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RHDN Recent Changes - Past 30 days
SectionTypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
CreditsNewHacks - Rush 'n Attack - Jump Buttonrainponcho2017-03-28 19:45:03
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worldspuzzledude2017-03-28 16:27:35Updating from 1.21 to 1.23. Various debugs of the previous version fixed, as well as further beta testing of the new version.
CommunityEditHellyHelly_2017-03-28 15:24:20I am Helly
HacksEditThe Dragon Buster of MadoolaZynk Oxhyde2017-03-28 03:44:52Fixed Description
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2: Basic MasterZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 23:05:00
CreditsNewHacks - The Dragon Buster of MadoolaZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 23:04:13
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. Chaos ControlRyanTNT2017-03-27 22:44:53
GamesEditConker's Bad Fur DayZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 22:11:27Update
GamesEditStar Fox 64Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 22:09:56Update
GamesEditRoboCop Versus The TerminatorZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 22:07:35Update
CommunityEditFuriousHedgehogZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 21:45:51Updated
GamesEditDragon BusterZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 20:47:27Updated
CommunityEditArtyZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 20:46:26Updated
ReviewsNewHacks - Yoshi & Bowser Colour FixRealGaea2017-03-27 18:21:09
TranslationsNewSuper Mario 64blade133bo2017-03-27 17:33:20
TranslationsNewStar Fox 64blade133bo2017-03-27 17:12:15
TranslationsNewConker's Bad Fur Dayblade133bo2017-03-27 16:52:05
ReviewsNewHacks - CV Dawn of Symphony (Alucard SOTN Hack)WebSlinger2017-03-27 16:26:32
TranslationsEditTales of BerseriaBurnt Lasagna2017-03-27 15:38:48v1.2 came out. Made appropriate changes to the entry page to reflect this.
TranslationsNewRobocop Versus The Terminatorwave2017-03-27 14:59:13
ReviewsNewHacks - Smash Bros.RealGaea2017-03-27 13:27:08
ReviewsNewHacks - BassRealGaea2017-03-27 12:52:39
GamesEditMega Man X5ObiKKa2017-03-27 11:53:58US title screen.
HacksNewThe Dragon Buster of MadoolaZynk Oxhyde2017-03-27 09:45:48
NewsNewRoll-chan World GAMEBOY - Player Sprite hack RELEASED!Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 23:34:16
HacksEditSuper Metroid: Zebes Revisitedfugly2017-03-26 23:31:19added unheadered patch version
CreditsNewHacks - Roll-chan World 4Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 22:27:11
CreditsNewHacks - Roll-chan World 3Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 22:26:58
CreditsNewHacks - Roll-chan World 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 22:26:42
CreditsNewHacks - Roll-chan WorldZynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 22:26:28
CreditsNewHacks - Roll-chan World 5Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 22:25:41
HacksNewRush 'n Attack - Jump Buttonrainponcho2017-03-26 17:29:36
ReviewsNewTranslations - Energykristigurl2017-03-26 16:44:13
ReviewsNewTranslations - Energygoldenband2017-03-26 13:43:48
HacksEditSonic 2 Bug Fixeslory19902017-03-26 11:58:18Version 2.4.1
TranslationsEditPerman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose!crimental2017-03-26 11:16:47Small correction and creation of tildes.
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man X4blade133bo2017-03-26 10:23:16
TranslationsNewMega Man X5blade133bo2017-03-26 10:17:21
HacksEditMetroid Other ZMLuce Seyfarth2017-03-26 09:37:28Major Bugfix - Crash after getting Fully Powered Suit in Chozodia
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. Special for NES - Unused Spiny Egg BehaviourTRIFORCE892017-03-26 08:42:13
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. Special for NESTRIFORCE892017-03-26 08:37:19improvment of list item alignment in description
ReviewsNewHacks - Megaman In Java IslandKallisto2017-03-26 07:50:35
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman Deus Ex MachinaKallisto2017-03-26 06:33:57
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman2MINKallisto2017-03-26 04:56:07
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-26 02:00:20
HacksNewRoll-chan World 5Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 01:48:32
HacksNewRoll-chan World 4Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 01:42:54
HacksNewRoll-chan World 3Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 01:38:08
HacksNewRoll-chan World 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 01:33:41
HacksNewRoll-chan WorldZynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 01:29:14
GamesEditPokémon Sodateyasan MiniZynk Oxhyde2017-03-26 01:05:35Update
HacksEditRockman CX8.bit.fan2017-03-25 23:20:05Updated another one of the images to better give the user an idea of all the changes to this game. Tightened up the spacing of the Description.
HacksEditName Fix PatchChronosplit2017-03-25 22:18:52Whoops! The big update didn't have a couple of files. Fixed.
