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Latest New Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
NewUpdated spell namesgblues2017-04-24 01:31:15
NewHeracles no Eikou IV - text speedrainponcho2017-04-22 20:17:48
NewEscape from Skull IslandChaosComposer2017-04-22 16:28:02
NewCaravaggio13375K37CH3R2017-04-20 14:21:27
NewZelda no Densetsu FDS - secret door chimerainponcho2017-04-19 20:17:38
NewZelda no Densetsu 1 - The Hyrule Fantasyjordiway732017-04-19 13:10:01
NewCorrect green skin color for Mike and RaphSCD2017-04-19 00:55:41
NewFinal Fantasy Reduxlinkncb162017-04-18 19:26:55
NewDr. DadioGoogie2017-04-18 17:50:24
NewThunder Force 3Me_Dave2017-04-17 10:26:43
NewTrans Formers ZMe_Dave2017-04-17 10:18:29
NewAir Fortress 2Me_Dave2017-04-17 10:10:13
NewMegaman X - Generation (dashfix)pianohombre2017-04-16 03:59:32
NewMetafight EX - Backwards Compatibility PatchFantomLion2017-04-15 11:33:44
NewMegaman 5 Ridley X Hack 4Ridley X2017-04-15 09:08:11
NewAdventure Island 3 - Googie EditionGoogie2017-04-14 12:10:29
NewZelda II: The Adventure of Lady LinkArchAngelleofJustice2017-04-11 21:01:13
NewSuper Castlevania IV - Other Castlerainponcho2017-04-11 10:34:00
NewMother 3 Number Font ChangeYave2017-04-11 01:39:08
NewBird Bars13375K37CH3R2017-04-11 00:49:32

Last Updated Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditMega Man V: Ridley X Hack 3Zynk Oxhyde2017-04-26 01:00:43Update v1.3
EditMetroid Other ZMLuce Seyfarth2017-04-25 14:56:22major bugfix
EditSuper Mario All Stars NESmrrichard9992017-04-23 19:54:10Updated to version 4-23-2017
EditThe Legend of Zelda - DX (Relocalized Version)pacnsacdave2017-04-23 14:29:42This updated version adds the automap feature that was missing in the previous version.
EditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-04-23 13:12:25I fixed Sting's nWo Wolfpac attire, I gave him his missing gloves and made his boots red.
EditColor & Graphic Fix For TMNT II: The Arcade EditionSCD2017-04-23 12:03:25Added another patch to it.
EditCastlevania: Dawn of Sorrow No Required Touch ScreenLagoLunatic2017-04-22 22:01:23Update v1.1
EditSuper Mario Bros. 2 - Standard Mario PatchRetroRain2017-04-22 17:48:19Updated version.
EditWario Land 2 - Enhanced GraphicsWeario2017-04-22 15:55:55- Added more outlining to the bat enemy. - Minor adjustments to the giant snake boss.
EditZelda no Densetsu 1: The Hyrule Fantasy - FDS Titlescreenjordiway732017-04-20 19:13:41image 2 was missing
EditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionRodimus Primal2017-04-20 12:33:56Update to version 1.96. Hopefully this irons out all of the overflow issues in the script.
EditChrono Trigger: Bugfix Tech and Uncensoring AddendumChronosplit2017-04-20 11:43:20Just when you thought it was all tied down, something got found in a new play through. Fixed a stray soda mention from Toma in Porre's Pub. This should be it for sure.
EditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-04-20 04:57:03Upload this one instead, I did last minute changes. This will be the last update for a while. Sorry about this.
EditColor & Graphic Fix For TMNT II: The Arcade EditionSCD2017-04-19 22:57:52I changed the concept of the hack.
EditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-04-18 16:21:16Bug fixes and add moves.
EditTecmo World Cup Soccer NEXTBZK2017-04-18 05:53:16new version
EditChrono Trigger: Bugfix Tech and Uncensoring AddendumChronosplit2017-04-16 14:09:37Have one more, and this should be it for good! Restored Biggs and Wedge, restored Genocidome, did a couple more minor enemy edits, fixed a capitalization error in Doan's introduction, and put Uzi Punch in the main patch. I honestly don't know how much more I could do to this, so here you go.
EditWario Land 2 - Enhanced GraphicsWeario2017-04-16 14:08:12Updated Wario's portrait graphics
EditMonster TacticsEmmy2017-04-16 12:46:44Version 2.51 - Bugfixes and new battles! :) Happy Easter! :)
EditSuper Castlevania IV No Candles Moddukejp2017-04-15 17:48:58Requieres a No-headered rom to work ok. If a headered rom is used, the game is unplayable at the first screen.