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RHDN Recent Changes - Past 30 days
SectionTypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-02-20 05:59:53
TranslationsEditVirtual FishingZynk Oxhyde2017-02-20 05:44:31Update v0.1 to v1.0
TranslationsEditTear Ring SagaGamerhenky2017-02-20 03:49:03Updated to 1.03
HacksEditWizadry Empire - Fukkatsu no Tsue: bugfixrainponcho2017-02-19 22:58:29Usage clarification
HacksNewDr Mario NES - no punishrainponcho2017-02-19 22:48:24
CreditsNewHacks - Dr. Mario SNES - no punishrainponcho2017-02-19 20:17:19
CreditsNewHacks - Wizadry Empire - Fukkatsu no Tsue: bugfixrainponcho2017-02-19 20:16:45
CommunityEditJurasskParkNoOneee2017-02-19 16:39:40fix url
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-02-19 15:22:31Minor fixes.
UtilitiesEditNES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom Splittersleepy2017-02-19 15:05:23update
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsuemrrichard9992017-02-19 14:29:14Updated to 1.13
HacksNewWizadry Empire - Fukkatsu no Tsue: bugfixrainponcho2017-02-19 14:19:52
HacksNewWizardry Empire - Fukkatsu no Tsue: uncensorrainponcho2017-02-19 14:14:17
HacksEditSuper Metroid: Zebes Revisitedfugly2017-02-19 13:00:59level edits and permastuck fixes
HacksEditSMA4 Game Boy Player/SNES Palette HackVague Rant2017-02-19 12:36:48Adds Japanese version patch.
UtilitiesNewPatch Conflict FinderMadsiur2017-02-19 10:58:20
UtilitiesNewFF6ToolsMadsiur2017-02-19 10:40:33
UtilitiesEditFinal Fantasy III US Multi Editor (FF3usME)Madsiur2017-02-19 10:29:35Updated to newest version (6.80).
TranslationsNewPerman: Enban wo Torikaese!!crimental2017-02-19 10:16:56
TranslationsEditM.U.S.H.A.: Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armorwave2017-02-19 08:07:13Better description.
TranslationsEditMaster of Darknesswave2017-02-19 08:06:36Better Description.
TranslationsEditMaster of Darknesswave2017-02-19 08:06:14Better Description.
TranslationsEditLittle Nemo: The Dream Masterwave2017-02-19 08:05:33Better Description.
TranslationsEditLegend of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mousewave2017-02-19 08:04:54Better description.
TranslationsEditLegend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mousewave2017-02-19 08:04:17Better description.
TranslationsEditKyoryu Sentai ZyuRangerwave2017-02-19 08:03:49Better description.
TranslationsEditKyattou Ninden Teyandeewave2017-02-19 08:02:51Better description.
CreditsNewTranslations - Galahadwave2017-02-19 07:58:45
CreditsNewTranslations - Zen: Intergallactic Ninjawave2017-02-19 07:58:38
HacksNewCastlevania DOS: Magic Seal Fix USMathUser29292017-02-19 07:02:47
GamesEditCastlevania: Order of EcclesiaZynk Oxhyde2017-02-19 06:32:58Updated
UtilitiesNewMakeROMFS-GUI (Windows)MKGirlism2017-02-19 04:25:43
UtilitiesNewMakeROMFS-GUI (Linux)MKGirlism2017-02-19 04:25:37
CommunityEditMKGirlismMKGirlism2017-02-19 04:18:10Logo was incorrect.
CommunityEditA.D.R.I.A.Nmrrichard9992017-02-19 03:38:07Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsNewSchwarzschild III: Wakusei Desperanmrrichard9992017-02-19 03:36:32
CommunityNewMKGirlismMKGirlism2017-02-19 03:30:24
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow Magic seal simplifyikusatatsu_ushiromiya2017-02-18 23:44:07
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia ILLUSIONikusatatsu_ushiromiya2017-02-18 23:40:56
HacksNewB-Button DashA.D.R.I.A.N2017-02-18 23:40:48
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsuemrrichard9992017-02-18 23:31:44Updated to 1.11
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Kart - F1 Tracksmrrichard9992017-02-18 18:11:40
CommunityEditEmmymrrichard9992017-02-18 18:07:33Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditTrismamrrichard9992017-02-18 18:05:23Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditSchicksal88mrrichard9992017-02-18 18:04:26Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditBig Hairy Martymrrichard9992017-02-18 18:03:01Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditSuppermrrichard9992017-02-18 18:00:49Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditfuglymrrichard9992017-02-18 17:58:08Linked to forum profile.
ReviewsNewTranslations - Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!Rodimus Primal2017-02-18 15:25:56
DocumentsNewFinal Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General NotesKea2017-02-18 14:19:10
HacksEditSuikoden 2 hardcoreChoirboy2017-02-18 10:48:30- Better screenshots - Updates to the mod
GamesEditTwin HawkZynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:27:53Updated
GamesEditSamurai ShodownZynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:21:34Updated
GamesEditGalahadZynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:20:38Updated
GamesEditDark CloudZynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:18:12Updated
GamesEditKing's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go YonderZynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:14:15Updated
GamesEditLaylaZynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:12:35Updated
GamesEditArt Alive!FixedFun2017-02-18 01:11:36I played the game.
GamesEditGodzilla: Monster of Monsters!Zynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:11:08Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Godzilla: Master of Monsters!Zynk Oxhyde2017-02-18 01:06:16
CommunityEditeinridemrrichard9992017-02-17 23:25:26Linked
CommunityEditApollyonmrrichard9992017-02-17 23:24:39Linked
TranslationsNewGodzilla - Master of Monsters!Pennywise2017-02-17 19:53:34
TranslationsEditHeracles no Eikou IV: Kamigami Kara no OkurimonoNightcrawler2017-02-17 19:11:01Updated patch.
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-02-17 17:30:50Minor fixes.
CreditsNewHacks - Wily Wars Move-Shoot hackShadowOne3332017-02-17 12:50:51
HacksNewCastlevania-Order of Ecclesia ILLUSIONikusatatsu_ushiromiya2017-02-17 07:24:44
ReviewsNewHacks - Wily Wars Move-Shoot hackNightwolf2017-02-17 06:37:22
HacksEditSuper Metroid: Zebes Revisitedfugly2017-02-17 00:35:48fixed some bad tiling and graphical errors
TranslationsEditSuper Robot Wars Alpha GaidenSpinner 82017-02-16 17:16:35This is unfinished, according to the readme and description
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-16 14:20:55Removed the L/R Item Switch code from the New GFX patches due to a bug in the game. The bug is that when you get your first bottle, if you switch items with L/R, you end up getting the Shovel to appear in there, and even the Ocarina. The removal of the code for the New GFX patches was done to avoid that bug. Although, if anyone still wants it and doesn't mind that bug, I included a patch that reenables it ONLY for the New GFX patch.