CommunityEditOsman Color - Osman Garciamrrichard9992017-03-25 19:25:16Updated
CommunityNoncompliantOsman Colormrrichard9992017-03-25 19:22:32Duplicate Profile - http://www.romhacking.net/community/3888/
CommunityEditemotionenginemrrichard9992017-03-25 19:20:39Linked to forum profile
CommunityEditbigboomrrichard9992017-03-25 19:20:00Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditq8fftmrrichard9992017-03-25 19:19:15Linked to forum profile.
HacksEditBatman: The Dark Knightmrrichard9992017-03-25 19:17:47Linked to correct profile who submitted it.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros. Special for NES - Unused Spiny Egg BehaviourTRIFORCE892017-03-25 13:35:30
GamesEditWario Land 4ObiKKa2017-03-25 13:22:08Title screen.
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. Special for NESTRIFORCE892017-03-25 13:03:44Implemented a few minor additional tiles from "All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros." (score points shadow, mushroom platform stipe) and "Super Mario Maker" (mushroom platform cap, coral)
GamesEditEnergyObiKKa2017-03-25 13:02:07Title screen & small history overview.
TranslationsNewPokémon Sodateyasan MiniUSC2017-03-25 11:27:49
CreditsNewTranslations - Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose!crimental2017-03-25 09:33:03
CreditsNewTranslations - Wario Land 4crimental2017-03-25 09:31:18
NewsNewNew Translations Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-25 08:32:58
GamesEditPokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-25 08:21:16Update
TranslationsNewEnergycabbage2017-03-25 04:36:30
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 2: Yendor CodeKallisto2017-03-25 04:03:01
HacksNewBatman - The Dark Knightdigitalgames2017-03-25 01:40:27
TranslationsNewWario Land 4crimental2017-03-24 22:35:36
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman No ConstancyKallisto2017-03-24 22:27:46
TranslationsNewPerman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose!crimental2017-03-24 21:55:51
HacksEditMonster TacticsEmmy2017-03-24 16:56:41Version 2.49! New stat variance, formulas, bugfixes! :)
TranslationsEditMega Man X4blade133bo2017-03-24 15:35:00Try edit link
HacksEditPhantasy Star III Bug Fixeslory19902017-03-24 10:49:41Description edits
HacksEditRockman CX8.bit.fan2017-03-24 04:31:53An official update of this hack to version 1.1 was just released by the creator himself, Himajin Jichiku. This hack fixes bugs and includes an official translated version to Mega Man CX.
HacksNewCV Dawn of Symphony (Alucard SOTN Hack)DarkPrinceAlucard2017-03-23 23:18:32
CommunityEditJONNYVILLA2088Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 22:53:56Update
TranslationsNewPokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2USC2017-03-23 22:50:18
HelpAdsNewNangoku Shounen Papuwa-KunMrFwibbles2017-03-23 22:24:49
TranslationsNewCross FireJONYVILLA20882017-03-23 22:10:32
TranslationsEditMega Man X4Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 21:26:14Removed file b/c it's size was too large for a patch.
TranslationsEditMega Man X4Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 21:12:40Titlescreen added
CommunityEditBlade133boZynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 21:09:17Update
GamesEditTogepi no DaiboukenZynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 21:05:09Update
GamesEditThe FiremenZynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 21:00:12Update
GamesEditMega Man X4Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 20:59:12Update
ReviewsEditHacks - Rockman 2: Basic Master8.bit.fan2017-03-23 20:46:05The word 'marred' better describes the change than 'crippled'.
HacksNewThe Firemen (Europe) NTSC Patchbigboo2017-03-23 18:39:51
TranslationsNewMega Man X6blade133bo2017-03-23 15:57:52
CreditsEditTranslations - The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper!wave2017-03-23 15:05:36Sics title screen
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 2: Basic Master8.bit.fan2017-03-23 14:43:45
ReviewsNewHacks - Megaman 2 Weapon Hack8.bit.fan2017-03-23 14:32:57
DocumentsNewChanging arrow cursor in dialog choicesBregalad2017-03-23 13:42:57
UtilitiesEditUniPatcherMashin2017-03-23 11:24:56New version
TranslationsNewTogepi’s Great AdventureUSC2017-03-23 11:03:36
ReviewsEditHacks - Pokémon Green in EnglishJulianoFdeS2017-03-23 10:49:33I said "If you fix this, I will back and change this review for something better", now I am here to keep my promisse! :)
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionRodimus Primal2017-03-23 10:39:48Update to version 1.94. Fixes bug with Gerard and Sabin.
HacksEditCastlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)ShadowOne3332017-03-23 10:28:22Some small retouches to portraits of Celia, Dario, Dmitrii and Julius.
