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Latest New Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
Hacks - NewAkumajou Densetsu - Re-Translation / Title Screen ShadowOne3332014-04-12 17:53:31
Hacks - NewSuper Street Fighter II Turbo Revivalexeguy112014-04-11 20:09:55
Hacks - NewPokémon ThrowbackRichterSnipes2014-04-09 02:57:41
Hacks - NewMetroid - Dark Alliancepacnsacdave2014-04-09 01:44:26
Hacks - NewYuu Yuu Hakusho - Need not DATACHwangsitan2014-04-04 11:52:02
Hacks - NewDawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-04 00:37:52
Hacks - NewSuper SpongeBob KartKempy2014-04-03 11:10:47
Hacks - NewGhostbusters Proofreading FixGrandChaos90002014-03-31 16:10:25
Hacks - NewMetroid Walljumpsnarfblam2014-03-30 10:39:15
Hacks - NewMetroid Automapsnarfblam2014-03-30 10:22:08
Hacks - NewEquestriaBoundRydel2014-03-28 19:58:15
Hacks - NewDynamic Action Selection Unofficial UpdateGrond2014-03-28 18:02:58
Hacks - NewSynchronized PalettesHatZen082014-03-26 14:39:50
Hacks - NewGrandChaos' ShootGrandChaos90002014-03-26 03:19:10
Hacks - NewFreddy Vs. Jasonpacnsacdave2014-03-23 15:58:48
Hacks - NewPokemon - Resolute Versionmrrichard9992014-03-22 17:27:09
Hacks - NewPokemon - Battle Factorymrrichard9992014-03-22 17:16:13
Hacks - NewPokemon - Ash's Questmrrichard9992014-03-22 16:49:18
Hacks - NewPokemon - Hollow Mysteriesmrrichard9992014-03-22 16:31:32
Hacks - NewPokemon - Septo Conquestmrrichard9992014-03-22 16:12:55

Last Updated Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
Hacks - EditAkumajou Densetsu - Re-Translation / Title Screen Zynk Oxhyde2014-04-14 21:04:56Changed Game. We already have Castlevania III (Akumajou Densetsu).
Hacks - EditAkumajou Densetsu - Re-Translation / Title Screen Vanya2014-04-14 16:10:35There seems to have been some confusion here. Inccubus is my old user name. The actual re-translation was made by Vice translations. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/730/ I made the original title graphics and remapped the title screen on the re-translation and gave ShadowOne333 permission to use that work. http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,10334.msg221391.html#msg221391 ShadowOne333 did the subtitle graphics, "Dracula's Curse", and the additional text edits.
Hacks - EditPokémon Throwbackdukejp2014-04-13 21:22:48The given crc is 84EE4776, the 1.1 version of Fire Red. The patch dont works with that version. I updated to the 1.0 version of Fire Red with the correct crc, that works with the GBA emulator i use (Visual Boy A.). I wonder if that is the correct version of the rom from the begining.
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy 7 PlatinumDrDimension2014-04-13 19:23:47A couple of minor fixes in the patch - https://www.dropbox.com/s/sue0iunslkiguac/Final%20Fantasy%207%20Platinum.zip Readme also updated - https://www.dropbox.com/s/z81lyuru4y57ek3/Final%20Fantasy%207%20Platinum%20Read%20Me.txt
Hacks - EditPhantasy Star IV Proper-caservivify932014-04-13 11:06:37bug fix. i ran into the same bug that plagued v0.1. i swear, this game hates me. sorry for this...
Hacks - EditPhantasy Star IV Proper-caservivify932014-04-13 10:15:43my dumb self forgot to edit the actual version number. whoops.
Hacks - EditPhantasy Star IV Proper-caservivify932014-04-13 07:30:22massive update
Hacks - EditFinal Fantasy 7 PlatinumDrDimension2014-04-13 00:15:52More detail on hack (to keep people from trying to get Trine from Materia Keeper).
Hacks - EditSuper Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Bug Fixexeguy112014-04-12 13:34:11Broken download link
Hacks - EditFF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-12 03:05:19Update 1.2 - Improved various things in the hack. Changes are listed in readme.
Hacks - EditMetroid - Dark Alliancepacnsacdave2014-04-09 08:25:59Changed title screen to credit Alan Jacobs
Hacks - EditMetroid - Dark Alliancemrrichard9992014-04-09 03:22:03Updated info
Hacks - EditGrandChaos' ShootGrandChaos90002014-04-08 12:12:42Removed middle 'the' character name in the description.
Hacks - EditPokemon Emerald: Complete Hoenn Dex EditionChronosplit2014-04-07 19:38:55May no longer uses a Torkal in an early battle, this bug was fixed back to Slugma.
Hacks - EditFF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-06 15:53:24Added more details to the description page. Updated the readme.
Hacks - EditFF 1 and 2 DOS: Mod of BalanceSPennLUE2014-04-06 12:42:56Added URL, linked to new hack revision
Hacks - EditYuu Yuu Hakusho - Need not DATACHwangsitan2014-04-06 10:28:44correct a spelling error: hiden - hidden
Hacks - EditChrono Trigger PlatinumDrDimension2014-04-05 09:54:27Vital patch fixes.
Hacks - EditNew Awakening 2.0 (FIXED)katage2014-04-04 20:21:44Added a great deal of new content and fixed up the game text to better suit the new content.
Hacks - EditFF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Modethe_icepenguin2014-04-04 10:46:10Small bug fix.