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Latest New Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
Utilities - New7th Dragon Translation KitPokeytax2014-04-08 07:25:12
Utilities - NewLufia: And the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-02 19:03:43
Utilities - NewTiny HexerGreen_goblin2014-04-01 21:46:07
Utilities - NewFF7Toolscebix2014-03-30 07:01:50
Utilities - NewDreamToolUraKn0x2014-03-29 21:10:13
Utilities - NewPokemon Black Black 2 Evolution EditorEvil Goku2014-03-27 15:18:34
Utilities - NewPokemon Pearl Platinum HeartGold Evolution EditorEvil Goku2014-03-27 14:59:15
Utilities - NewAddIntroGenGuyver2014-03-22 08:31:24
Utilities - NewIPS Infovectorman2014-03-13 19:54:48
Utilities - NewHabsentmindedGriever2014-03-10 10:49:56
Utilities - NewSecret of Mana Level Data EditorJCE3000GT2014-03-06 01:20:33
Utilities - NewBioHerbMarkGrass2014-03-01 14:02:37
Utilities - NewFinal Lap Twin ToolboxJCE3000GT2014-02-22 03:09:03
Utilities - NewFloating IPSTheFireRed2014-02-18 09:53:13
Utilities - NewMegaEd Xmrrichard9992014-02-14 12:35:00
Utilities - NewIPS Peekvectorman2014-02-06 20:24:18
Utilities - NewRoomShakermrrichard9992014-01-13 13:13:07
Utilities - NewRoomShaker IImrrichard9992014-01-13 13:09:58
Utilities - NewNESPrincEdmrrichard9992014-01-13 13:00:15
Utilities - NewPr1SnesLevEdmrrichard9992014-01-13 12:51:20

Last Updated Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
Utilities - EditTim2ViewDrMefistO2014-04-17 10:27:42SVN r65. Cross-platform release.
Utilities - EditLufia and the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-14 02:05:40Bugs fixed.
Utilities - EditRSEARCHCUE2014-04-13 13:51:08Updated version
Utilities - EditFF7Toolscebix2014-04-10 13:10:13New release 1.1
Utilities - EditTim2ViewDrMefistO2014-04-10 08:45:34Updated version, r52.
Utilities - EditBioHazard File Archive ToolMarkGrass2014-04-08 12:08:15I added support for Bio2 and Bio1.5 RDT data.
Utilities - EditLufia and the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-07 01:45:42Added another feature. :)
Utilities - EditSceneNavixdaniel2014-04-06 21:37:55Updated to v1.0 Beta 9.
Utilities - EditLufia and the Fortress of Doom Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-04-06 03:40:35Updated the editor. Added character magic editor.
Utilities - EditIPS Peekvectorman2014-04-05 01:26:40Updated version and picture.
Utilities - EditAddIntroGenGuyver2014-03-31 08:03:49Link incorrect(?). Download 90% and over...
Utilities - EditAddIntroGenGuyver2014-03-29 09:19:49ver 1.01 30.03.2014 - second release. - size of the output file became smaller - added obscuring the screen - removed rewinding of the palette
Utilities - EditCrFontGrImgurbanopsilva2014-03-18 15:41:40Update to the new version
Utilities - Editztweditjoncloud2014-03-12 23:30:23Added source code repository link.
Utilities - Editztweditjoncloud2014-03-12 22:59:40Updated to v1.1.1.
Utilities - EditCrFontGrImgurbanopsilva2014-03-07 19:27:29Just to update the links to the new version...
Utilities - EditSPC Sample Index EditorJCE3000GT2014-03-06 01:16:25Updated information
Utilities - EditMystic Quest Multi EditorJCE3000GT2014-03-06 01:09:35Update version and information
Utilities - EditIPSWinNightcrawler2014-03-02 11:23:52Removed file and alerted users about this utility's serious flaws as per community consensus. Added link to LunarIPS as alternative.
Utilities - EditBioHazard File Archive ToolMarkGrass2014-03-01 13:37:45I've smashed a bug in EMS archive file extraction.