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EditHacks - Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Hero Mode2018-01-17 06:22:39Grammar correction.
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EditHacks - Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement + Music and Graphics V 1.12017-12-26 02:01:20Grammar issues.
EditHacks - Wonder Boy III - SRAM Save2017-12-24 21:57:37cleanup
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EditHacks - Super Ghouls N Ghosts - Super Arthur2017-12-07 19:18:52New version.
EditHacks - Oracle of Ages VWF Edition2017-11-15 04:02:19typo
EditHacks - Oracle of Ages VWF Edition2017-11-12 18:51:09mix-up
EditHacks - Oracle of Ages VWF Edition2017-11-09 23:18:45Clarification of issues
EditHacks - Metroid Legacy2017-11-09 21:02:17Deleted a repeated sentence
EditTranslations - Ghost Chaser Densei2017-11-09 19:10:10update review
EditHacks - GoldenEye X2017-11-07 22:42:41Added more info on what makes the hack so good.
EditTranslations - Brigandine: Grand Edition2017-10-18 20:47:56Take 2: more condensed.
EditHacks - Super Mario Kart - Shelfall Series 12017-10-02 01:02:59Compatibility update
EditHacks - Castlevania Retold2017-10-01 02:30:46I changed Idea
EditHacks - Super Mario Kart - Shelfall Series 12017-09-24 02:15:37Forgot to review battle mode
EditHacks - Contra III: The Alien Wars Restoration2017-09-16 10:05:47update
EditHacks - Contra III: The Alien Wars Restoration2017-09-01 10:18:42Updating the review
EditTranslations - Brigandine: Grand Edition2017-08-14 11:49:07Proofreading
EditHacks - Final Fight 3 Restoration2017-07-24 19:45:06Was asked to change it by the submitter because it was a simple mistake on the form. And i can't delete reviews.