ReviewsNewTranslations - BS Zelda: Inishie no Sekibandominic200720072017-03-23 08:30:18
GamesEditPokémon Race miniZynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 07:54:25Update
HacksEditEl santo y blue demon contra los monstruosZynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 07:36:36File was missing. Reuploaded.
CommunityEditFRCBMEXZynk Oxhyde2017-03-23 03:31:44Update
CreditsEditHacks - Pac-Man XtremeKaBooM!2017-03-23 02:42:29Modified DahrkDaiz's credits to correct chopped-off text. Made this change a couple of days before the site went down with server problems. When it returned the changes were reverted back to the old version. So I'm submitting them again. ;)
TranslationsNewPokemon Race miniUSC2017-03-23 01:50:29
CommunityEditrainponchorainponcho2017-03-22 21:22:59updated info
HacksEditSuper Metroid: Zebes Revisitedfugly2017-03-22 17:13:11improvements
HacksEditUnequipium13375K37CH3R2017-03-22 15:48:17Fixed a bug in the previous version that caused out-of-battle effects to not get updated. For example, if a party member is wearing the Sprint Shoes and you ask the guy on the airship to unequip "All members", you could still run fast.
GamesEditTime Diver: AvengerObiKKa2017-03-22 14:38:13Title screen of cancelled American release. WARNING!: Be careful, there is an illegitimate Asian pirate hack with an different, ugly screen! http://bootleggames.wikia.com/wiki/Time_Diver:_Avenger, https://www.video-games-museum.com/en/game/Time-Diver-Avenger/28/2/5925, https://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/935424-time-diver-eon-man/images
GamesEditChip's ChallengeObiKKa2017-03-22 14:24:57Title screen (Prototype).
TranslationsEditThe Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper!wave2017-03-22 14:16:10v1.1: added sics title screen
ReviewsNewTranslations - Bomberman 64 (Japan)lancuster2017-03-22 07:25:18
ReviewsNewHacks - Oracle of Ages VWF EditionChiffon2017-03-22 05:17:18
AbandonedEditMe_Daves MutiNesHacks PackageMe_Dave2017-03-22 00:30:53Update added 3 more Patches
HacksNewEl santo y blue demon contra los monstruosFRCBMEX2017-03-22 00:26:56
GamesEditAnimetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor SakuraPsionBolt2017-03-21 22:24:49Added information.
CommunityEditPsionBoltZynk Oxhyde2017-03-21 22:01:56Update
GamesEditStar CruiserZynk Oxhyde2017-03-21 21:57:27Titlescreen
HelpAdsNewDoshin the Giant (64DD)ozidual2017-03-21 21:44:44
HacksNewShadow's shadow FixMadsiur2017-03-21 21:26:48
HacksEditMulti-Font Selection PatchMadsiur2017-03-21 21:18:08-Fixed a bug with actor name length calculation in dialogue line width.
NewsNewAnimetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura — English Translation Patch Released!PsionBolt2017-03-21 21:17:45
HacksEditFF3us Music PlayerMadsiur2017-03-21 21:15:11-Fixed a bug with apostrophes in song names.
CommunityNoncompliantSaniteNightcrawler2017-03-21 21:00:56Duplicate of http://www.romhacking.net/community/2669/
CreditsEditTranslations - Zombie NationNightcrawler2017-03-21 20:59:59Duplicate 'Sanite' community entry fix.
CreditsNewTranslations - Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor SakuraNoOneee2017-03-21 20:42:58
GamesNoncompliantTaleSpinNightcrawler2017-03-21 20:37:03Duplicate of http://www.romhacking.net/games/1560/
HacksEditTaleSpin: Another Shitty Day 1.25Nightcrawler2017-03-21 20:35:59Fixing duplicate game entry. Changed game to one to keep.
HacksNewSmash Bros.emotionengine2017-03-21 15:57:23
TranslationsNewAnimetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor SakuraNoOneee2017-03-21 14:17:18
CreditsNewTranslations - Conquest of the Crystal Palacewave2017-03-21 13:44:42
CreditsNewTranslations - RollerGameswave2017-03-21 13:44:29
CreditsNewTranslations - Time Diver: Avengerwave2017-03-21 13:44:10
CreditsNewTranslations - Enduro Racerwave2017-03-21 13:44:00
ReviewsNewTranslations - Ys III: Wanderers from Ysgoldenband2017-03-21 12:03:49
ReviewsNewHacks - SMB Special World 4-4 Bug FixJulianoFdeS2017-03-21 09:33:24
UtilitiesNewZelda NPC Text Editorscucci2017-03-21 09:08:31
TranslationsNewKunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer Leagueq8fft2017-03-21 06:45:59
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman Exhaust - RevampedKallisto2017-03-21 04:33:34
HacksEditLegend of the River King GB - RevisionIssun2017-03-21 03:28:19Uploaded new version (v.1.2)
HelpAdsEditThe GBA Fire Pro Wrestling GamesSCD2017-03-21 02:09:13I added another thing that I need help on.
