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Latest New Utilities
NewRomPatcher.js2017-11-12 10:44:57
NewByte manager2017-11-12 01:33:36
NewApoplexy2017-10-24 01:54:20
NewApoplexy2017-10-24 01:52:42
NewWhitehole2017-10-24 01:42:46
NewAC3E Fake Recompressor2017-10-21 13:35:13
NewAC3E BIN Splitter2017-10-21 13:28:39
NewAC3E Layer Merger2017-10-21 13:22:29
NewAC3E Header Replacer2017-10-21 13:17:25
NewAC3E Text Editor 1.3.42017-10-21 13:07:31
NewSM64 Tweaker2017-10-20 06:28:41
NewSM64 Text Manager2017-10-20 06:22:53
NewSM64 Area Importer2017-10-20 06:17:37
NewiNES Header Editor2017-10-20 05:32:29
NewMakeINES2017-10-20 04:34:37
NewMesen2017-10-16 08:08:34
NewWizedit2017-10-15 14:48:49
NewSega Genesis Mega Drive ROM Analyzer / Header Editor / Checksum Fixer + Source2017-10-09 10:35:45
NewGame Boy ROM Analyzer / Header Editor / Checksum Fixer Incl Source2017-10-09 10:32:05
NewPSI Animation Editor2017-10-07 19:20:39

Last Updated Utilities
Editbsnes-plus2017-11-17 21:21:01New screenshot. Old one was broken.
EditLode Funner2017-11-17 00:27:07The new program version.
EditTIM Viewer2017-11-16 19:15:36This utility is marked '1.04b' and not '1.4b'.
EditLode Funner2017-11-14 10:25:51The new program version.
EditNeptune2017-11-11 05:09:40Changed back to Adventures of Lolo in Games to easily find the utility for it.
EditKing's Field Texture Tool2017-11-09 19:44:32Updating to latest version, add source code
EditunLZ-GBA2017-11-09 03:20:07Better pic
EditAridia2017-11-07 19:59:31Fixed version number and added important info in the description
EditRainbow2017-11-06 17:24:22Previous submission was older.
EditBlaster Construction Kit2017-11-05 00:32:20Added source code to utility.
EditROM Expander Pro2017-11-04 00:56:32Updated v12.8.12
EditFinal Fantasy III US Multi Editor (FF3usME)2017-11-03 03:06:08Date and screenshot updated
EditMetroid Advance Game Editor (MAGE)2017-10-29 14:15:49New version
EditFinal Fantasy 6 Save Editor2017-10-24 17:02:37Fixing the Rage offset.
EditPr1SnesLevEd2017-10-24 02:14:51Updated version
EditRoomShaker2017-10-24 01:57:15Updated to 1.80
EditiNES Header Editor2017-10-22 16:11:13More up to date version accepts command line, fixes minor bug with NES 2.0 headers. Should also attribute Quietust as original author in description.
EditCheat patcher2017-10-17 06:32:59The new program version.
EditDEF2017-10-17 00:48:25Date fix.
EditNINJA Patcher2017-10-16 15:05:11Added document link regarding this program and fixed a spelling error in the description.