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Latest New Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
NewMega Man 7 Compression / Decompression Toolsmrrichard9992017-01-14 14:27:06
NewTurBoHockeyEditor3000TurBoss2017-01-07 14:01:23
NewFinal Fantasy 6 Save Editortoffty2017-01-06 16:29:31
NewRopeSnakeNinten9992017-01-05 00:59:12
NewMetroid 1 item randomizer 1.0netsrotti2016-12-17 23:08:20
NewNESSortmrrichard9992016-12-11 08:24:12
NewSNES Game Sound Systemmrrichard9992016-12-11 08:21:21
NewGoonies 2 randomizer 1.0netsrotti2016-11-24 07:42:08
NewMegaMan Text Editorsleepy2016-11-19 13:02:04
NewCapcom Music EditorZynk Oxhyde2016-11-19 00:13:02
NewThe Guardian Legend Text Editorsleepy2016-11-13 14:11:19
NewMRG ManagerNoOneee2016-11-03 19:08:58
NewMSBT Editor ReloadedIcySon552016-11-01 21:08:50
NewJohn Madden Football 93 EditorGoldglv2016-10-29 23:36:50
NewFF6ExpEDMadsiur2016-10-26 08:53:39
NewPython SMB Text Editorethanwhite2016-10-11 00:10:55
NewFF6LE Rogue CEMadsiur2016-10-09 01:57:17
NewZone Doctor CEMadsiur2016-10-09 01:43:57
NewPSXPrevrickomax2016-10-05 16:11:07
NewDKC 1 Editorsalvadorc172016-10-03 18:00:00

Last Updated Utilities
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditFloating IPSWeicxiable2017-01-16 07:06:31Added a Linux build.
EditFinal Fantasy 6 Save Editortoffty2017-01-14 15:57:55Discovered a problem with the Espers tab not being populated correctly which has been fixed.
EditUniPatcherMashin2017-01-13 09:35:44New version - Support APS patches (Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance) - Added the ability to specify the output directory
EditjPSXdecNoOneee2017-01-09 16:32:08Updated download link the latest version and added the new website.
EditTurBoHockeyEditor3000TurBoss2017-01-09 13:15:12Add credits
Editbassqwertymodo2017-01-06 13:37:49Updating to the latest release
EditLunar MagicKlarth2017-01-03 22:35:04New version
EditCoilSnakeMr. Tenda2016-12-28 06:17:25New version
EditUniPatcherMashin2016-12-25 10:40:56New version
EditPalette converterMr22016-12-25 03:20:01The new program version.
EditGoonies 2 randomizer 9.0dnetsrotti2016-12-20 22:42:30Previous empty rooms now has a chance to have hidden items. Items usually found in safes are swaped around with other items and NPCs. New options added to shorten talk and adding more NPCs.
EditMetroid 1 item randomizer 2.0netsrotti2016-12-20 07:43:27first version was only able to generate few different patterns. So this one should be a lot more fun.
EditJohn Madden Football EditorGoldglv2016-12-18 12:27:22Rams roster location in Madden '92 was incorrect, this is now fixed.
EditVagrant Story Stat Editorjaythreee2016-12-14 17:50:15Update to 1.1
EditNES Screen Toolmrrichard9992016-12-11 07:53:19Updated
EditGoonies 2 randomizer 5.0netsrotti2016-12-03 19:14:46lots of new features and bug fixes.
EditECM DecompressorMr22016-12-03 06:42:22The new program version.
Editbsnes-plusRevenant2016-12-01 22:15:22new release
EditKirby's Dream Course EditorRevenant2016-12-01 22:03:06very old minor version update that i forgot to put here
EditWario Land 2 editorevmatter2016-11-30 15:49:21Update to version 1.3.3