hours ago, I sent the wrong one. The update I am sending now has the correct version. Again, I apologize.
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy Zz Hard Type (v. 1.5)zzonkmiles2014-03-21 00:02:48Version 1.5 supersedes version 1.1. The older version of this hack had a few unanticipated bugs and some inappropriately balanced monsters. This latest version of the hack improves the monsters, strengthens the characters, eliminates all remaining bugs, and is a superior version of the game.
News - NewMagic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors EnglBob Liu2014-03-20 17:25:22
Games - EditMahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd: The Missing ColorsBob Liu2014-03-20 13:33:33Updating game info.
Translations - Edit ()TwinBee 3: Poko Poko Dai MaouPennywise2014-03-20 12:11:49quick update
HelpAds - NewWhat's ShenmueIlDucci2014-03-20 11:12:35
Credits - NewTranslations - Astrocounter of Crescentsmrrichard9992014-03-20 00:40:50
Credits - NewTranslations - Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missmrrichard9992014-03-20 00:40:08
Credits - NewHacks - NCAA Footballmrrichard9992014-03-20 00:38:53
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