TranslationsNewZen: Intergallactic Ninjawave2017-02-16 14:11:52
HacksNewCastlevania:Dawn of Sorrow Magic seal simplifyikusatatsu_ushiromiya2017-02-16 10:35:27
CommunityEditJonny2x4Zynk Oxhyde2017-02-16 06:59:04Forum Name added
ReviewsEditHacks - Zelda II Master QuestFreightMan712017-02-16 04:20:14Added some extra wording for clarity
HelpAdsEditThe GBA Fire Pro Wrestling GamesSCD2017-02-16 02:37:30I updated it a bit.
CommunityEditJuanZynk Oxhyde2017-02-15 21:38:39Updated
HacksNewWily Wars Move-Shoot hackJuan2017-02-15 21:33:17
TranslationsEditGun-NacZynk Oxhyde2017-02-15 21:24:02v1.1 updated
HacksNewDr. Mario SNES - no punishrainponcho2017-02-15 20:51:30
CommunityEditSuiKaze RaiderSuiKaze Raider2017-02-15 16:30:03Updating my data-sheet to complete it. It was empty.
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda II Master QuestFreightMan712017-02-15 14:17:44
TranslationsEditJackalwave2017-02-15 13:14:32Better description.
TranslationsEditHookwave2017-02-15 13:14:28Better description.
TranslationsEditHookwave2017-02-15 13:14:24Better description.
TranslationsEditKishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raidenwave2017-02-15 13:13:58Better description.
TranslationsEditKid Klown in Night Mayor Worldwave2017-02-15 13:13:07Better description.
TranslationsEditKarnovwave2017-02-15 13:12:44Better description.
TranslationsEditKabuki Quantum Fighterwave2017-02-15 13:12:20Better description.
TranslationsEditG.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factorwave2017-02-15 13:11:53Better description.
TranslationsEditGhouls ’n Ghostswave2017-02-15 13:11:30Better description.
TranslationsEditHookwave2017-02-15 13:11:02Better description.
CommunityEditrainponchorainponcho2017-02-15 11:57:10personal description, edited by me
HacksEditMonster TacticsEmmy2017-02-15 10:27:05Version 2.46! New abilities/bugfixes! :)
HacksEditSuper Metroid: Zebes Revisitedfugly2017-02-15 09:55:25fixed some graphical errors
TranslationsEditGun-NacZynk Oxhyde2017-02-15 03:36:48Small readme typo fix
NewsNewNew Translations Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-02-15 03:06:16
GamesEditGun-NacZynk Oxhyde2017-02-15 03:03:33Added a hyphen on the game's title.
CreditsNewTranslations - Gun NacZynk Oxhyde2017-02-15 03:02:29
TranslationsNewGun NacZynk Oxhyde2017-02-15 02:33:29
HacksEditSuper Metroid Revisitedfugly2017-02-15 01:18:36gamebreaking bug
TranslationsEditHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no Rinbukyokumz2017-02-14 21:30:37v0.02
TranslationsEditG.I. Joewave2017-02-14 12:49:27Better description.
TranslationsEditFelix the Catwave2017-02-14 12:48:49Better description.
TranslationsEditDynamite Headdywave2017-02-14 12:47:46Better description.
TranslationsEditDynamite Headdywave2017-02-14 12:47:38Better description.
TranslationsEditDragon Warrior IIIwave2017-02-14 12:46:35Better description.
TranslationsEditDouble Dragon III: The Sacred Stoneswave2017-02-14 12:46:08Better description.
TranslationsEditDossun! Stone Battlewave2017-02-14 12:44:10Better description.
TranslationsEditDisney's Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangerswave2017-02-14 12:43:09Better description.
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-02-14 12:37:18Bug fixes.
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-14 07:55:46Description for max consumables said Bombs and rupees instead of Bombs and Arrows. Me and my gone-by mind ¯_(ツ)_/¯
HacksNewSamurai Shodown - BugfixIssun2017-02-14 05:38:48
HacksNewSuper Metroid Revisitedfugly2017-02-13 22:18:32
HacksEditFinal Fantasy Tactics: EmergencePowerPanda2017-02-13 22:03:32There are 2 patches within this zip file. 1 is for those who downloaded v.1, since v.1 uses the US ISO and v.1.01 uses the EU ISO. There were a couple pretty glaring bugs in 1.0, so I'd like to get this out ASAP.
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-02-13 19:09:38Fixes bugs and add improvements.
TranslationsEditBucky O'Harewave2017-02-13 15:28:19Better description.
TranslationsEditDarkmanwave2017-02-13 15:27:37Better description.
TranslationsEditDanan the Jungle Fighterwave2017-02-13 15:27:06Better description.
TranslationsEditCyborg Hunterwave2017-02-13 15:26:12Better description.
TranslationsEditCowboy Kidwave2017-02-13 15:25:22Better description.
TranslationsEditCircus Caperwave2017-02-13 15:24:29Better description.
TranslationsEditCastlevania III: Dracula’s Cursewave2017-02-13 15:23:52Better description.
TranslationsEditCastle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mousewave2017-02-13 15:23:02Better description.
CreditsNewTranslations - Contra: Hard Corpswave2017-02-13 15:21:18
TranslationsNewLegend of Galahad, Thewave2017-02-13 15:20:51
ReviewsNewHacks - Metroid mOTHERFateForWindows2017-02-13 13:54:00
ReviewsNewHacks - SMA4 Game Boy Player/SNES Palette HackShadowOne3332017-02-13 12:42:04
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-13 12:31:52Updated both the main Redux and New GFX Redux: *Main Redux: Updated the Agahnim's beaten sprite (Ganon's Tower). For some reason, the sprite changed during development. *New GFX: Updated Faerie - Fairy in item menu and also updated Agahnim's beaten sprite too.
ReviewsNewHacks - Rewards DisplaySpooniest2017-02-13 09:30:45
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-02-13 07:52:19
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda3 IQ test Revenge of the Einsteinlexluthermiester2017-02-13 05:28:05
UtilitiesEditAdvance Wars Campaign Editorlexluthermiester2017-02-13 05:01:24The name of this editor does not readily reflect what game it is for.
DocumentsEditBubble Bobble Arcade EditingQuietWhisper2017-02-13 04:11:54Update 1.1: Added information on exactly which file hosts level and enemy data.