NewsNewNew Translations Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-20 23:44:40
TranslationsNewContra ForceJONYVILLA20882017-03-20 23:03:59
TranslationsEditWizardry Empirerainponcho2017-03-20 22:26:24readme credit
HacksEditWizardry Empire - bug fixrainponcho2017-03-20 22:23:20thanks
HacksEditAdventure Island Abridgednesrocks2017-03-20 22:16:50Reformatting. The other edit can be disregarded. It seems that the system is handling indentation differently than before the server went down. It looks correct now using the preview function. Sorry for the inconveniece.
CommunityEditLagoLunaticZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 22:09:37Update
HacksEditAdventure Island Abridgednesrocks2017-03-20 22:09:29Indentation and list formatting
HacksNewAdventure Island Abridgednesrocks2017-03-20 21:55:49
HacksEditMetroid - Rogue DawnGrimlock2017-03-20 21:40:14Updated to version 1.21
HacksEditMagitek Madness13375K37CH3R2017-03-20 21:13:31Readme file linked to from Dropbox was just a bunch of XML code. Now that Scratchpad is working again, I can upload a proper readme. Also fixed the date in the entry.
HacksEditBubsy in Streets of Rage 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 21:05:54Titlescreen removed because its not a titlescreen.
HacksNoncompliantChip's Challenge - All LevelsNightcrawler2017-03-20 20:52:09Accidental deuplicate. https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3383/
UtilitiesEditDSVania EditorLagoLunatic2017-03-20 17:28:31Updated version, feature list, and screenshot
HacksEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue - uncensorrainponcho2017-03-20 16:27:25thanks
HacksEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue - bugfixrainponcho2017-03-20 16:26:10thanks
HacksEditDr. Mario SNES - no punishrainponcho2017-03-20 16:11:56thanks
HacksEditDr. Mario Gameboy - no punishrainponcho2017-03-20 16:11:05thanks
HacksEditSuper Castlevania IV - don't moverainponcho2017-03-20 16:08:20thanks
TranslationsNewTime Diver Eon Manwave2017-03-20 14:45:54
TranslationsNewRollerGameswave2017-03-20 14:41:30
TranslationsNewConquest of the Crystal Palacewave2017-03-20 14:40:03
TranslationsNewEnduro Racerwave2017-03-20 14:37:21
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 2: Basic MasterRhysOwens1012017-03-20 13:30:15
HacksEditMagitek Madness13375K37CH3R2017-03-20 10:12:29Previous version didn't account for the possibility of Doom missing; VRAM would get messed up for subsequent Fight animations. This version is correct.
ReviewsNewHacks - ActRaiser 2 - NTSC PatchDrDimension2017-03-20 09:56:28
ReviewsNewHacks - ActRaiser - NTSC PatchDrDimension2017-03-20 09:54:52
CreditsNewHacks - Bubsy in Streets of Rage 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 09:00:25
CreditsNewHacks - Hulk Hogan in Streets of Rage 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 08:58:32
HacksNewRockman 2: Basic MasterZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 08:51:06
CommunityEditHybridZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 08:04:59Updated
UtilitiesEditPPF-O-MaticZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 07:25:25Date added
UtilitiesEditPPF-O-MaticZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 07:23:40Screenshot and date added
HacksNewchip's challenge all levelshybrid2017-03-20 01:35:58
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionRodimus Primal2017-03-19 20:00:48Update to version 1.93. Script fixes and major fix to Music Player.
CommunityEditScucciscucci2017-03-19 18:30:56Changed profile image.
HacksNewHulk Hogan in Streets of Rage 2Metal642017-03-11 20:35:11
HacksEditCastle Party13375K37CH3R2017-03-11 20:10:16Fixed a bug that caused items in the inventory to be changed into Dirks.
ReviewsNewHacks - Conker's High Rule TailDerolis2017-03-11 19:38:12
CreditsEditHacks - Conker's High Rule TailSeeeeph2017-03-11 17:49:08removed one person from the credits since he was banned from our forum for entering the repro business...
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix13375K37CH3R2017-03-11 16:01:00Added the seventh event fix.
