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NewGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-05-15 20:20:07
NewDemolisher2018-05-14 11:41:58
NewSonic Adavance Editor2018-05-14 03:22:07
NewPSXImager V2.02018-05-10 01:25:51
NewPartyPlanner642018-05-08 17:23:45
NewDiSFX2018-04-30 05:28:29
NewFaxanaduShopEditor2018-04-29 17:51:21
NewVisual SAK: Visual Swiss Army Knife2018-04-19 04:21:21
NewVS. Excitebike Text Editor2018-04-07 09:41:36
NewCollege Football 96 Utility2018-04-04 20:26:08
NewRockin' Kats (U) Level Editor2018-03-24 13:03:24
NewThe Battle of Olympus (de)compression suite2018-03-24 10:23:19
NewDragon Warrior Monster Stat Editor2018-03-17 07:18:48
NewBreath of Fire II Level Stat Gain Editor2018-03-11 00:56:04
Newabcde2018-03-10 20:32:50
NewBreath of Fire II Monster Editor (Updated with Drop Rate Support)2018-02-21 19:10:23
NewFinal Fantasy X translation tools2018-02-21 16:54:35
NewDragonWarriorMonsterZoneEditor2018-02-18 14:58:13
NewDragonWarriorTreasureChestEditor2018-02-09 14:36:01
NewDragonWarriorEquipmentAndMagicDataEditor2018-02-08 16:07:47

Last Updated Utilities
EditBreath of Fire II Level Stat Gain Editor V1.12018-05-13 14:02:54New features and bug fixes
EditPSIG - PlayStation instructions generator2018-05-12 01:15:02The program GUI is changed. Generation of commands in lower case is added. Copying the generated instruction to the clipboard is added. Patching commands is added.
EditDragon Warrior Monster Zone Editor2018-05-09 21:50:52Fixed description (see History). Added BBCode and fixed formatting the Description.
EditDragon Warrior - Text Editor2018-05-09 21:28:54Utility updated to Fixed title.
EditDragon Warrior Text Editor2018-05-09 21:12:20Title fixed. Fixed text formatting in the Description.
EditDifFiles2018-05-06 09:08:44Minor fixes
EditDifFiles2018-05-05 14:52:43Large updates.
EditRomPatcher.js2018-05-01 12:44:17* new UI * some bugs fixed
EditN64 Custom Robo File Injector2018-04-30 12:41:02Update and bugfix.
EditCD-i Image Decoding Tools2018-04-21 19:24:19to add screenshot
EditCadEditor2018-04-16 07:15:12update
Edit7th Dragon Translation Kit2018-04-06 00:06:57I'm adding a screenshot.
EditNES Hudson's Adventure Island I Level Editor2018-04-01 07:15:24Fixed dirty GDI GUI bug
EditRockin' Kats (U) Level Editor2018-04-01 07:13:52Fixed Heisenbug with black screen in the editor while the ROM is loaded
EditNES Hudson's Adventure Island I Level Editor2018-03-31 15:52:52GUI bugs fixes and optimizations
EditRockin' Kats (U) Level Editor2018-03-31 15:51:54GUI bugs fixes and optimizations
EditMetroid Advance Game Editor (MAGE)2018-03-31 14:03:20New version
EditDSVania Randomizer2018-03-25 16:59:27New version
EditTiledGGD2018-03-24 01:22:44Fixed Description format
EditMetroid Advance Game Editor (MAGE)2018-03-16 21:30:39New version