HelpAdsEditThe GBA Fire Pro Wrestling GamesSCD2017-02-13 02:16:49I updated two images.
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - F1 Tracksmrrichard9992017-02-12 21:37:54
HacksEditMetroid: Zero Mission - Chozo Hint Statue Removalspiffy2017-02-12 21:29:02Added line about optional version of the patch with Trunaur68's Item Toggle/Menu Hack patch already applied.
CreditsEditHacks - Metroid: Zero Mission - Chozo Hint Statue Removalspiffy2017-02-12 21:22:42Needed to credit biospark and Trunaur68 for their respective patches.
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman CX - Englishmrrichard9992017-02-12 21:21:47
UtilitiesEditPS1 2352 image EDC/ECC recalculatorSTARWIN2017-02-12 20:30:06updating a bit
CreditsNewHacks - Metroid: Zero Mission - Chozo Hint Statue RemovalZynk Oxhyde2017-02-12 19:48:45
CreditsNewHacks - SMB1/LL Switched Overall ColoursZynk Oxhyde2017-02-12 19:48:03
ReviewsNewHacks - StarTropics - No Movement DelayElecman2017-02-12 19:47:47
CommunityEditspiffyZynk Oxhyde2017-02-12 19:46:00Updated
GamesEditAlex Kidd in Miracle WorldZynk Oxhyde2017-02-12 19:18:57Titlescreen changed
TranslationsEditBram Stoker's Draculawave2017-02-12 15:00:55Better description
TranslationsEditBram Stoker's Draculawave2017-02-12 15:00:44Better description
TranslationsEditBram Stoker's Draculawave2017-02-12 15:00:35Better description
TranslationsEditBatman Returnswave2017-02-12 15:00:13Better description
TranslationsEditBonanza Bros.wave2017-02-12 14:59:38Better description
TranslationsEditBashi Bazook: Morphoid Masherwave2017-02-12 14:41:50Better description
TranslationsEditAstyanaxwave2017-02-12 14:41:03Better description
TranslationsEditAlien Soldierwave2017-02-12 14:39:41Better description
TranslationsNewContra: Hard Corpswave2017-02-12 14:38:34
TranslationsEditAlex Kidd in Miracle Worldwave2017-02-12 13:49:56Better description
HelpAdsEditThe GBA Fire Pro Wrestling GamesSCD2017-02-12 13:45:32I added another thing that I need help on.
HacksNewRewards DisplayHatZen082017-02-12 10:26:56
HacksNewMetroid: Zero Mission - Chozo Hint Statue Removalspiffy2017-02-12 05:51:23
TranslationsEditSweet HomeJMN2017-02-12 05:35:26More description of improvments
HacksEditDark Cloud PAL - Flapping Duster FixSchicksal882017-02-12 02:34:05clarify the version this patch is made for.
HacksNewStepping Out13375K37CH3R2017-02-12 01:56:29
HacksNewLayla: The Iris MissionsSupper2017-02-11 16:46:35
HacksNewTwin Hawk / Daisenpuu arcade style tiles/sprites/colorsfusaru2017-02-11 16:02:55
HacksNewKing's Quest V - SCI FontBigHairyMarty2017-02-11 12:39:32
HacksEditSuper Mario Kart - Sylvain Kart Custom Tracksthedarkbanshee2017-02-11 03:44:58First time honestly being able to add a description of my own.
UtilitiesNewPS1 2352 image EDC/ECC recalculatorSTARWIN2017-02-10 22:49:55
HacksNewDark Cloud PAL - Flapping Duster FixSchicksal882017-02-10 20:18:44
HacksEditShin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Hardtypezombero2017-02-10 19:34:00Bugfix
UtilitiesEditHades WorkshopTirlititi2017-02-10 19:31:56Update to 0.36. Mostly PC version updates but, hey.
HacksEditMenu Malarky13375K37CH3R2017-02-10 15:53:38Removed the restriction on movement during the fade-in sequence from the Main Menu because this was unnecessary and didn't actually fix the Locke case. I've now added a function that does fix it.
HacksEditSuper Mario RPG Plus+Zeikar2017-02-10 14:46:59Change description from saying December 2016 was a month ago to saying In December 2016.
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-10 13:49:05Fixed a garbled graphics for the Wizzrobes in the GFX patch. Also, redid all of the colour and sprite changes for the GFX patch since it carried over the original sprites.
HacksEditMetroid Other ZMLuce Seyfarth2017-02-10 13:44:38Bugfix
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman CXmikeH2017-02-10 01:08:57
GamesEditTekken 3Zynk Oxhyde2017-02-09 19:18:07Updated
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy VSpooniest2017-02-09 12:47:55Vivify93 produced an edit that fixed some typos/etc
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-09 10:40:09Added a fix for the flute/ocarina and the life meter for the GFX optional patches.
HacksEditStarTropics (Music Fix)Spinner 82017-02-09 09:08:37Added readme
HacksNewSMA4 Game Boy Player/SNES Palette HackVague Rant2017-02-09 08:20:08
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-02-09 07:37:50
TranslationsEditMusic Intro Pro 68KZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 22:17:37Translation description changed.
GamesEditMusic Intro Pro 68KZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 22:15:13Description transferred from hack description.
ReviewsNewHacks - Megaman UltraKallisto2017-02-08 22:11:50
GamesEditMugen Senshi Valis IIZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 22:03:50Description added
GamesEditLunatic FantasyZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 22:00:32Updated description from Stardust Crusaders' readme.
GamesEditDie BahnweltZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:57:01Description updated
GamesEditAkazukin Cha Cha ChaZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:52:13Updated description by MIJET
GamesEditZugyaZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:48:43Changed with a better description by MIJET.
TranslationsEditDance Dance Revolution Club Version Dreamcast EditionZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:41:40Added image
HacksEditSuikoden 2 hardcoreZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:34:45Unchecked titlescreen image since it only uses the same original image.
CreditsNewHacks - Suikoden 2 hardcoreZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:28:20
CreditsNewHacks - Dream Mario Bros.Zynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:27:19
TranslationsEditHuman Sports FestivalZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:25:51Changed Addendum to Fully Playable. Technically not an addendum patch since this patch only translates the extracted game.
