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Latest New Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
NewDSVania EditorLagoLunatic2017-02-21 18:49:05
NewNES Hudson's Adventure Island I Level Editorloginsin2017-02-21 16:03:53
NewWorld Driver Championship ButcherJaytheHam2017-02-21 13:21:04
NewPatch Conflict FinderMadsiur2017-02-19 10:58:20
NewFF6ToolsMadsiur2017-02-19 10:40:33
NewMakeROMFS-GUI (Windows)MKGirlism2017-02-19 04:25:43
NewMakeROMFS-GUI (Linux)MKGirlism2017-02-19 04:25:37
NewPS1 2352 image EDC/ECC recalculatorSTARWIN2017-02-10 22:49:55
NewAir Fortress Password EditorGuyver2017-02-04 07:10:31
NewCampaign Editorsalvadorc172017-02-01 17:11:02
NewNES_TitleEditer (SMB1Edit.)Bobble2017-01-31 01:18:17
NewBikkuriBoy EditorGhostDog2017-01-27 08:34:13
NewRBI Field Editornever-obsolete2017-01-25 19:19:45
NewRabbitnever-obsolete2017-01-25 17:45:10
NewNestroid Randomizersnarfblam2017-01-24 21:55:22
NewBikkuri EditorGhostDog2017-01-24 07:29:32
NewMega Man 7 Compression / Decompression Toolsmrrichard9992017-01-14 14:27:06
NewTurBoHockeyEditor3000TurBoss2017-01-07 14:01:23
NewFinal Fantasy 6 Save Editortoffty2017-01-06 16:29:31
NewRopeSnakeNinten9992017-01-05 00:59:12

Last Updated Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditDSVania EditorLagoLunatic2017-02-26 12:51:53Fixed the program not starting for some people. Filesize is now over 30MB so I checked Nofile. Also added link to source code in description.
EditPatch Conflict Finderassassin2017-02-23 22:41:271) release date was bogus, so used the file date of the .EXE and Readme in the archive. 2) clarified that .IPS patches are what it operates on.
EditNES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom Splittersleepy2017-02-19 15:05:23update
EditFinal Fantasy III US Multi Editor (FF3usME)Madsiur2017-02-19 10:29:35Updated to newest version (6.80).
EditAdvance Wars Campaign Editorlexluthermiester2017-02-13 05:01:24The name of this editor does not readily reflect what game it is for.
EditPS1 2352 image EDC/ECC recalculatorSTARWIN2017-02-12 20:30:06updating a bit
EditHades WorkshopTirlititi2017-02-10 19:31:56Update to 0.36. Mostly PC version updates but, hey.
EditMega Man VII Compression / Decompression ToolsSolid One2017-02-02 14:08:01This tools wasn't developed by spanish romhackers, but by a brazilian romhacker called "denim". He developed those tools to help on brazilian translations of this game.
EditNES Mapper Reader / Rom Fixer / Rom Splittersleepy2017-01-29 14:59:37New version / bug fixes.
EditCadEditorspiiin2017-01-28 07:04:21update
EditNestroid Randomizersnarfblam2017-01-25 21:55:39Update
EditUniPatcherMashin2017-01-25 01:55:50new version
EditFloating IPSWeicxiable2017-01-16 07:06:31Added a Linux build.
EditFinal Fantasy 6 Save Editortoffty2017-01-14 15:57:55Discovered a problem with the Espers tab not being populated correctly which has been fixed.
EditUniPatcherMashin2017-01-13 09:35:44New version - Support APS patches (Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance) - Added the ability to specify the output directory
EditjPSXdecNoOneee2017-01-09 16:32:08Updated download link the latest version and added the new website.
EditTurBoHockeyEditor3000TurBoss2017-01-09 13:15:12Add credits
Editbassqwertymodo2017-01-06 13:37:49Updating to the latest release
EditLunar MagicKlarth2017-01-03 22:35:04New version
EditCoilSnakeMr. Tenda2016-12-28 06:17:25New version