TranslationsEditAdventure Island IIIwave2017-03-11 13:46:08v1.1: Fixed EXIT/SKIP screen
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General NotesKea2017-03-11 13:15:43Update: mainly adding several menu- and battle-related routines, some minor improvements generally
TranslationsEditWizardry Empirerainponcho2017-03-11 10:53:45readme update
CommunityEditrainponchorainponcho2017-03-11 10:50:48update
CreditsNewHacks - Super Castlevania IV - don't moverainponcho2017-03-11 10:49:56
HacksEditMonster TacticsEmmy2017-03-11 10:24:47Version 2.48!! Bugfixes and new display code! :)
HelpAdsNewStar Cruiser 2cccmar2017-03-11 09:21:02
UtilitiesNewFF6MMGENMadsiur2017-03-11 06:36:35
HacksEditMini-Maps UpgradeMadsiur2017-03-11 06:26:40-Fixed a bug with FF3Edit way of creating the mini-maps -Altered mini-map colors (lighter colors)
HacksEditMap Mishap13375K37CH3R2017-03-11 01:51:27Added a fix to the Mt. Kolts map; there's a barely-visible patch of black behind a platform, where there should be a wall tile.
ReviewsNewHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)Mysterii2017-03-11 00:56:44
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-10 23:26:38
HacksEditWizardry Empire - bug fixrainponcho2017-03-10 20:48:06title
HacksNewSuper Castlevania IV - don't moverainponcho2017-03-10 19:46:30
HacksEditFF3us Music PlayerMadsiur2017-03-10 15:22:31-Fixed a bug with song resuming on map with song ID 00 (a.k.a "play current music" flag).
HacksEditOpened Eyes Terra FixMadsiur2017-03-10 13:30:54-Fixed game crashing bug with previous version.
CommunityEditacediezSpinner 82017-03-10 13:02:41add URL
CreditsNewTranslations - Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fightwave2017-03-10 10:04:23
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventure Island IIIwave2017-03-10 10:04:13
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man V - Second StrikeMagusLOGS2017-03-10 07:25:26
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empiremrrichard9992017-03-10 05:12:18Updated credits
TranslationsEditWizardry Empiremrrichard9992017-03-10 05:09:14Updated info
HacksEditSuper Mario All Stars NESmrrichard9992017-03-10 05:05:23Updated version.
CreditsEditHacks - Pokémon Green in EnglishAmmako2017-03-09 21:28:40Adding Montblanc to credits list
GamesEditToy StoryZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:35:26Updated
GamesEditThe Magical Quest Starring Mickey MouseZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:34:19Update
GamesEditThe Lost Vikings IIZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:33:35Update
GamesEditThe Lost VikingsZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:33:05Update
GamesEditThe Legend of the Mystical NinjaZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:32:22Updated
GamesEditSuper Bomberman 3Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:31:35Updated
GamesEditStreet Fighter 2010: The Final FightZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:30:37Update
HacksNewPop'n TwinBee RBA - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-09 20:28:05
GamesEditContra III: The Alien WarsZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 20:07:08Update
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Metroid: Redesignjm1028872017-03-09 17:50:14
TranslationsNewAdventure Island IIIwave2017-03-09 15:01:29
TranslationsNewStreet Fighter 2010 - The Final Fightwave2017-03-09 14:56:01
CommunityEditMarioDesignermrrichard9992017-03-09 14:44:07Linked to forum profile.
HacksEditPokémon Green in EnglishAmmako2017-03-09 11:11:21Updating for a new, vastly improved version which fixes and improves basically everything that could have ever needed to be fixed.
ReviewsNewUtilities - PPF-O-Maticvictoraldecoa2017-03-09 08:27:40
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no TsueGamerhenky2017-03-09 07:44:01Updated to 1.16
TranslationsEditWizardry EmpireGamerhenky2017-03-09 07:38:19Updated to V1.0! Many updates and corrections have been made to polish this up!
DocumentsEditPhantasy Star IV Disassemblylory19902017-03-09 06:37:26Version 3.1
GamesEditMeikyuu Jiin DababaZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 03:14:47Updated
GamesEditLagoonZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 03:12:55Updated
GamesEditGoof TroopZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 03:12:04Updated
GamesEditBlackthorneZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 03:10:47Updated
GamesEditAladdinZynk Oxhyde2017-03-09 03:09:50Updated
ReviewsNewUtilities - Zelda Story EditorSven Cakemann2017-03-08 22:46:07
CommunityEditJohannGralogJohannGralog2017-03-08 20:17:32This is me.
CommunityEditTheHappyFaceKingZynk Oxhyde2017-03-08 19:52:24Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Super Luigi Bros.Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-08 19:52:20
ReviewsNewHacks - Metal Gear DXGoogie2017-03-08 15:05:55
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)ShadowOne3332017-03-08 11:16:27
HacksEditCastlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)ShadowOne3332017-03-08 11:13:28Included acediez DeviantArt page as hyperlink to his name so that people can see the original artwork he made for this project, as well as other stuff he has worked on.
ReviewsNewHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)gauchomax2017-03-08 07:07:52
HacksNewPop'n TwinBee - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:46:01
HacksNewToy Story - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:43:03
HacksNewSuper Probotector - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:38:45
HacksNewSuper Bomberman 3 - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:33:07
HacksNewSimCity - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:26:35
HacksNewMystic Quest Legend - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:22:02
HacksNewMagical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:16:55
HacksNewLost Vikings II - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:09:52
HacksNewLost Vikings - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:04:35
HacksNewZelda: A Link to the Past - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 05:57:30
HacksNewMystical Ninja - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 05:53:43
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-08 05:53:17
CommunityEditLastduaLZynk Oxhyde2017-03-08 05:52:18Updated
CommunityEditGhostlyDarkZynk Oxhyde2017-03-08 05:49:25Update
CommunityEditaquagonZynk Oxhyde2017-03-08 05:47:19Update
CreditsNewHacks - Wizardry Empirerainponcho2017-03-07 21:04:08
CreditsNewTranslations - Wizardry Empirerainponcho2017-03-07 21:03:43
HacksNewLagoon - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 14:26:00
HacksNewHarvest Moon - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 14:21:59
HacksNewGoof Troop - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 14:19:29
CommunityEditTemple of Tales TranslationsBurnt Lasagna2017-03-07 13:10:19very basic description of the group with their logo.
HacksNewDBZ: Hyper Dimension - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 12:59:49
HacksNewDBZ: Super Butouden 3 - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 12:55:41
HacksNewDBZ: Super Butouden 2 - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 12:53:20
HacksNewDBZ: Super Butouden - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 12:48:49
HacksNewBlackhawk - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 12:27:16
HacksNewAladdin - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 12:14:57
HacksNewActRaiser 2 - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 12:00:28
HacksNewActRaiser - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 11:52:47
HacksNewCastlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)ShadowOne3332017-03-07 11:08:33
HacksNewMetal Gear DXlastdual2017-03-07 10:16:07
DocumentsEditMega Man V Hex Edit DocNess2017-03-07 09:50:02v1.2: a few last additions.
TranslationsNewMeikyuu Jiin DababaFlashPV2017-03-07 06:46:21
ReviewsEditHacks - Super Mario All Stars NESAnimation Guru2017-03-07 06:40:32Discovered compatibility issue was with an older emulator.
ReviewsNewHacks - Ninja Gaiden evil editionRetroSlayer142017-03-06 22:44:32
TranslationsNewWizardry Empirerainponcho2017-03-06 20:39:44
HacksNewWizardry Empirerainponcho2017-03-06 20:15:09
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsuerainponcho2017-03-06 20:11:22new version, updated patches
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario All Stars NESAnimation Guru2017-03-06 18:54:14
HacksEditWario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall FixPrince Manic2017-03-06 17:23:40Fix of previous wall hack and new screenshot
HacksEditChrono Trigger: Bugfix Tech and Uncensoring AddendumChronosplit2017-03-06 16:52:32Realized that there a couple more fine details that were left out of the readme, such as stuff about consumable items. Nothing else has been changed.
HacksEditMega Man V - Second StrikeNess2017-03-06 12:55:04v1.2
HacksEditQuick Death13375K37CH3R2017-03-06 09:37:32Previous version didn't actually do anything for the monster death animation due to a glaring omission. This is now fixed.
GamesEditTales of BerseriaZynk Oxhyde2017-03-06 06:31:30Titlescreen
GamesEditSoul BlazerZynk Oxhyde2017-03-06 06:31:00Updated
GamesEditDonkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double TroubleZynk Oxhyde2017-03-06 06:29:43Updated
CommunityEditTRIFORCE89Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-06 06:07:12Updated
GamesEditThe Legend of DragoonNoOneee2017-03-06 04:04:33Correct titlescreen screenshot resolution (384x480)
HacksEditChrono Trigger: Bugfix Tech and Uncensoring AddendumChronosplit2017-03-05 23:02:49Description update, nothing else.
CreditsEditHacks - Conker's High Rule TailSeeeeph2017-03-05 17:12:52Added more credits!
HacksEditSuikoden 2 hardcoreChoirboy2017-03-05 13:49:15- Various updates - initial release date corrected
HacksEditNekketsu! Street Basket - Hockey Heroes v3DANGER X2017-03-05 10:48:31Corrected an wrong word in the description.
NewsEditConker's High Rule TailNightcrawler2017-03-05 09:33:32Formatting fixes.