CreditsNewHacks - Final Match Tennis LadiesZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:20:37
CreditsNewHacks - Legend of the River King GB - BugfixZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:16:40
HacksEditXtra Promo Super Mario BrosZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:15:02Fixed typos in the description
CreditsNewHacks - Xtra Promo Super Mario BrosZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:14:55
CreditsNewHacks - Karate ChampedZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:13:07
CreditsNewHacks - Ren and Stimpy in Streets of Rage 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:12:08
CommunityEditmzZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 21:07:13Updated logo
CommunityEditKeiDashZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:58:59Updated
CommunityEditChoirboyZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:47:27Updated
CommunityEditZeikarZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:46:29Updated
CommunityEditTheSuperShowZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:45:13Updated. TheScretchPad link removed.
CommunityEditIssunZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:43:33Updated
CommunityEditPoCloZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:41:28Updated
CommunityEditPowerPandaZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:40:26Updated
ReviewsNewHacks - MM2: Revenge of the 8 Robot MastersKallisto2017-02-08 20:39:37
CommunityEditHarlemheroZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 20:39:20Updated
HacksNewStarTropics - No Movement DelayTrisma2017-02-08 19:57:08
GamesEditX-Men 2: Clone WarsObiKKa2017-02-08 19:34:49Title screen.
GamesEditStriderObiKKa2017-02-08 19:27:47US title screen.
GamesEditEnduro RacerObiKKa2017-02-08 19:24:22Title screen.
CreditsEditHacks - A Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-08 15:51:09Added new credits for additional hacks implemented
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-08 15:42:20Updated version of the hack to v7.0 This version includes the MSU-1 video code, and adds the Max consumables and 24 Item menu hacks to it.
TranslationsEditAlien 3wave2017-02-08 15:01:40better description
TranslationsEditAlien 3wave2017-02-08 14:58:15better description
CreditsNewTranslations - Enduro Racerwave2017-02-08 14:57:06
CreditsNewTranslations - The Punisherwave2017-02-08 14:56:01
CreditsNewTranslations - Striderwave2017-02-08 14:55:49
CreditsNewTranslations - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heistwave2017-02-08 14:55:27
CreditsNewTranslations - X-Men 2: Clone Warswave2017-02-08 14:55:14
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengerswave2017-02-08 14:55:03
CreditsNewTranslations - Desert Strike: Return to the Gulfwave2017-02-08 14:54:37
TranslationsEditAlex Kidd: High-Tech Worldwave2017-02-08 14:53:28better description
HacksEditShin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Hardtypezombero2017-02-08 13:20:45Bugfixes
HacksNewTekken 3 - Ling Xiaoyu Alternate StageAreBeAre2017-02-08 11:22:12
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman ExileKallisto2017-02-08 09:43:11
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man 2 RemixKallisto2017-02-08 07:58:19
ReviewsNewHacks - The Adventure of Bass IIKallisto2017-02-08 07:05:31
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow NIGHTMAREikusatatsu_ushiromiya2017-02-08 06:20:02
GamesEditSuikoden IIZynk Oxhyde2017-02-08 06:13:31Update
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman Claw 2mikeH2017-02-08 03:50:56
DocumentsNewBubble Bobble Arcade EditingQuietWhisper2017-02-08 01:56:59
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man ReloadedKallisto2017-02-08 00:46:36
HacksEditShin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Hardtypezombero2017-02-07 23:37:51Bugfixes
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman GaidenKallisto2017-02-07 23:34:51
ReviewsNewHacks - Protoman - The New AdventuresKallisto2017-02-07 22:28:11
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man Reved Up!!Kallisto2017-02-07 21:53:08
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man SNAFUKallisto2017-02-07 20:39:48
ReviewsNewHacks - Roll-chanKallisto2017-02-07 19:28:17
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man AlphaKallisto2017-02-07 19:24:47
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman TPKallisto2017-02-07 18:43:51
CommunityEditHiei-ObiKKa2017-02-07 17:55:23Link to credits list for French translated projects.
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman KaiKallisto2017-02-07 17:49:15
GamesEditDesert Strike: Return to the GulfObiKKa2017-02-07 16:59:29Title screen.
GamesEditCastlevania: Dawn of SorrowObiKKa2017-02-07 16:54:38American title screen for the general game page.
HacksEditCastlevania:Dawn of Sorrow NIGHTMAREObiKKa2017-02-07 16:48:14Japanese title screen for this specific hack.
HacksEditBlitz Screen13375K37CH3R2017-02-07 16:13:02Another bug fixed, this one caused certain names or codes to not be displayed.
TranslationsEditAladdinwave2017-02-07 15:44:31Better description
TranslationsEditAladdinwave2017-02-07 15:43:38Better description.
TranslationsEditAerial Assaultwave2017-02-07 15:43:06Better description.
TranslationsEdit3 Ninjas Kick Backwave2017-02-07 15:42:27Better description
TranslationsNewEnduro Racerwave2017-02-07 15:41:08
TranslationsNewThe Punisherwave2017-02-07 15:38:37
TranslationsNewStriderwave2017-02-07 15:35:59
TranslationsNewTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heistwave2017-02-07 15:33:06
TranslationsNewX-Men 2 - Clone Warswave2017-02-07 15:30:44
TranslationsNewSuper Street Fighter II: The New Challengerswave2017-02-07 15:22:30
TranslationsEditDesert Strike: Return to the Gulfwave2017-02-07 15:15:54v1.1: Corrects introduction errors, specially with bigger letters.
HacksEditPrince of Persia - Evolutionsalvadorc172017-02-07 14:54:27Not mantained
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman RXKallisto2017-02-07 04:01:52
HacksEditBlitz Screen13375K37CH3R2017-02-07 03:52:18Name change aside, a bug is also fixed that causes each Blitz's name to swap places with its input code.
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman NEOKallisto2017-02-07 02:48:42
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman ClawKallisto2017-02-07 01:37:02
HacksNewRen and Stimpy in Streets of Rage 2Metal642017-02-06 23:07:42
CreditsNewHacks - Double Dragon 3 DeluxeZeikar2017-02-06 22:04:09
HacksEditDead Hare13375K37CH3R2017-02-06 21:39:57Now that you know there's an update, let's actually update it! Anyway, this version uses no free space.
HacksEditItem/Magic Counter13375K37CH3R2017-02-06 21:38:06Adapted to latest version of my "Dead Hare" patch.
HacksEditOff Death Row13375K37CH3R2017-02-06 21:36:56Reworked so it uses no free space.
HacksEditDead Hare13375K37CH3R2017-02-06 21:35:38Reworked so it doesn't use any free space.
