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EditTranslations - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon2018-04-16 22:48:17Adjusted the game portion of the review since I've played as more characters
EditHacks - Zelda 2 Restart from palace at game over2018-04-12 09:49:25finished game, updated review.
EditHacks - Majou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou Galious SRAM save patch2018-03-28 22:48:26fixed
EditHacks - Metroid Complete Mission2018-03-27 11:36:56Removed an incorrect criticism
EditHacks - Castlevania Trevor PSX in Byakuya no Concerto2018-03-25 21:50:12fixed up
EditHacks - Rockman 3 Winternight2018-03-12 18:03:38Edited because the author is not Brazilian. This whole review may be edited or deleted around 2 to 4 days because of the new changes.
EditTranslations - Mega Man X2018-03-08 23:44:03updated review
EditHacks - Mission: Hurry Up, Mario Bros.2018-03-02 16:26:34Found that one reported bug was not a bug.
EditHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Double Trouble2018-02-24 13:03:04Additional tribute added.
EditHacks - SMB Special for NES2018-02-15 09:29:47Found a couple of bugs.
EditHacks - Escape From Metroid Zero2018-02-14 18:43:25New Found Love!
EditHacks - A Link to the Past: Redux2018-02-08 03:56:00Updating information
EditHacks - A Link to the Past: Redux2018-02-05 20:59:06I cited the "Maternal Bound" not being available on this site but I was incorrect.
EditHacks - Earthworm Jim 2 PSOne PAL to NTSC2018-02-04 08:03:24CDDA issue still happens on version 1.1
EditHacks - Pokemon Perfect Crystal2018-02-01 11:16:12Edited to accommodate for latest changes in the hack. Thanks to SuperEgz for taking the feedback into consideration!
EditHacks - Castlevania Retold2018-01-31 11:44:23I changed idea
EditHacks - Pokemon Perfect Crystal2018-01-30 11:14:30A question I had was answered already and I also added a second suggestion. Highly recommended hack!
EditHacks - Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Hero Mode2018-01-17 06:22:39Grammar correction.
EditHacks - EarthBound Beginnings Uncut2017-12-29 11:15:27Added additional feedback request for optional patch to change Giegue to Giygas for consistency
EditHacks - Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement + Music and Graphics V 1.12017-12-26 02:01:20Grammar issues.