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Last Updated Reviews
EditTranslations - Dragon Quest I+II2021-06-17 22:26:07I mistakenly believed Dragon Quest 3 had no outstanding issues and referenced this on the review, but it seems that's not the case, so I'm rectifying the review for this one.
EditHacks - Top Gear Extreme Edition2021-06-17 21:12:26I saw a better review and now I have a different opinion.
EditHacks - Project ZM2021-06-16 16:21:26Rectifying an error
EditHacks - Mega Man X5 Improvement Project2021-06-15 17:11:36Neatened wording.
EditHacks - Revenge of Shinobi SRAM2021-06-14 11:22:19User updated the hack.
EditHacks - Mario's Mansion2021-06-13 23:24:55Wanted to add something else I didn't when first wrote the review
EditHacks - Contra - Hard Corps SRAM2021-06-13 05:36:28Author updated the hack to be compatible with the other improvement hacks.
EditHacks - CT: All Stat Tabs2021-06-06 05:50:09Added a few concerns.
EditHacks - FF6 - Brave New World2021-06-02 01:30:33Edited after having beaten the game with the mod.
EditHacks - Chrono Trigger Platinum2021-05-30 17:04:59new info about monster offense changes
EditHacks - Overworld Hidden Treasure2021-05-29 15:41:32Fixed a typo
EditTranslations - Metal Max2021-05-28 12:54:47FORGET ABOUT A LITTLE PROBLEM I NOTICED
EditHacks - Rockman 2: Basic Master2021-05-22 06:35:50Easy fixes and additions. + version 1.2 released
EditHacks - EarthBound Consistency patch2021-05-19 23:02:45Removed information no longer relevant since the patch was last updated
EditHacks - Rockman 2: Basic Master2021-05-19 11:10:41Criticism on 1.1 For disappointed.
EditHacks - Rockman 2: Basic Master2021-05-18 11:40:16I'm updating the review after having completed the game.
EditHacks - Rockman 2: Basic Master2021-05-16 21:38:30Game was massively overhauled, and so was this review to boot.
EditTranslations - Final Fantasy II2021-05-12 10:02:41Updated old review to reflect newer circumstances.
EditTranslations - Pocket Monsters: Green Version2021-05-11 18:47:11Since there is no "v0.05" and the current "v1.0" is utterly unfinished, I'm changing my review's version number to match it. However, I'm also putting quotes around it for the reasons mentioned.
EditHacks - Return of the Dark Sorcerer2021-05-08 13:23:33Added a little bit more detail.