ReviewsNewTranslations - Magna Braban: Henreki no YuushaDrDimension2017-02-06 17:49:08
ReviewsNewHacks - Megaman Metal ArmyKallisto2017-02-06 16:24:10
HacksEditMetroid Other ZMLuce Seyfarth2017-02-06 15:02:40Major bugfix
HacksNewSuikoden 2 hardcoreChoirboy2017-02-06 13:47:06
HacksEditF-Zero MSU-1Con2017-02-06 13:02:401.1 adjusted volume level to FF standard
TranslationsNewDesert Strike: Return to the Gulfwave2017-02-06 12:57:32
ReviewsNewHacks - Protoman: The Red BomberKallisto2017-02-06 04:28:16
ReviewsNewHacks - Rock Man KenkKallisto2017-02-06 04:23:28
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man: The Return of WilyKallisto2017-02-06 03:03:08
ReviewsNewHacks - BassKallisto2017-02-06 02:31:46
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-02-06 02:26:59Fixes all Johto and Kanto events. Several improvements were made.
CreditsNewHacks - Rally de Africa - Night EditionZynk Oxhyde2017-02-06 00:09:21
CreditsNewTranslations - Evolution: Eternal DungeonsZynk Oxhyde2017-02-06 00:08:09
CreditsNewTranslations - Meitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou DensetsuZynk Oxhyde2017-02-06 00:06:53
CreditsNewTranslations - Magna Braban: Henreki no YuushaZynk Oxhyde2017-02-06 00:06:09
CreditsNewTranslations - Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no RinbukyokuZynk Oxhyde2017-02-06 00:03:45
HacksNewDouble Dragon 3 DeluxeZeikar2017-02-05 23:55:14
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman Exhaust - RevampedFreightMan712017-02-05 20:53:06
TranslationsEditMeitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou Densetsumz2017-02-05 20:34:31v0.04 Final version!
ReviewsNewTranslations - Touhou KaikidanSynnae2017-02-05 20:18:05
HacksNewMegaman CX - Englishmrrichard9992017-02-05 19:59:59
CommunityEdit8-bit fan8.bit.fan2017-02-05 19:46:38Hi, I'm 8.bit.fan on this site, but I'm also known as 8-bit fan in other places such as on the Super Mario Maker community, etc. Just wanted to add some info about myself as I'm looking forward to create and upload more hacks in the future. Thanks!
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman Exhaust - Revamped8.bit.fan2017-02-05 19:35:26
ReviewsNewHacks - Googie's MegamixKallisto2017-02-05 17:22:53
ReviewsNewHacks - Megaman in the Mushroom KingdomKallisto2017-02-05 14:45:38
ReviewsEditTranslations - Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstromthepatrickinator2017-02-05 11:58:00I wanted to reference how sorry I felt for Nintendo of America back in the Early 90's. They've improved now so I can't complain much.
HacksNewCastlevania:Dawn of Sorrow NIGHTMAREikusatatsu_ushiromiya2017-02-05 11:42:25
ReviewsEditHacks - Rockman 3 - Speed BoundPlint Michigan2017-02-05 10:14:12I had a minor complaint.
CommunityEditMusashiObiKKa2017-02-05 07:12:00Not sure if Musashi had done those few projects. But may as well add this link. Old link is dated (2002!).
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 2000Kallisto2017-02-05 04:26:31
HacksNewRockman Exhaust - Revamped8.bit.fan2017-02-05 04:11:13
TranslationsEditLunatic Dawn: Passage of the BookMeshGearFox2017-02-05 00:25:00Fixed a crash with the lottery.
CreditsNewHacks - Naming Blitz13375K37CH3R2017-02-05 00:07:17
GamesEditHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no RinbukyokuZynk Oxhyde2017-02-04 23:53:29x
ReviewsNewTranslations - Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstromthepatrickinator2017-02-04 22:44:34
ReviewsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy IIJulianoFdeS2017-02-04 20:57:11
TranslationsEditMagna Braban: Henreki no YuushaObiKKa2017-02-04 18:04:12Replaced titlescreen with the one the translation patch has.
ReviewsNewHacks - F-Zero - HeavyMetal Rocker1988's Tracks #1 (2014)Diddy64wii2017-02-04 17:47:15
HacksEditDream Mario Bros.TheSuperShow2017-02-04 14:31:36V1.1 patch did not work, so it gave me some more time to do some last minute improvements.
TranslationsEditMeitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou Densetsumz2017-02-04 13:16:48v0.03: fix where menu screen wouldn't work on some emulators and maybe real hardware. I'm really sorry for the mess!
ReviewsNewHacks - A Link to the Past: ReduxBallz2017-02-04 13:02:48
UtilitiesNewAir Fortress Password EditorGuyver2017-02-04 07:10:31
CreditsNewHacks - Loud Music13375K37CH3R2017-02-04 00:37:59
HacksNewNaming Blitz13375K37CH3R2017-02-04 00:34:41
HacksEditUltimate Damage Fix13375K37CH3R2017-02-04 00:29:07Improved rounding during calculations imposed by equipped Relics, namely Offering and Gauntlet.
NewsNewNew Translations Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-02-03 21:01:50
NewsNewNew Utilities Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-02-03 21:01:50
TranslationsEditMagna Braban: Henreki no YuushaNightcrawler2017-02-03 20:51:54Edited the 'transextra' folder alternate font patch to be an addendum patch. Review/ROM Info cleanup.
TranslationsNewMagna Braban: Henreki no YuushaNightcrawler2017-02-03 20:46:41
ReviewsNewHacks - Dream Mario Bros.FreightMan712017-02-03 19:37:54
ReviewsNewHacks - Return of Double Dragon - Kencho hacksFreightMan712017-02-03 19:31:08
GamesEditShin Megami Tensei: NocturneObiKKa2017-02-03 19:12:10This US screen's sizing looks more correct than my previous queued submission. You may prefer this one.
TranslationsNewHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no Rinbukyokumz2017-02-03 18:53:58
GamesEditRally de AfricaObiKKa2017-02-03 18:01:13JP title screen.
HacksEditDream Mario Bros.TheSuperShow2017-02-03 16:27:54This is a fix. I realized that the pulleys looked a little off, so I fixed them. I also wanted to add some more new graphics and a little bit of a different pallette.
HacksEditShin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Hardtypezombero2017-02-03 14:18:36Fixes a typo in the readme.txt
HacksEditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-02-03 12:21:24I fixed the colors of Shijiro Otani's first attire.
TranslationsEditMeitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou Densetsumz2017-02-03 11:18:13v0.02 with some important bug fixes.
NewsNewShin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Hardtype Releasedzombero2017-02-03 11:09:14
GamesEditMeitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou DensetsuObiKKa2017-02-03 08:58:05Title screen.