NewsEditConker's High Rule TailZynk Oxhyde2017-03-05 06:30:41Updated
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Metroid: GBA Style!ShockwaveS082017-03-05 00:59:10
ReviewsNewHacks - Castlevania 2 RemixRetroSlayer142017-03-05 00:47:24
HacksEditConker's High Rule TailSeeeeph2017-03-04 19:34:56fixed glitch in the first dungeon which prevented you to progress. v1.1.2 final hopefully :)
TranslationsEditDonkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie KongTRIFORCE892017-03-04 18:21:44Blaziken257 released an update in December 2016; altering the bonus stage behaviour such that the music tempo will speed up once the timer reaches 10 seconds, and will speed up again once it reaches 5 seconds. This mimics the SNES versions of DKC2 and DKC3, in that when you're running low on time in a bonus stage, the music will continually speed up.
HacksNewKiddy Bonus COLOR FixTRIFORCE892017-03-04 18:14:53
CreditsEditHacks - Conker's High Rule TailSeeeeph2017-03-04 17:58:50Fixing the credits screwups!
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda3 God ModeErockbrox2017-03-04 17:50:43
ReviewsNewHacks - A Link to the Past DX Volume Adjustment for EmulatorsErockbrox2017-03-04 17:45:46
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda starring Zelda 2 (SNES)Erockbrox2017-03-04 17:35:41
HacksNewSuper Luigi Bros.TheHappyFaceKing2017-03-04 13:59:09
TranslationsNewStar Fox 2TRIFORCE892017-03-04 11:59:34
CreditsNewTranslations - Tales of BerseriaBurnt Lasagna2017-03-04 11:27:24
HacksNewSoul Blazer - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-04 11:17:44
GamesEditTales of BerseriaBurnt Lasagna2017-03-04 11:17:36Added a game description.
TranslationsEditTales of BerseriaBurnt Lasagna2017-03-04 11:07:54made some minor grammar changes to description and added the readme.
HacksNewSecret of Mana - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-04 11:06:57
HacksNewSecret of Evermore - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-04 10:57:40
HacksNewLufia II - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-04 10:51:43
HacksNewIllusion of Time - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-04 10:43:20
UtilitiesEditZelda Story Editorscucci2017-03-04 10:13:12Fix one thing, break another. While getting the font to show correctly the code to write the IPS got booboo'd so that had to be fixed.
NewsNewConker's High Rule TailSeeeeph2017-03-04 09:47:36
HacksEditSuper Mario All Stars NESDa_GPer2017-03-04 09:10:28Another update.
ReviewsNewHacks - Conker's High Rule Tailaltoiddealer2017-03-04 09:01:12
CreditsNewHacks - Conker's High Rule Tailpuzzledude2017-03-04 08:09:53
ReviewsNewUtilities - Contra Directorlancuster2017-03-04 06:12:46
HacksEditSuper Mario All Stars NESDa_GPer2017-03-04 03:47:22Update to game.
CreditsNewTranslations - Track & Field IIcrimental2017-03-04 00:17:05
HacksNewConker's High Rule TailSeeeeph2017-03-03 23:40:42
HacksEditWario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall FixPrince Manic2017-03-03 23:14:29Fix of description
HacksNewWario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall FixPrince Manic2017-03-03 23:08:28
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionRodimus Primal2017-03-03 22:58:55Update to Version 1.91. Update fixed a graphical bug with Bio Blaster in Vanilla versions. A large number of grammatical errors were also corrected. Rewards Display has been added to the Add-On versions as well.
ReviewsNewHacks - Robot Masters AIJoseph Lithius2017-03-03 22:49:40
UtilitiesEditZelda Story Editorscucci2017-03-03 21:57:24Minor changes to source to, hopefully, fix the missing font issues.
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda II - The Adventures Of Link 1999RetroSlayer142017-03-03 21:47:56
HacksEditName Fix PatchChronosplit2017-03-03 18:52:03Managed to finally get some workable PS1 screenshots.
TranslationsNewTales of BerseriaBurnt Lasagna2017-03-03 13:23:35
TranslationsNewTrack & Field IIcrimental2017-03-03 10:58:04
UtilitiesEditNES Hudson's Adventure Island I Level Editorloginsin2017-03-03 08:10:17Fixes scroll glitches on a hardware console. Does not affects emulators players.
CommunityEditHer-SakiHer-Saki2017-03-03 05:23:11Let's try to link the pic.
HacksEditImp Skimp13375K37CH3R2017-03-03 04:10:44Fixed a bug that caused the Bio Blaster to appear to fire on the party instead of the enemy during back attacks.
