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NewIron Tank - Re-Nazified2017-07-23 15:07:25
NewAir Contra2017-07-22 22:40:52
NewLuigi's First Quest The Search For Mario2017-07-21 22:53:02
NewOracle of Ages GBC palettes2017-07-21 22:23:53
NewOracle of Seasons GBC palettes2017-07-21 22:17:12
NewStreet of Rage 2: Ditto Edition2017-07-21 21:33:12
NewCastlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Belnades Belmont Palette2017-07-21 19:10:36
NewDonkey Kong Luigi Edition2017-07-21 12:13:29
NewOracle of Seasons Force GBA Enhanced Mode2017-07-21 00:08:09
NewFinal Fight - Arcade Remix2017-07-20 22:03:10
NewGoomba both ways2017-07-20 13:38:21
NewPalette restoration2017-07-20 10:44:57
NewOracle of Ages Force GBA Enhanced Mode2017-07-20 01:46:37
NewFinal Fight One - Arcade Remix2017-07-19 21:51:24
NewFair random battle2017-07-19 16:42:11
NewMario Misadventures2017-07-19 07:23:34
NewFinal Match Tennis Ladies2017-07-18 16:37:34
NewGameboy Bros.2017-07-17 07:51:52
New2x Fireballs2017-07-17 03:16:58
NewMMX Skip Intro with Assembly2017-07-16 22:24:07

Last Updated Hacks
EditZero Saber2017-07-24 17:56:11reajust
EditShadow's Status2017-07-24 03:40:17Patch no longer uses free space, and has also been ported to GBA and PS1.
EditConker's High Rule Tail2017-07-23 18:30:34v1.2.3 features a critical updated (msu1 crash), and many further nice updates (read the readme file to know what exactly has been done!)
EditFinal Fight 3 Restoration2017-07-23 07:45:00I added a patch for the European version.
EditShadow Copy2017-07-22 17:46:17Added patches for Advance version.
EditKing's Robes2017-07-22 17:45:14Added patches for GBA version.
EditFinal Fight One Revival2017-07-22 09:45:51Restored the original arcade behavior of the every 200,000 points system, now you'll get your first extra life at 100,000 and you'll get another one at 300,000.
EditPhantasy Star II Bug Fixes2017-07-22 06:40:29Readme edit
EditFinal Fight One Revival2017-07-21 11:33:43Added the a-font to the names of Alpha Cody & Alpha Guy.
EditPhantasy Star II Bug Fixes2017-07-21 10:05:42Version 3.1
EditOracle of Ages Force GBA Enhanced Mode2017-07-20 22:11:39Improved description and images for better conveyance of the patch's purpose.
EditFinal Fight One - Arcade Remix2017-07-20 20:28:12Patch update. Fix typos.
EditLuigi Bros.2017-07-20 19:07:54The european classic version's hack is added and its ROM informations.
EditZero Saber2017-07-20 15:02:06ops, wrong previous update
EditZero Saber2017-07-20 13:37:08Zero ending fix
EditBackwards Jump2017-07-20 05:20:50Added patches for GBA.
EditFire Mario to Big Mario when hit2017-07-20 01:06:33This is in fact my own work. Released in in the ips patches folder, as early as 2011. Release post is (Chinese post)
EditDr. Alex2017-07-19 18:21:20Updated sprites and title adjustments and updated screenshots
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Wisdom2017-07-19 12:04:44Correction in listing. Patch version is 1.1.
EditLegend Of Zelda: Automap Plus2017-07-19 08:35:35Hacked titlescreen added. Says v0.1 when its v0.2. Title fixed.