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Newdumpid2018-01-11 11:20:51
NewMempak Save Converter2018-01-11 01:07:27
NewDex-to-V642018-01-11 00:46:34
Newspacefinder2018-01-09 13:11:29
NewNitro Studio2018-01-08 15:39:28
NewDragonWarriorTownAndDungeonEditor2018-01-07 16:37:56
NewPSXCueGenerator2017-12-24 15:41:10
NewMZM Randomizer2017-12-23 19:17:03
NewN64 Custom Robo File Injector2017-12-18 22:43:04
NewOkami HD (PC) Endcypter/Decrypter2017-12-15 10:00:39
NewSSIG - Sega Saturn Instructions Generator2017-12-14 05:59:12
Newipscat2017-12-01 13:35:29
NewSwizzling Tool2017-11-29 16:31:20
NewTales of Berseria Tools2017-11-29 16:23:50
NewRomPatcher.js2017-11-12 10:44:57
NewByte manager2017-11-12 01:33:36
NewApoplexy2017-10-24 01:54:20
NewApoplexy2017-10-24 01:52:42
NewWhitehole2017-10-24 01:42:46
NewAC3E Fake Recompressor2017-10-21 13:35:13

Last Updated Utilities
EditNitro Studio2018-01-16 12:36:30Updated file to include an Updater.exe, so that users that download this new update can always have the latest version.
EditPSXCueGenerator2018-01-13 15:55:23New Version -Add expiremental support for games with multiple audio tracks
EditDragon Warrior Town and Dungeon Editor2018-01-13 15:51:11Changed file size for archival purposes
EditDSVania Editor2018-01-12 22:38:23Updated to version 1.7
EditQuicksilver - Initial Data editor2018-01-06 10:59:13fixed some minor errors
EditOkami HD (PC) Encrypter/Decrypter2017-12-24 10:37:48Tool title's typo fix.
EditParasite Eve translation tools2017-12-18 11:46:29site maintenance
EditMetal3Trans2017-12-18 10:26:38site maintenance
EditMetal2Trans2017-12-18 07:36:57Site maintenance
EditGameCube ISO Analyzer2017-12-17 18:34:19Update
EditDirectEd2017-12-17 14:29:07Site maintenance
EditNana2017-12-10 02:09:53fixed a couple typos in description
EditTales of Berseria Tools2017-12-10 01:04:43Bugs is fixed.
EditNana2017-12-09 20:26:49New screenshot reuploaded
EditNana2017-12-09 16:30:05Newer version and more detailed description
EditCustom Robo Arena Robo Editor2017-12-07 20:22:26Fix: Replacing download page that was erroneously submitted with actual archive
EditUniPatcher2017-12-07 06:52:50New version
EditTales of Berseria Tools2017-12-02 15:06:02New text in readme.txt
Editipscat2017-12-02 10:27:27Update. Fixed a bug.
EditIps2Exe Lite2017-11-26 10:17:26New in version 1.0.3: * Bugfix (previously, the software did not work with very large ips files) * The program works much faster * Exe patch was a little less * Added new messages