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worldsqwertymodo2017-03-03 00:32:04Game-breaking bugfix update
HacksEditMonster TacticsEmmy2017-03-03 00:16:33Version 2.47! :) Contains bugfixes, new abilities, new battles. :)
NewsNewNew Translations Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-02 22:47:41
CreditsNewTranslations - Guerrilla Warcrimental2017-03-02 22:45:47
GamesEditGuerrilla WarZynk Oxhyde2017-03-02 22:39:18Updated
GamesEditNicktoons: Attack of the Toybotscrimental2017-03-02 22:34:20Correction
ReviewsNewTranslations - Kid Klown in Night Mayor Worldmadness flame2017-03-02 22:25:30
CreditsNewTranslations - SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottomcrimental2017-03-02 22:24:16
CreditsNewTranslations - Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybotscrimental2017-03-02 22:23:28
TranslationsNewGuerrilla Warcrimental2017-03-02 22:10:23
GamesEditShadow of the NinjaHer-Saki2017-03-02 21:43:47Description for Shadow of the Ninja.
CreditsNewTranslations - Shadow of the NinjaHer-Saki2017-03-02 21:37:51
CreditsNewTranslations - Fatal Fury: King of FightersHer-Saki2017-03-02 21:35:29
GamesEditNicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsUSC2017-03-02 20:22:15Adding in the title screen
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. 2 Standard Mario PatchEmployee2017-03-02 18:25:30
UtilitiesEditZelda Story EditorSpiderDave2017-03-02 18:15:56spelling "pallets" -- "palettes"
HomebrewEditSuper Boss GaidenChronoMoogle2017-03-02 12:34:36corrected few spellings
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Advance 4 - All ItemsIAmCaptPlanet2017-03-02 12:01:58
TranslationsEditShadow of the NinjaHer-Saki2017-03-02 09:23:15Second try to make the ASCII art to look properly.
TranslationsEditFatal Fury: King of FightersHer-Saki2017-03-02 09:10:23Update readme to make ASCII art looks properly.
UtilitiesEditZelda Story Editorscucci2017-03-02 08:27:40Revamped the code a little to handle exporting IPS files. Changed the layout and added fonts.
ReviewsNewHacks - StarTropics - No Movement DelayJ^P2017-03-02 07:09:31
TranslationsEditShadow of the NinjaHer-Saki2017-03-02 07:07:25Update readme to make the ASCII art looks properly.
GamesEditFatal Fury: King of FightersHer-Saki2017-03-02 06:31:30Titlescreen and description for Fatal Fury.
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-02 05:23:49
NewsNewNew Utilities Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-03-02 05:23:49
ReviewsNewHacks - Guardian Legend Secret EditionRetroSlayer142017-03-01 21:01:34
TranslationsNewNicktoons - Attack of the Toybotscrimental2017-03-01 16:58:15
TranslationsEditSpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottomcrimental2017-03-01 15:17:14Correction
CreditsNewTranslations - Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2: Karakuri Landcrimental2017-03-01 15:16:13
CreditsNewTranslations - Wonder Boy III: Monster Lairwave2017-03-01 13:09:54
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventure Island IIwave2017-03-01 13:09:34
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventure Islandwave2017-03-01 13:09:14
CreditsNewTranslations - Kid Klown in Night Mayor Worldwave2017-03-01 13:09:00
CreditsNewTranslations - Tokiwave2017-03-01 13:07:34
CreditsEditHacks - Nekketsu Hockey - Golden EditionDANGER X2017-03-01 12:03:45added a credit
GamesEditWorld Driver ChampionshipUSC2017-03-01 10:13:39Title screen
GamesEditWonder Boy III: Monster LairUSC2017-03-01 10:06:12Adding in title screen
GamesEditWacky RacesUSC2017-03-01 09:56:38Title screen
GamesEditSuper Robin HoodUSC2017-03-01 09:53:57Yet another title screen
GamesEditSpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini BottomUSC2017-03-01 09:47:09Title screen addition
GamesEditCotton: Fantastic Night DreamsUSC2017-03-01 09:43:32Adding title screen
GamesEditHang-OnUSC2017-03-01 09:34:00Adding in a title screen
TranslationsNewFatal Fury: King of FightersHer-Saki2017-03-01 08:39:13
DocumentsEditMega Man V Hex Edit DocNES Boy2017-03-01 08:09:54Added URL links for the referenced hack and the suggested resources.
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man V - Second StrikeNess2017-03-01 07:40:00
DocumentsEditMega Man V Hex Edit DocNess2017-03-01 06:55:38V1.1 : added info regarding Wily Stages bosses
CommunityNoncompliantNessZynk Oxhyde2017-03-01 06:43:04Same user - http://www.romhacking.net/community/4322/
CommunityEditMetHyZynk Oxhyde2017-03-01 06:31:26Updated
HacksEditMega Man V - Second StrikeNess2017-03-01 06:21:23- Fixed a couple of glitches - Some improvements