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Latest New Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
NewMake PPF3 GUIMr22017-04-24 17:31:00
NewDouBOLDashRainbowDash3212017-04-23 13:49:41
NewSMS Bin EditorRainbowDash3212017-04-23 09:37:51
NewMKDS Course ModifierRainbowDash3212017-04-21 09:36:12
NewConsole compromiseMr22017-04-20 04:24:16
NewMario Kart 64 PitstopRainbowDash3212017-04-19 11:21:03
NewFeedBackRainbowDash3212017-04-17 11:16:49
NewGuitar Hero II DTB EditorRainbowDash3212017-04-17 08:52:19
Newips.pyXezlec2017-04-13 22:14:27
NewGuitar Hero II 360RainbowDash3212017-04-13 10:44:50
NewGuitar Hero II Name EditorRainbowDash3212017-04-12 11:04:40
NewGuitar Hero ExplorerRainbowDash3212017-04-10 11:11:29
Newpng2snesLunarFire2017-03-26 22:32:17
NewZelda NPC Text Editorscucci2017-03-21 09:08:31
NewFF6MMGENMadsiur2017-03-11 06:36:35
NewZelda Story Sandboxscucci2017-02-26 08:28:19
NewSuikoden 1 editorSTARWIN2017-02-25 09:26:27
NewDSVania EditorLagoLunatic2017-02-21 18:49:05
NewNES Hudson's Adventure Island I Level Editorloginsin2017-02-21 16:03:53
NewWorld Driver Championship ButcherJaytheHam2017-02-21 13:21:04

Last Updated Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditipsextractMr22017-04-26 01:29:08GUI config is added.
EditConsole compromiseMr22017-04-25 02:40:05Description is updated.
EditUIPS GUIMr22017-04-25 02:11:04GUI config is added.
EditHeaderizer13375K37CH3R2017-04-24 11:08:09Added support for the IPS patch format's "truncate data" feature.
EditConsole compromiseMr22017-04-24 08:18:38The new program version.
EditMultiPatchSappharad2017-04-23 19:51:32New version with bug fixes, drag and drop support.
EditMario Kart 64 PitstopZynk Oxhyde2017-04-20 08:26:43Updated
EditGuitar Hero ExplorerRainbowDash3212017-04-17 13:47:21Put in double "to" word and added couple more words in the description.
EditGuitar Hero ExplorerRainbowDash3212017-04-15 10:06:21Wrong file name in description and add multiplatform.
EditHades WorkshopTirlititi2017-04-12 14:29:03Version 0.37c
EditMetroid Advance Game Editor (MAGE)biospark2017-04-09 17:21:38New version
EditZAMN Level Editorpiranhaplant2017-04-03 21:05:13Updated version with bug fixes
EditGens KModZynk Oxhyde2017-04-03 00:52:17Version number
EditGens KModZynk Oxhyde2017-04-02 10:02:06Updated v0.7.3
EditUniPatcherMashin2017-03-23 11:24:56New version
EditDSVania EditorLagoLunatic2017-03-20 17:28:31Updated version, feature list, and screenshot
EditPPF-O-MaticZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 07:25:25Date added
EditPPF-O-MaticZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 07:23:40Screenshot and date added
EditZelda Story Editorscucci2017-03-04 10:13:12Fix one thing, break another. While getting the font to show correctly the code to write the IPS got booboo'd so that had to be fixed.
EditZelda Story Editorscucci2017-03-03 21:57:24Minor changes to source to, hopefully, fix the missing font issues.