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NewJapan Pro Golf Tour 64 Results Password Decoder2021-01-19 17:02:46
NewJapan Pro Golf Tour 64 Network Tournament Password Generator2021-01-12 21:46:16
NewFECIC Abilities2021-01-11 19:48:20
NewFECIC Goalkeepers2021-01-10 09:28:47
NewFECIC Colors2021-01-09 23:49:58
NewSamus Palette, Art & Repointing Tool App (SPARTA)2021-01-09 14:07:48
Newisodump2021-01-08 05:42:01
Newmkpsxiso2021-01-08 05:20:20
NewNES Paletter2021-01-07 05:02:32
Newwsdisasm2021-01-03 11:18:26
NewMicroMachinesEditor2021-01-03 08:41:57
NewDUMPSYM2020-12-19 01:44:14
NewNBA Jam SNES 5bpp graphics converter2020-12-07 19:37:30
NewPSX VRAM Viewer (updated)2020-12-05 01:02:44
NewArkanEdit2020-12-04 16:21:27
NewSonic One Music Editor2020-12-04 12:06:56
NewCastlevania - Sotn - Shop Editor2020-12-03 02:14:11
NewBof Status Editor2020-12-02 22:22:56
NewBRR-GUI2020-11-27 13:11:08
NewInfinite Hyrule - Zelda Overworld Randomizer2020-11-26 12:45:49

Last Updated Utilities
UpdateSMB3 Foundry Linux2021-01-25 05:47:56version update
UpdateSMB3 Foundry for Mac OSX2021-01-24 19:46:02version update
UpdateSMB3 Foundry Windows2021-01-24 19:45:37version update
EditAdvance-Text2021-01-20 07:03:20Adding note about the zip file's password
EditFECIC Abilities2021-01-12 19:56:13Accidentally flagged it as no-file when the zip is actually smaller than 30mb, this was fixed
Editmkpsxiso2021-01-08 08:17:57Added link to isodump.
Editisodump2021-01-08 08:17:13Fixed author.
UpdateLunar Magic2021-01-05 16:07:26New version
EditRoad Rash 1 Bike Editor2021-01-03 13:52:38Correcting author from Tony H to Tony Hedstrom (duplicate profile)
EditRoad Rash 2 Bike Editor2021-01-03 13:51:50Correcting author from Tony H to Tony Hedstrom (duplicate profile)
UpdateSMB3 Foundry for Mac OSX2021-01-01 13:50:55updated version
UpdateSMB3 Foundry Linux2020-12-30 17:14:10version update
UpdateSMB3 Foundry Windows2020-12-30 17:13:37version update
UpdateKonami SNES Compressor2020-12-26 03:14:15Update
EditImage to SNES converter2020-12-22 13:46:02Update
EditArkanEdit2020-12-13 05:57:32Linking an example for the possibilities of the editor.
UpdateEpic Edit2020-12-08 15:40:02New version
EditCastlevania - Sotn - Shop Editor2020-12-06 16:10:54Some options Fixed
EditSonic One Music Editor2020-12-05 15:30:46Fixed author
EditPSX VRAM Viewer (updated)2020-12-05 15:24:45documentation was missing on the download link, it has now been added