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NewHacks - Mario is Missing 2: Luigi's New AdventureRetroGameFan2017-05-28 19:52:45
NewHacks - Super Mario RPG - Master QuestReshaper2562017-05-28 16:31:59
NewHacks - Mega Man Wily's Conquest 2 - Hyper Edition Turbo!insectduel2017-05-28 13:40:58
NewHacks - Mother: 25th Anniversary EditionJegriva2017-05-28 11:43:16
NewHacks - BS Super Mario USA Base patchAr8temis0082017-05-27 19:59:13
NewHacks - Mega Man Wily's Conquest 2 - Hyper Edition Turbo!Bclams2017-05-27 14:21:19
NewHacks - Super Mario Bros Advance Voice RemovalAr8temis0082017-05-27 11:57:14
NewHacks - Kawa Mario Bros 3ralava2017-05-26 01:03:58
NewHacks - Zelda II Master QuestJohnH2017-05-25 19:38:16
NewUtilities - Super Mario Bros 2 NES EditorCatLizard2017-05-25 19:28:24
NewHacks - SMA4 Game Boy Player/SNES Palette HackPolar-Star2017-05-24 14:50:54
NewHacks - Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardTypeCatnipPhilosophy2017-05-24 04:36:25
NewHacks - Mega Man 7 Refitrocklite2017-05-24 00:09:28
NewHacks - Bruce Campbell vs GanonViolentForce2017-05-23 03:13:30
NewUtilities - FF4ksterthepatrickinator2017-05-22 21:01:33
NewHacks - Mega Man Wily's Conquest 2 - Hyper Edition Turbo!Ziko2017-05-22 13:07:21
NewHacks - Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3Sephalos2017-05-22 05:02:41
NewTranslations - Bionic Commandotalbin2017-05-21 16:11:49
NewTranslations - Gyakuten Kenji 2Idleward2017-05-21 12:11:17
NewHacks - Adventure Island HardcoreMidna2017-05-21 00:16:49

Last Updated Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditHacks - A Link to the Past: ReduxShockwaveS082017-05-28 18:21:33Updated the review with a new title and description to acknowledge all the hard work put into this hack by every person involved with this project. Removed the bug reports because there are no more to be found, as Link's bunny-fur is blonde like his normal Light World self, and they managed to get L/R Switching to work with the NewGFX version of the hack. Please send ShadowOne333 my warmest regards!
EditHacks - Robot Masters AIrocklite2017-05-23 22:42:51new info
EditUtilities - FF4ksterthepatrickinator2017-05-22 21:31:26There was a grammar error I made when I wrote this review.
EditHacks - TMNT II - The Arcade Game RevampedAnimation Guru2017-05-20 04:32:11New version of the patch.
EditUtilities - YAPE - Yet Another Pokémon EditorChronosplit2017-05-14 19:23:41Review update, added Wine stuff.
EditHacks - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighter - Playable BossesDragon52017-05-10 13:20:38Fixed up a few things
EditHacks - Pokémon Green in EnglishJulianoFdeS2017-05-08 16:32:08I missed change the version 1.1 to 2.0
EditHacks - TMNT II - The Arcade Game RevampedAnimation Guru2017-05-03 11:07:45Changed my review because the criticisms of original review were addressed.
EditHacks - Pokémon Green in Englishmariosmentor2017-05-02 14:35:45Patch was updated, review needed updating as well.
EditHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow No Required Touch ScreenDellamorte2017-04-23 14:03:03I was contacted by the author of the hack and after that the hack was updated.
EditHacks - ActRaiser - NTSC PatchDrDimension2017-04-17 22:07:01Updated again - please ignore the other review update.
EditHacks - ActRaiser 2 - NTSC PatchDrDimension2017-04-17 22:04:59Updated for v1.1.
EditHacks - Super Castlevania IV - Other CastleBero17072017-04-17 14:32:23I couldn't replicate the glitch I mentioned so I assume that isn't creators fault and it happened accidentally. I replaced that with new glitch I found after playing some more.
EditUtilities - bsnes-pluspianohombre2017-04-15 20:18:24noticed a few incorrect statements in my comment, after using the program longer
EditHacks - Rockman CX8.bit.fan2017-04-06 22:25:35I replaced the word 'UGLY' in caps with 'graphically underwhelming' to be more professional. Thanks.
EditHacks - A Link to the Past: ReduxShockwaveS082017-04-06 18:26:45The author of the hack has noted one of the issues mentioned in v7.3.1 of my review, and revised the folder structure to more-accurately label the normal and NewGFX, and he also added a blurb in the readme concerning this.
EditUtilities - Temporal FluxChronosplit2017-04-02 13:41:06Added a neat discovery I found about running outside Windows.
EditHacks - A Link to the Past: ReduxShockwaveS082017-03-30 16:53:46I was contacted by the mod author about whether or not I had patched the game properly. I then used a fresh ROM with JUST the New GFX version of the patch, and all issues have now been solved.
EditHacks - Pokémon ThrowbackChronosplit2017-03-29 14:24:45Update.
EditHacks - Rockman 2: Basic Master8.bit.fan2017-03-23 20:46:05The word 'marred' better describes the change than 'crippled'.