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TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
NewTranslations - Bomberman 64 (Japan)lancuster2017-03-22 07:25:18
NewHacks - Oracle of Ages VWF EditionChiffon2017-03-22 05:17:18
NewTranslations - Ys III: Wanderers from Ysgoldenband2017-03-21 12:03:49
NewHacks - SMB Special World 4-4 Bug FixJulianoFdeS2017-03-21 09:33:24
NewHacks - Rockman Exhaust - RevampedKallisto2017-03-21 04:33:34
NewHacks - Rockman 2: Basic MasterRhysOwens1012017-03-20 13:30:15
NewHacks - ActRaiser 2 - NTSC PatchDrDimension2017-03-20 09:56:28
NewHacks - ActRaiser - NTSC PatchDrDimension2017-03-20 09:54:52
NewHacks - Conker's High Rule TailDerolis2017-03-11 19:38:12
NewHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)Mysterii2017-03-11 00:56:44
NewHacks - Mega Man V - Second StrikeMagusLOGS2017-03-10 07:25:26
NewHacks - Super Metroid: Redesignjm1028872017-03-09 17:50:14
NewUtilities - PPF-O-Maticvictoraldecoa2017-03-09 08:27:40
NewUtilities - Zelda Story EditorSven Cakemann2017-03-08 22:46:07
NewHacks - Metal Gear DXGoogie2017-03-08 15:05:55
NewHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack)gauchomax2017-03-08 07:07:52
NewHacks - Ninja Gaiden evil editionRetroSlayer142017-03-06 22:44:32
NewHacks - Super Mario All Stars NESAnimation Guru2017-03-06 18:54:14
NewHacks - Super Metroid: GBA Style!ShockwaveS082017-03-05 00:59:10
NewHacks - Castlevania 2 RemixRetroSlayer142017-03-05 00:47:24

Last Updated Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditHacks - Super Mario All Stars NESAnimation Guru2017-03-07 06:40:32Discovered compatibility issue was with an older emulator.
EditHacks - Zelda II Master QuestFreightMan712017-02-16 04:20:14Added some extra wording for clarity
EditTranslations - Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstromthepatrickinator2017-02-05 11:58:00I wanted to reference how sorry I felt for Nintendo of America back in the Early 90's. They've improved now so I can't complain much.
EditHacks - Rockman 3 - Speed BoundPlint Michigan2017-02-05 10:14:12I had a minor complaint.
EditHacks - Robot Masters AIrocklite2017-01-29 18:02:50previous info in review was incorrect...
EditHacks - F-Zero tracks unlockedMathUser29292017-01-26 20:23:51better wording
EditHacks - Return of Double Dragon - Kencho hacksMathUser29292017-01-26 20:22:40better wording
EditHacks - Zelda II - Part 2ryogo6662017-01-18 18:28:56Wanted to be less harsh and recommend it after all
EditUtilities - Floating IPSWeicxiable2017-01-16 07:01:57I realized that you could make a native Linux build.
EditHacks - Super Mario Bros 3.75 Torva Editionblgmadresh00002017-01-13 11:34:23love to play the one that started it all
EditTranslations - Hoshi wo Miru HitoGriever_GF2017-01-07 10:31:34extra remarks
EditHacks - Castlevania II English Re-translation (+Map)nesfan2016-12-11 21:41:40fixed typo "being able to jumping off of the stairs" to "being able to jump off of the stairs"
EditUtilities - Temporal FluxChronosplit2016-11-17 12:06:44Edited out the gripe.
EditHacks - LoD Rose's Are RedChronosplit2016-11-12 21:06:18Grammar fix, changed the title around.
EditTranslations - Final Match TennisWorldprotennis982016-11-11 19:29:32Some extra information
EditHacks - Soleiyu's RevengeMathUser29292016-11-06 14:39:27better wording
EditHacks - Final Fantasy IV Namingway EditionChronosplit2016-11-02 10:55:31Small update.
EditHacks - Zelda - The Legend of Linklexluthermiester2016-10-20 18:25:13Updated Info for new version.
EditHacks - Phantasy Star III - Nial EditionReal_Character2016-09-09 08:27:58More complete
EditTranslations - Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's HeartGamerhenky2016-09-07 09:31:33Correction