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Latest New Utilities
NewCommand-Line Pack v1.032018-11-17 11:48:34
NewDino archiver2018-10-27 06:04:55
NewDKC Enemy Randomizer2018-10-26 14:17:58
NewMetrandomizer2018-10-15 22:39:33
NewFE12 Guide Name Tool2018-10-14 21:21:51
NewCDmage2018-10-08 08:37:35
NewSMB Graphics Workshop2018-09-30 08:21:11
NewInindo_edit2018-09-24 12:30:42
NewValkyrie Profile ISO Fix2018-09-21 13:40:30
NewDandy Map Editor2018-09-13 18:04:49
NewFinal Fantasy IX translation tools2018-09-08 18:28:10
NewZlib archiver2018-09-05 07:45:58
Newcmpdism2018-09-02 18:53:25
NewNESExplorer2018-08-25 15:25:23
Newmeisei2018-08-19 19:00:01
NewQuake 3 Revolution Tools2018-08-14 14:08:46
NewGriever's Pointer Searcher (English Translation)2018-08-13 18:20:14
NewSPCTool2018-08-04 17:00:46
NewPCSX 1.5 with Code Marker2018-08-02 10:39:22
NewDWAeditor2018-08-01 22:21:16

Last Updated Utilities
EditDKC Randomizer2018-11-17 23:26:47update to file and description
EditGIMP ROM image file plugin2018-11-16 15:45:51New release with additional format support, update description to remove Linux-only comments
EditSSIG - Sega Saturn Instructions Generator2018-11-16 08:47:56Update
EditDCC65022018-11-12 19:50:31Wicked old version, 2.1 is the latest release but this is newer than that one. I reckon 2.x Git conveys it's a 2. something, rather than a 1.0 if unknown.
EditDKC Randomizer2018-11-12 14:11:41Added Gnawty wheels to 2 stages
EditDKC Randomizer2018-11-11 15:07:59HUGE update. Would've updated sooner, but...
EditPSIG - PlayStation instructions generator2018-11-09 02:31:31The new program version.
EditDKC Randomizer2018-10-31 16:39:39Update
EditByte manager2018-10-31 07:00:44The new program version.
EditIPS Peek2018-10-29 22:12:21Added note about IPS Peek now being open source.
EditDino archiver2018-10-29 11:41:11The new program version.
EditPSX address calculator2018-10-26 21:41:31The new program version.
EditDual Patcher2018-10-23 08:57:28Added help
Editbeat2018-10-21 13:10:43Lacked instruction information, thought it would help others that need instruction do to complications on using. Feel free to edit post if needed.
EditMZM Randomizer2018-10-14 21:01:20New version
EditCDmage2018-10-08 12:09:46Version should say 1.02.1 Beta 5 but it appears as though it was truncated to 1.02.1 Bet. If this happens when reviewed please change it to 1.02.1 B5 or similar.
EditDragon Quest III Map Viewer2018-10-08 09:18:44Game changed from SNES to NES.
EditDragon Quest III Enemy Viewer2018-10-08 09:18:21Game changed from SNES to NES.
EditMednafen2018-10-08 02:16:15Added the closest thing to a screenshot of a CLI emulator you can get.
EditQuake 3 Revolution Tools2018-10-07 18:13:35Yagotzirck updated the programs and open-sourced it.