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NewTales of Destiny Director's Cut Tools2018-07-14 11:58:22
NewLoD BPE Tool2018-07-07 12:08:46
NewPSX-MODE2-EN2018-07-03 08:44:57
NewTales of Vesperia Tools2018-06-23 05:40:28
NewEmblem Magic2018-06-20 10:26:38
NewMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-06-14 00:31:04
NewAnimal Crossing String Table Editor2018-06-04 01:18:50
NewALX - Skies of Arcadia Legends Examiner2018-06-01 18:11:37
NewCrashEdit2018-05-21 19:44:16
NewSA2 Stage Level Select Editor2018-05-21 19:28:01
NewAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin / Dark Conflict - CO Editor2018-05-19 15:55:22
NewHeroes Power Plant2018-05-19 04:03:23
NewGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-05-15 20:20:07
NewDemolisher2018-05-14 11:41:58
NewSonic Adavance Editor2018-05-14 03:22:07
NewPSXImager V2.02018-05-10 01:25:51
NewPartyPlanner642018-05-08 17:23:45
NewDiSFX2018-04-30 05:28:29
NewFaxanaduShopEditor2018-04-29 17:51:21
NewVisual SAK: Visual Swiss Army Knife2018-04-19 04:21:21

Last Updated Utilities
EditAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin / Dark Conflict - CO Editor2018-07-19 19:17:21Updated utility to Revision 1.2. - Added German and Italion languages. - Sets the language and region based on your computer's operating system (these can be changed at any time). - The Commander Officer images are now in .gif format, so the colors should be correct. - If you open the wrong arm9.bin file, or have the arm9.bin opened in another utility, the utility will close.
EditLunar Magic2018-07-19 17:31:54Updated version
EditGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-07-15 16:35:57Previous version was only compiled for Linux. Added at Windows binary for the plugin.
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-07-15 06:08:23Version update
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-07-10 00:52:21Version Update
EditPSX-MODE2-EN2018-07-07 09:22:16GUI config is added.
EditMake PPF3 GUI2018-07-07 09:14:01item menu text fix, archive update.
EditFF6Tools2018-06-23 13:13:56Changed screenshot, changed download link
EditEmblem Magic2018-06-23 10:47:37changed the "game" category to "multiple games", as this program is compatible with all 3 GBA Fire Emblem games (FE6, FE7, FE8), in each of their versions (FE6J, FE7J/FE7U/FE7E, FE8J/FE8U/FE8E) it was my bad not reading the submission form well enough ^^
EditJohn Madden Football Editor2018-06-22 18:30:04Fixes
EditFF6Tools2018-06-22 14:35:30Changed from macOS version to browser version
EditZelda Randomizer2018-06-19 22:15:12Information not up to date.
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-06-18 00:25:03Bug fixes, more detailed description and warnings.
EditAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin / Dark Conflict - CO Editor2018-06-17 17:30:43Updated the utility to 1.1 (converted the tool from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic Net).
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2018-06-17 16:29:33Bug fixes
EditGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-06-15 11:10:37Update to support direct opening of .nes and .gb files
EditJohn Madden Football Editor2018-06-08 14:36:41Bug Fix, added Madden NFL '98, ratings adjustments
EditTileEditorPro2018-06-07 22:40:47Now the background lines can be changed and improved code.
EditEWing IPS Patcher2018-06-05 00:41:06Major update! backend rework new options
EditByte manager2018-06-01 07:20:49The new program version.