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Latest New Utilities
NewSGB Settings Editor2021-10-27 03:42:22
NewGCHT (Game Color Helper Tool)2021-10-24 08:25:11
NewROM/ISO Table Finder2021-10-18 17:10:26
NewPssMux2021-10-14 09:28:42
NewTAITO DeCompress2021-10-12 16:22:10
NewTGE (Top Gear Editor)2021-10-11 06:44:17
NewQuest of Ki Time Editor2021-10-07 17:03:48
NewXenoblade Chronicles Shop Editor2021-10-02 22:50:35
NewSuper Monkey Ball Jr. Unpacker2021-10-01 12:11:25
NewTKMK00 to MIO02021-09-11 18:04:29
NewSuper Zelda Editor2021-09-06 21:20:16
NewMove Animation Creator2021-09-05 21:16:39
NewText Pattern Finder2021-08-29 18:24:25
NewNitro Studio 2 Deluxe2021-08-29 17:00:17
NewAdvanced SNES ROM Utility2021-08-25 13:13:21
NewALttP GBA Chest Editor2021-08-17 11:49:11
NewBubble Buster2021-08-16 03:58:14
NewNecrofy2021-08-06 22:50:09
NewSoR2 Level Editor2021-07-31 22:59:42
NewResident Evil 4 ISO Editor (PS2)2021-07-30 12:26:16

Last Updated Utilities
UpdateSuper Zelda Editor2021-10-24 19:13:07Update v1.035
UpdateSuper Zelda Editor2021-10-22 22:55:49Version update
UpdateFFI DoS Editor2021-10-22 07:07:31added capability (encounter rate table editing); updated reference file
UpdateIps2Exe Lite2021-10-19 06:13:09* Bugfix (errors in alarm messages) * Remove Delphi KOL komponents * Added cursor change when uploading a file and applying a patch
UpdatePSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)2021-10-16 09:49:04Updated to version 0.9.
UpdateFFI DoS Editor2021-10-14 21:15:07updated capabilities plus 1 error fix
EditQuest of Ki Time Editor2021-10-13 10:04:06Changed Game, duplicate of
UpdateBubble Buster2021-10-12 16:03:07Update!
UpdateFFAEE (Final Fight Anniversary Edition Editor)2021-10-11 10:59:59Version update.
UpdateAdvanced SNES ROM Utility2021-10-08 13:42:14Update!
UpdatePSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)2021-10-08 07:39:26Version update.
UpdateFFI DoS Editor2021-10-07 17:07:55Error fixes on blank spell description and character level-up stats
EditSuper Zelda Editor2021-10-05 12:29:44project home moved to sourceforge
EditS-RAM Comparer SoE2021-10-05 09:07:28experience level, title
UpdateAdvanced SNES ROM Utility2021-10-01 13:29:43Update
UpdateSuper Zelda Editor2021-09-30 21:45:26Version update to 1.031
UpdateFaxanadu Randomizer2021-09-30 18:41:52New version
UpdatePSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)2021-09-30 09:51:21Version update.
UpdateSuper Zelda Editor2021-09-26 20:01:40Version Update
UpdateMultiPatch2021-09-25 10:27:14Version update to 2.0, which I forgot to submit to RHDN earlier this month. Updates XDelta including support for external compressors which many newer patches seem to be using. Refreshed the UI with an updated look and icon.