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New (Spanish)Earthworm Jim2020-02-18 11:37:41
New (French)Star Ocean: Blue Sphere2020-02-17 22:21:59
New (French)The Legend of the Mystical Ninja2020-02-17 13:54:31
New (Spanish)River City Ransom EX2020-02-16 16:43:26
New (Indonesian)Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom2020-02-15 23:06:31
New (English)Madou Monogatari I: Mitsu no Madouryoku2020-02-14 12:27:20
New (Polish)Mega Man 52020-02-14 10:35:38
New (English)Madou Monogatari I2020-02-14 01:10:48
New (Spanish)Golvellius: Valley of Doom2020-02-11 19:41:56
New (English)L.O.L Lack of Love2020-02-11 15:25:40
New (Spanish)Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship2020-02-11 14:35:56
New (Spanish)Sky Kid2020-02-11 14:33:57
New (Spanish)The Shadow2020-02-11 14:32:15
New (Spanish)The Punisher2020-02-11 14:30:52
New (Spanish)Pinball Quest2020-02-11 14:29:39
New (Spanish)Ninja Taro2020-02-11 14:28:21
New (Spanish)Metal Gear2020-02-11 14:27:03
New (Spanish)Mercenary Force2020-02-11 14:24:51
New (Spanish)Magic Jewelry2020-02-11 14:23:35
New (Spanish)Magic Dragon2020-02-11 14:22:31

Last Updated Translations
Edit (French)The Legend of the Mystical Ninja2020-02-18 19:50:55Added ROM
Edit (English)Taiyou no Tenshi Mallow: Ohanabatake wa Dai-Panic!2020-02-18 12:37:55updated rom info
Edit (English)Peke to Poko no Daruman Busters2020-02-18 12:37:15updated rom info
Edit (English)Kininkou Maroku Oni2020-02-18 12:36:14updated rom info
Edit (English)Karakuri Kengou Den Musashi Lord2020-02-18 12:35:37updated rom info
Edit (English)Ikari no Yousai 22020-02-18 12:34:21updated rom info
Edit (English)Heracles no Eikou: Ugokidashita Kamigami - The Snap-Story2020-02-18 12:33:44updated rom info
Edit (English)Battle of Kingdom2020-02-18 12:32:52updated rom info
Edit (English)Banishing Racer2020-02-18 12:32:11updated rom info
Edit (French)The Legend of the Mystical Ninja2020-02-18 06:47:50fixed the version to use a period rather than a comma
Edit (French)The Legend of the Mystical Ninja2020-02-18 01:17:33fixed the version to use a period rather than a comma
Edit (Spanish)Mega Man Battle Network 22020-02-18 01:02:09New version with more translated graphics and translations improvements.
Edit (English)Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo2020-02-16 01:25:17Release to fix bugs: - On the item list in the preparations, the item slot number no longer overflows the boundary box.
Edit (Spanish)Magic Dragon2020-02-15 05:27:07V1.1: Fixed READY and GAME OVER on some stages.
Edit (English)Madou Monogatari III: Kyuukyoku Joou-sama2020-02-14 12:27:30Update to v1.2: now includes manual scanslation
Edit (English)Gargoyle's Quest: Ghosts’N Goblins2020-02-09 22:17:39updated rom info
Edit (English)Otaku no Seiza: Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy2020-02-09 22:16:45updated rom info
Edit (English)Desert Commander2020-02-09 22:15:57updated rom info
Edit (English)Mitsume ga Tooru2020-02-09 22:15:06updated rom info
Edit (English)Dead Zone2020-02-09 22:13:45updated rom info
Edit (English)Double Moon Densetsu2020-02-09 22:12:04updated rom info
Edit (English)F-Zero - Climax2020-02-08 16:07:29Added second and third screenshots, particularly demonstrating that "Story Line" is only partially translated. Also slightly reworded the description to match the terminology actually used in the game itself. Lastly removed the statement saying that it translates pilot names...because it doesn't (any pilot names in English were already in English in the original unpatched version)
Edit (English)Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu2020-02-08 15:03:06Minor edit to a boss dialogue.
Edit (English)Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Juurokubee no Karakuri Manjigatame2020-02-08 15:01:26Removing original version and resubmitting alternate version.
Edit (English)F-Zero - Climax2020-02-07 14:28:35Added IPS and BPS patch files. (existing version required the user to run a .bat file that hooked into a couple exe files which is obviously not a cross-platform solution)
Edit (Spanish)Magic Jewelry2020-02-07 04:05:17Partial updated description.
Edit (English)Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Juurokubee no Karakuri Manjigatame2020-02-07 01:31:49Updated graphics and text, fixed some bugs, and included a second alternative patch.
Edit (Spanish)Magic Jewelry2020-02-06 18:11:51Released version 20200115.02.
Edit (Esperanto)Pokémon: FireRed Version2020-02-06 10:36:40Minor update. Translated more dialogue and converted Pokédex to quasi-metric system.
Edit (English)Breath of Fire II2020-02-03 23:33:13It was next to impossible for me to find the original GoodSNES 2.04 .smc file. However using the file above results in a sucessful patch and is much easier to find. Also the following is incorrect: CRC32: 1320298E MD5: 299E96968ACCB96B9E0D9A4154E220A5 SHA-1: 86CF3C2D850B066F099E217F9AD39813B45E9DE2 This information is POST patch and incorrect for the file you need to patch.
Edit (English)Dragon Quest I+II2020-02-03 22:31:45Added CRC32 and SHA-1 info
Edit (Spanish)Super Robot Taisen2020-02-03 10:16:07Fix rom information
Edit (English)Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu2020-02-02 00:27:52Updated patch to version 2 to fix bugs and update text.
Edit (Esperanto)Pokémon: FireRed Version2020-02-01 13:54:50Somewhat big update
Edit (English)Brave Prove2020-02-01 13:11:08A couple of graphical fixes for newly uncovered glitches.
Edit (English)Cooly Skunk2020-02-01 09:40:02Version update
Edit (English)Madou Monogatari III: Kyuukyoku Joou-sama2020-01-28 21:50:22Update to v1.1, fixing a minor display error with the Sheepder enemy and an original-game bug with the screen shake effect
Edit (English)Madou Monogatari II: Arle 16-Sai2020-01-28 21:49:13Update to v1.2, fixing minor errors text errors introduced in v1.1
Edit (Spanish)Baseball2020-01-28 20:56:08I accidentally fudged Wave's translation description while approving it. -vivify93
Edit (Esperanto)Pokémon: FireRed Version2020-01-28 14:10:22Slight corrections and updates