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TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
New (Arabic)Tokiq8fft2017-05-26 19:39:29
New (Korean)SYSTEMCARD 3.0wintiger02222017-05-22 04:56:01
New (Spanish)Gley Lancerwave2017-05-21 12:23:42
New (Spanish)Target - Renegadewave2017-05-21 12:16:46
New (Spanish)Final Fight 3wave2017-05-21 12:09:25
New (Spanish)Batman Returnswave2017-05-21 12:03:06
New (Spanish)Batman Returnswave2017-05-21 11:58:56
New (Arabic)Road Fighterq8fft2017-05-21 07:11:52
New (Arabic)Circus Charlieq8fft2017-05-21 07:11:48
New (Arabic)Gradiusq8fft2017-05-21 07:11:45
New (Arabic)Pac-Manq8fft2017-05-21 07:11:43
New (Arabic)Popeye (World)q8fft2017-05-21 07:11:40
New (Arabic)Tom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse!q8fft2017-05-21 07:11:37
New (Arabic)The Legend of Kageq8fft2017-05-21 07:11:34
New (Arabic)Adventure Island IIq8fft2017-05-21 07:11:31
New (English)SD Gundam G Generation OverworldObiKKa2017-05-18 16:20:24
New (English)Battle of KingdomPennywise2017-05-18 11:46:36
New (English)GyrussPennywise2017-05-18 11:40:32
New (Spanish)Mega Man Anniversary Collectionblade133bo2017-05-18 10:16:46
New (Arabic)Dementium The Wardq8fft2017-05-16 16:13:32

Last Updated Translations
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
Edit (English)Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Final MixObiKKa2017-05-28 06:26:24Included readme file from patch's archive.
Edit (English)Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2ndObiKKa2017-05-27 23:18:24Replaced 1 duplicate screen.
Edit (English)Hatsune Miku: Project DIVAObiKKa2017-05-27 23:05:01Linked readme file from patch's archive and replaced some screens with more unique captured screens.
Edit (English)Hatsune Miku: Project DIVAObiKKa2017-05-26 00:22:23Please accept previous translation entry submission. The new marked screens may not be good. Can remove them and accept these correct screens.
Edit (English)Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2ndObiKKa2017-05-26 00:00:15Linked readme pdf file from patch's archive. Trying to clear up the translation entry.
Edit (English)Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA ExtendObiKKa2017-05-25 23:22:10Linked readme file from patch's archive and updated translation entry.
Edit (Spanish)Final Fight 3wave2017-05-24 15:37:38Wrong file size
Edit (Spanish)Vigilantewave2017-05-24 15:34:48Wrong release date
Edit (English)Grand Knights HistoryObiKKa2017-05-24 12:12:48Linked readme file from patch's archive.
Edit (Spanish)Final Fantasy Type-0ObiKKa2017-05-24 11:52:17Updated correct team's link.
Edit (Swedish)Final Fantasy IIIRom Raptor2017-05-23 14:37:49I just wanted to make people aware that a final version is coming soon.
Edit (English)Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableObiKKa2017-05-22 10:34:30Included readme file from patch's archive.
Edit (Spanish)Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no KoukouseiObiKKa2017-05-22 02:53:46Updated with active web-link for team's works.
Edit (English)SD Snatcher (MSX2)Spinner 82017-05-21 01:10:53The provided patch is a demo only - changed the version number and rewrote the description for clarity.
Edit (English)7th Dragon 2020ObiKKa2017-05-20 22:35:25First paragraph deleted as it was already moved into the game entry recently. Also replaced/filled out the screenshot slots in proper resolutions.
Edit (English)SD Gundam G Generation OverworldObiKKa2017-05-20 11:08:35Slight edits to number of titles and one sequel being on another platform. Thank you for re-arranging around the game & translation entries.
Edit (Arabic)Dragon Warriorq8fft2017-05-19 03:32:58update photo and gif. thanks
Edit (Arabic)Dragon Warriorq8fft2017-05-18 18:39:50update to 1.0.1. update to new photo.
Edit (English)Rampartmrrichard9992017-05-17 07:55:51Updated to 1.0!
Edit (English)Der LangrisserDragonSpikeXIII2017-05-16 13:33:44Moved two paragraphs that were on the Game Description to this project's Translation Description. No other edits made.
Edit (Spanish)Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lionsblade133bo2017-05-14 11:27:35Update readme
Edit (Spanish)Mega Man 8blade133bo2017-05-14 11:26:14Update readme
Edit (Arabic)Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doomq8fft2017-05-11 22:43:18editor Description..
Edit (English)Rustyhollowaytape2017-05-11 20:15:14Updated patcher; 32-bit Windows support, better error messages when disk is read-only, translated GDC Clock in-game error message
Edit (Arabic)Ninja Gaidenq8fft2017-05-11 15:40:05change to Fully Playable
Edit (Hungarian)Tekken Advanceszemigi2017-05-11 06:41:21Description updating.
Edit (English)Makai Islandsnarfblam2017-05-08 18:36:59Adding alternate rom info
Edit (English)Snatcher (MSX2)Spinner 82017-05-08 10:52:18Rewrote description - it was out of date since the ZIP file was updated with new patches. Also removed redundant MSX files from the ZIP
Edit (Spanish)Super Mario 64KaioShin2017-05-07 08:53:57Fix for the broken download
Edit (English)Snatcher (MSX2)Gamerhenky2017-05-05 23:46:03Replaced the patch file from fully playable English version, the old one is based on unfinished Portuguese translation.
Edit (Arabic)Dragon Warriorq8fft2017-05-04 15:20:01update to version 1.0
Edit (Italian)Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the MoonMewster2017-05-03 03:20:53Typo
Edit (Arabic)Dragon Warriorq8fft2017-05-01 03:18:25Add explanation to patch game
Edit (English)Momotarou Densetsublett2017-04-30 23:22:38These checksums were for the wrong game. This is a patch for Momotarou DenSetsu, not Momotarou DenTetsu. These are two different games, and this is noted in the readme.
Edit (Spanish)Super Mario 64blade133bo2017-04-30 09:13:15Update patch
Edit (Spanish)Resident Evil: SurvivorIlDucci2017-04-30 05:25:01Updating patch to version 1.0.1
Edit (English)Ace Combat 3: ElectrosphereDragonSpikeXIII2017-04-30 02:05:35Updated translation description, expanded ISO information.
Edit (Hungarian)Super Mario Bros. 2szemigi2017-04-28 09:47:28Posted ':' for 'ROM Size' and the size is aligned under the other informations.
Edit (Hungarian)Track and Fieldszemigi2017-04-28 09:28:11Some ROM information was wrong. I fixed these, and additionally the MD5 is posted.
Edit (Hungarian)Tekken Advanceszemigi2017-04-28 09:23:30The CRC32 and the SHA-1 informations were wrong (they were the informations of the patched GBA file). That's why I fix this issue. Additionally, the MD5 is posted.