HacksEditThe Legend of Zelda MSU-1Con2017-02-03 05:41:071.1 update: fixed the volume to FF standard to match qwertymodo's new pcm files
HacksNewRally de Africa - Night EditionAreBeAre2017-02-03 04:56:42
GamesEditNangoku Shounen Papuwa-kunZynk Oxhyde2017-02-03 04:53:43Spelling fix
GamesEditNangoku Shounen Papuwa-kunObiKKa2017-02-03 03:37:41Mispelling of title ('g', not 'k').
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-02-02 21:49:48Bug fixes, fairy effectiveness, and improvements.
TranslationsNewMeitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou Densetsumz2017-02-02 21:49:11
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no TsueGamerhenky2017-02-02 19:42:33Updated screenshot based on more polished translation version to avoid confusion screenshot from the old patch
HacksNewDream Mario Bros.TheSuperShow2017-02-02 18:43:42
UtilitiesEditMega Man VII Compression / Decompression ToolsSolid One2017-02-02 14:08:01This tools wasn't developed by spanish romhackers, but by a brazilian romhacker called "denim". He developed those tools to help on brazilian translations of this game.
HacksEditReturn of the Dark SorcererGi Nattak2017-02-02 13:09:37Updated hack to v1.7.1 - more important bug fixes yay!
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-02-02 12:18:30Fixed a couple of typos carried over from the original game and fixed a missing [Waitkey] also missing in the original game.
HacksNewFinal Match Tennis LadiestAz-072017-02-02 12:18:12
TranslationsEditAtelier Iris: Eternal ManaRyleFury2017-02-02 09:14:18Readme and Title Screen modified for the v1.2.
TranslationsEdit3x3 Eyes: Juuma HoukanAtomizer_Zero2017-02-02 08:18:44Added a missing line of dialogue.
TranslationsEditAtelier Iris: Eternal ManaRyleFury2017-02-02 05:40:40Update of the translation patch to the version 1.2. The new US-FR patch can be hosted here now thanks to a new size of 8 MB instead of 110 MB.
GamesEditEvolution: Eternal DungeonsZynk Oxhyde2017-02-02 02:18:16Updated
AbandonedNewMe_Daves MutiNesHacks PackageMe_Dave2017-02-01 20:54:03
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman Exhaust8.bit.fan2017-02-01 17:14:15
UtilitiesNewCampaign Editorsalvadorc172017-02-01 17:11:02
GamesEditLegend of the River King GBObiKKa2017-02-01 15:57:26This is a Game Boy Color compatible game (On second release)! Check (http://www.mobygames.com/game/legend-of-the-river-king-gb), (http://www.gamefaqs.com/gameboy/570010-legend-of-the-river-king-gb/images) and (https://tcrf.net/Legend_of_the_River_King_GB)
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no TsueSysopGrace2017-02-01 12:54:02I changed the release date from 27 Nov 2017 to 27 Jan 2017
NewsNewDuck Tales 2 - Two Players romhack update.Ti_2017-02-01 12:23:02
TranslationsEditFamicom WarsSpinner 82017-02-01 12:14:25Added link to addendum
TranslationsEditFamicom WarsSpinner 82017-02-01 12:11:47Added a hyperlink
HacksEditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-02-01 11:36:38I did a minor fix.
HacksNewShin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Hardtypezombero2017-02-01 11:29:24
TranslationsNewEvolution - Eternal DungeonsKeiDash2017-02-01 10:56:39
LinksNoncompliantGSCentral.orgMathUser29292017-02-01 10:23:23This site went down a long time ago.
HacksEditBreath of Fire II MaesonMaeson2017-02-01 05:25:41Updated the hack and the readmes.
ReviewsNewHacks - Return of Double Dragon - Kencho hacksEmployee2017-01-31 23:28:19
ReviewsNewHacks - Breath of Fire II Maesonmagictrufflez2017-01-31 21:32:43
GamesEditRally de EuropeAreBeAre2017-01-31 21:26:37Aid record
CommunityNewAreBeAreAreBeAre2017-01-31 21:15:18
HacksEditThousand-Year Door+ (ver. 1.1)Griscuit2017-01-31 18:49:16Updated to ver. 1.1
ReviewsNewHacks - Rockman 2 - Gray Zone8.bit.fan2017-01-31 16:07:04
HacksEditDuckTales 2 - Two Players HackTi_2017-01-31 14:32:51version update.
CreditsEditHacks - A Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-01-31 12:44:33Added SCD for some uncensoring contribution
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda3 IQ test Revenge of the Einsteinpuzzledude2017-01-31 12:34:37
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda 3 Max Consumables Fixpuzzledude2017-01-31 12:25:38
CreditsNewHacks - Cornelius in LttPpuzzledude2017-01-31 12:23:00
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-31 12:21:20Crash issue at Azalea fixed.
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda starring Zelda 2 (SNES)puzzledude2017-01-31 12:20:28
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda3 God Modepuzzledude2017-01-31 12:11:19
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda3 Parallel Remodelpuzzledude2017-01-31 12:04:35Added "specific information" info.
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda3 PuzzleDudes Questpuzzledude2017-01-31 12:00:06Added "specific information" in the credits.
CreditsNewTranslations - Xak - The Art of Visual StageObiKKa2017-01-31 09:36:11
HacksNewThe Legend of the River King GB - BugfixIssun2017-01-31 08:53:13
CommunityEditManaZynk Oxhyde2017-01-31 06:52:28Updated
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Hero ModeTruner2017-01-31 06:33:43
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-31 04:33:35Bug Fixes, new improvements.
UtilitiesNewNES_TitleEditer (SMB1Edit.)Bobble2017-01-31 01:18:17
HacksEditA Link to the Past: ReduxShadowOne3332017-01-30 17:00:14Updated to reflect changes made to ALttP DX v1.6 This update adds the staircase running fix and also adds the feature of selecting switching items with the LR buttons. Thanks to qwertymodo for the feedback and help regarding the update!
TranslationsNewXak - The Art of Visual StageObiKKa2017-01-30 14:41:46
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda3 Goddess of Wisdompuzzledude2017-01-30 10:49:14Updated the credits with proper information.
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda: A Swear To The P*stpuzzledude2017-01-30 10:27:26Updated the "contribution" to script editing, which is more accurate.
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda3 Time & Day/Night cycling systempuzzledude2017-01-30 10:25:18Updated "specific information" field for credits.
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda3 Parallel Worldspuzzledude2017-01-30 10:22:36Updated credits with proper information.
HacksEditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-30 10:20:54Upload this one instead, I fixed up Dr. Death Steve Williams and the first attire of Masanobu Fuchi.
GamesEditMarble MadnessMegafield642017-01-29 20:59:48Adding game information.
GamesEditJoustMegafield642017-01-29 20:59:03Adding more details
GamesEditJeopardy! 25th Anniversary EditionMegafield642017-01-29 20:58:08Adding game information
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Metroid: GBA Style!lastdual2017-01-29 20:57:34
GamesEditIce HockeyMegafield642017-01-29 20:56:18Adding game information.
GamesEditHydlideMegafield642017-01-29 20:55:04Adding more details.
TranslationsEditTobal 2Spinner 82017-01-29 20:47:26Combined both patches into a single archive. Minor review cleanup. Resized images for compliance - they really should be redone eventually though. Watermarks???
CreditsNewTranslations - 3x3 Eyes: Juuma HoukanObiKKa2017-01-29 19:55:48
GamesEditTime LordObiKKa2017-01-29 19:44:47Title screen.
HacksNewXtra Promo Super Mario BrosMe_Dave2017-01-29 19:44:04
GamesEditM.U.S.H.A.: Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid ArmorObiKKa2017-01-29 19:35:04Title screen. Game also has a Japanese screen (http://www.mobygames.com/game/musha/screenshots).
TranslationsEditTales of PhantasiaSpinner 82017-01-29 18:32:00Review cleanup. Removed old patch and linked to addendum
TranslationsEditShodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kunSpinner 82017-01-29 18:27:10Review cleanup. Removed link to old patch that was inexplicably still here
TranslationsEditBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another StorySpinner 82017-01-29 18:24:58Review cleanup. Removed external link and added addendum patches. Also I don't know who removed all my screenshots that were here originally and replaced them with three screens from seriously the first two minutes of the game. Very frustrating. Why do I bother
ReviewsEditHacks - Robot Masters AIrocklite2017-01-29 18:02:50previous info in review was incorrect...
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda 3 AST Dashingpuzzledude2017-01-29 17:54:34
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda 3 LR Item Switchpuzzledude2017-01-29 17:48:06
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda 3 Max Consumables Fixpuzzledude2017-01-29 17:37:47
ReviewsNewHacks - Cornelius in LttPpuzzledude2017-01-29 17:31:19
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Demo World: The Legend Continuesthunder1352017-01-29 17:17:18
ReviewsNewHacks - Zelda starring Zelda 2 (SNES)puzzledude2017-01-29 17:06:40
ReviewsNewHacks - The Second Reality Reloadedthunder1352017-01-29 17:04:17
ReviewsNewHacks - The Second Reality Project 1 (SNES Version)thunder1352017-01-29 16:59:29
HacksNewZelda3 IQ test Revenge of the Einsteinpuzzledude2017-01-29 16:37:01
GamesEditSurging AuraObiKKa2017-01-29 15:35:10Edited description from the French patch page (http://traf.romhack.org/?p=patchs&pid=248).
UtilitiesEditNES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom Splittersleepy2017-01-29 14:59:37New version / bug fixes.
ReviewsNewHacks - Metroid Legacythunder1352017-01-29 14:36:43
TranslationsEditFront MissionSpinner 82017-01-29 14:09:27Removed external link to 4MB expansion patch. Probably not needed anymore (?)
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Seisen no KeifuSpinner 82017-01-29 14:08:16Changed external link to point to the same file on Dark Twilkitri's site. I'm sure he won't mind
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Seisen no KeifuSpinner 82017-01-29 14:05:58Review cleanup and removed the giant in-line changelog that took up like a page and a half
TranslationsEditBurning Pro WrestlingSpinner 82017-01-29 14:01:16Added wrestler SRAM to patch - this was previously available separately
GamesEditBahamut LagoonSpinner 82017-01-29 13:56:53Review cleanup. Removed some color commentary
TranslationsEditBahamut LagoonSpinner 82017-01-29 13:54:32Review cleanup
TranslationsEditIke Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde DairantouSpinner 82017-01-29 13:53:41Review cleanup and linked to addendum patch
TranslationsEditMinna no Taabou no Nakayoshi DaisakusenSpinner 82017-01-29 13:48:45Review cleanup
TranslationsEditRent a HeroSpinner 82017-01-29 13:38:13Recompiled custom patch to IPS format. You no longer have to dig out DOSBOX to use this patch and play three minutes of translated dialogue
TranslationsEditSuper Chinese Fighter EXSpinner 82017-01-29 13:08:39Removed reference to credits.txt. It's already in the zip archive, no idea why it's linked externally
HacksEditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-29 13:05:48I fixed up Dr. Death Steve Williams.
CreditsNewTranslations - Time Lordwave2017-01-29 11:05:00
CreditsNewTranslations - Streets of Rage 2wave2017-01-29 11:04:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighterswave2017-01-29 11:04:17
CreditsNewTranslations - M.U.S.H.A.: Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armorwave2017-01-29 11:04:03
CreditsNewTranslations - Mercswave2017-01-29 11:03:50
TranslationsEditHigh School! KimengumiNightcrawler2017-01-29 10:54:06Removing link to the obsolete transextra folder. The file there is already in the main download link now.
TranslationsNewTime Lordwave2017-01-29 07:11:36
NewsNew3x3 Eyes: Juuma Houkan English translationAtomizer_Zero2017-01-29 06:54:49
TranslationsNewStreets of Rage 2wave2017-01-29 05:14:26
TranslationsNewTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighterswave2017-01-29 05:09:17
TranslationsNewM.U.S.H.A.: Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armorwave2017-01-29 05:03:24
TranslationsNewMercswave2017-01-29 04:57:51
GamesEditFarland Story 6Spinner 82017-01-29 03:44:14Slight review edit
GamesEditFarland Story 5Spinner 82017-01-29 03:43:53Slight review edit
GamesEditFarland Story 4Spinner 82017-01-29 03:43:26Slight edit
GamesEditSquare no Tom SawyerSpinner 82017-01-29 03:42:07Redoing game review to remove embarrassing relic Whirlpool writing
TranslationsEditDragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no DaichiSpinner 82017-01-29 03:37:01Rewriting translation entry to get rid of unnecessary patches. Version A is (probably) the only one you need
TranslationsEditDragon Quest I+IISpinner 82017-01-28 20:21:50Combined patches into one zip - the DQ1+2 patches in transextra can be deleted now. Also cleaned up the text to remove the ridiculous UPDATE: UPDATE: nonsense
GamesEditBikkuri Nekketsu Shinkiroku! - Dokodemo Kin MedalObiKKa2017-01-28 14:28:48Title screen. I learnt here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_console_palettes#Game_Boy) that the GB "uses a monochrome 4-shades palette using actual gray." So it's NOT in that greenscale scheme that was on the original hardware.
HacksEditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-28 14:15:32I fixed a wrestler's name.
TranslationsEditAkuma-kun: Makai no WanaMe_Dave2017-01-28 14:08:51added a link to my new Addendum Patch.
ReviewsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy VIIMother Kojiro2017-01-28 11:10:46
UtilitiesEditCadEditorspiiin2017-01-28 07:04:21update
CommunityEditpaul_metpaul_met2017-01-28 04:17:59Old information.
HacksEditSuper POO Bros. 3ChaosComposer2017-01-28 01:03:59Updating from 1.1 to 1.2
GamesEditGorby no Pipeline DaisakusenRetroGameFan90002017-01-28 00:53:26Original Japanese title
NewsEditNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseZynk Oxhyde2017-01-28 00:51:53Image 2 replaced
TranslationsEditFront Mission 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-01-28 00:46:06Patch archived. Removed dead links.
HacksEditThe Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle AtarisizedZynk Oxhyde2017-01-28 00:36:07Screenshots changed. Edited images are noncompliant. Readme added.
GamesEditDai Meiro: Meikyuu no TatsujinRetroGameFan90002017-01-27 20:11:37Original Japanese title
ReviewsNewHacks - Final Fantasy Tactics: EmergenceOutlander2017-01-27 19:25:34
CommunityEditGhostDogGhostDog2017-01-27 19:10:47Add link to github profile page
HacksEditBanana Prince 2 - The Adventure of Banana GoatDANGER X2017-01-27 18:19:55added new enemies
CommunityEditGarunaEden.GT2017-01-27 17:40:31Added description.
CommunityEditFai SoftEden.GT2017-01-27 17:07:15Information on the SMB1 hacker added, and changed website.
CommunityEditPoporoEden.GT2017-01-27 16:52:51Author name change, and a small number of details.
CommunityEditKirikazeEden.GT2017-01-27 16:44:00Information on this another famous SMB Hacker needs to be added, so I did.
ReviewsNewHacks - Another Super Mario 3Dcrazyseandx2017-01-27 15:58:28
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsuemrrichard9992017-01-27 13:20:28Updated
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsuemrrichard9992017-01-27 13:19:20Updated to V1.0! Many updates and corrections have been made to polish this up!
ReviewsNewHacks - Ninja Gaiden / Shadow Warriors - updatedFreightMan712017-01-27 13:19:00
HacksEditKarate ChampedMidna2017-01-27 11:35:42Improvement, not a spoof. There's nothing funny or humorous about the changes made here, they're just changes.
HacksEditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-27 10:50:53Fixed the skin color of a bunch of wrestlers.
HacksEditMonster TacticsEmmy2017-01-27 10:07:13Version 2.45! :) Restructure completed, new battles added! :)
UtilitiesNewBikkuriBoy EditorGhostDog2017-01-27 08:34:13
ReviewsNewHacks - Robot Masters AIrocklite2017-01-26 23:26:31
GamesEditTenchi o Kurau II: Shokatsu Koumei DenRetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:22:42Original Japanese title
GamesEditMajuu OuRetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:17:31Original Japanese title
GamesEditKidou Senshi V GundamRetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:16:47Original Japanese title
GamesEditShin Kidou Senki Gundam W: Endless DuelRetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:16:14Original Japanese title
GamesEditDragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou NingenRetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:15:01Original Japanese title
GamesEditDragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!RetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:14:03Original Japanese title
GamesEditDragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiya Jin Zetsumetsu KeikakuRetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:12:53Original Japanese title
GamesEditKidou Senshi Gundam F91: Formula Senki 0122RetroGameFan90002017-01-26 22:08:40Original title screen
ReviewsEditHacks - F-Zero tracks unlockedMathUser29292017-01-26 20:23:51better wording
ReviewsEditHacks - Return of Double Dragon - Kencho hacksMathUser29292017-01-26 20:22:40better wording
NewsNewNew Hacks Added to the DatabaseRHDNBot2017-01-26 19:07:11
CommunityEditMarkeyJesterMopeDude-CD2017-01-26 17:16:21For the lack of being up-to-date.
TranslationsNewKingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + (Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories)Zero Dozer2017-01-26 17:12:36
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionRodimus Primal2017-01-26 16:20:50Updated to Version 1.89. Fixes Frozen Terra bug and adds Jump/Launcher and Jump/Super Ball fix to bugfix version.
NewsNewClovermon Hunter is now available!PoClo2017-01-26 16:01:59
GamesEditCrash 'n' the Boys: Street ChallengeObiKKa2017-01-26 14:53:23Title screen (US version). Check https://tcrf.net/Crash_'n_the_Boys:_Street_Challenge for both JP & US screens.
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HacksEditMario Gear - Mushroom EaterEden.GT2017-01-26 00:39:11To add the author's name. Thought that I want to delete that "?" at the end of his name.
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HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-25 14:37:10Minor bug fixes. Battle Palace added.
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ReviewsNewHacks - F-Zero tracks unlockedcikulus2017-01-25 09:46:20
TranslationsEdit3x3 Eyes: Juuma HoukanAtomizer_Zero2017-01-25 09:11:57Full release. Fully playable. version 1.0
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HacksEditChrono Trigger: Bugfix Tech and Uncensoring AddendumChronosplit2017-01-24 22:50:31Update: fix to the one bug with this has to do with patching order. Updated.
UtilitiesNewNestroid Randomizersnarfblam2017-01-24 21:55:22
HacksEditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-24 18:47:21Minor fixes, 3DS and others emulators compatibility.
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GamesEditXak - The Art of Visual StageObiKKa2017-01-24 10:38:51Adding game description & controls first.
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HacksEditZelda - The Legend of Linkinfidelity2017-01-23 17:17:12Updated 8kb ram to 32kb ram. Please have someone update this site with my 1-10-2017 patch, it's a major update. It can be found at the acmlm board 2 rom hacking site. -infidelity
CreditsNewTranslations - Syd of Valiswave2017-01-23 13:31:24
TranslationsEditSyd of Valiswave2017-01-23 13:31:16v1.1: small typos and changed one phrase in the intro.
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GamesEditSyd of ValisObiKKa2017-01-21 15:08:03Title screen. This site (https://www.segaretro.org/File:SDValis_MDTitleScreen.png) has both American English & Japanese title screens.
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