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Documents - NewRandom Number Generator for SNESFinS2014-03-02 16:01:21
Documents - NewFF1 Disassembly Companionjoe73ffdq2014-02-04 03:38:20
Documents - NewTUROK LSx Package Formatlmao_horses2014-01-29 01:46:01
Documents - NewSonic Rush BAC FormatHiccup2014-01-18 07:04:11
Documents - NewChippy2000's Guide to Hacking Pokemon Gold!Chippy20002013-12-24 15:44:18
Documents - NewThe P'radikus ConflictRevenant2013-12-20 20:57:27
Documents - NewPsyQ SNES Development Manualmartinmartin2013-11-29 10:52:03
Documents - NewSunsoft NES audio engines analysisMatrixz2013-10-28 19:21:11
Documents - NewFF6 SNES $C3 Bank rellocatable source codemagno2013-10-25 06:05:29
Documents - NewFF1 Disassembly with Bugfix & Enhancement PatcGrond2013-09-05 21:45:26
Documents - NewSeiken Densetsu 3 offsets and data formatsgiangurgolo2013-08-17 13:29:04
Documents - New65816 ASM Tutorialmrrichard9992013-07-20 23:32:40
Documents - NewMegaman 2 Sound Engine Documentmrrichard9992013-07-20 23:26:12
Documents - NewZelda 2 ROM Expansionjoesteve19142013-07-20 18:16:59
Documents - NewNintendo SHVC Scope BIOSRevenant2013-06-26 21:40:41
Documents - NewSONY Pocketstation Technical Documentsmrrichard9992013-06-23 03:34:26
Documents - NewRestrict Espers by CharacterSynchysi2013-05-31 10:10:40
Documents - NewCastlevania 2 Sprite Dataoptomon2013-04-30 09:08:44
Documents - Newsmb2jdisdoppelganger2013-04-20 15:27:49
Documents - New68000 Instruction Setmrrichard9992013-04-16 19:57:33

Last Updated Documents
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
Documents - EditFF1 Disassembly Companionjoe73ffdq2014-02-04 19:10:24Modified description
Documents - EditTUROK LSx Package FormatZynk Oxhyde2014-01-29 10:01:37Unchecked Nofile box! Note: Why can't this be downloaded?
Documents - EditPsyQ SNES Development ManualKiyoshi Aman2013-12-19 16:42:47Yet another Dropbox download not caught by submissions review team. (My fault, as it happens.)
Documents - EditFF6 SNES $C3 Bank rellocatable source codeZynk Oxhyde2013-11-28 00:31:14Changed Author Name! magno & Traducciones Magno are the same!
Documents - EditRiver City Ransom Password Algorithmjerry2013-07-27 02:04:59Corrected typo in description.
Documents - EditZelda 2 ROM ExpansionDr. Floppy2013-07-21 01:26:11Corrected authorship credit.
Documents - EditNEC V60 CPU ManualNightcrawler2013-05-06 09:06:09Fixing File
Documents - EditCapcom "6C80" Sound Engine/Music Format Matrixz2013-04-29 12:19:27updated the document.
Documents - Edit6502 ASM CodesNeil2013-04-16 19:55:21fixing authorship
Documents - EditCoding Dictionary/DTE compression routines in SNESNeil2013-04-16 19:54:54fixing authorship
Documents - EditDecompression of SNES fontsNeil2013-04-16 19:54:23fixing authorship
Documents - EditRecompressionNeil2013-04-16 19:54:05fixing authorship
Documents - EditPlaystation pointersZynk Oxhyde2013-04-15 01:30:11Author changed!
Documents - EditAtari 2600 VCS Sound Frequency and Waveform GuideZynk Oxhyde2013-04-14 02:18:45Release Date added!
Documents - EditGameboy Advance CribsheetZynk Oxhyde2013-04-13 10:02:37Release Date added!
Documents - EditNintendo Gameboy CribsheetZynk Oxhyde2013-04-13 10:01:31Release Date added!
Documents - EditPlayStation Video Format (STR)mrrichard9992013-04-13 00:53:31found updated document
Documents - EditCoding Dictionary/DTE compression routines in SNESZynk Oxhyde2013-03-17 02:48:31Release Date changed: 31 Dec 1969 (Unknown) to 19 Jan 2001: NB: I think its 1996 NOT 1969; but I based date on Word doc.
Documents - EditSuper Mario Brothers High Level DisassemblyNightcrawler2013-02-04 11:34:27test
Documents - EditSuper Mario Brothers High Level DisassemblyMovax122013-02-04 01:42:49Minor fixes and file url fix