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Latest New Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
NewEl santo y blue demon contra los monstruosFRCBMEX2017-03-22 00:26:56
NewShadow's shadow FixMadsiur2017-03-21 21:26:48
NewSmash Bros.emotionengine2017-03-21 15:57:23
NewAdventure Island Abridgednesrocks2017-03-20 21:55:49
NewRockman 2: Basic MasterZynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 08:51:06
NewHulk Hogan in Streets of Rage 2Metal642017-03-11 20:35:11
NewSuper Castlevania IV - don't moverainponcho2017-03-10 19:46:30
NewPop'n TwinBee RBA - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-09 20:28:05
NewPop'n TwinBee - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:46:01
NewToy Story - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:43:03
NewSuper Probotector - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:38:45
NewSuper Bomberman 3 - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:33:07
NewSimCity - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:26:35
NewMystic Quest Legend - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:22:02
NewMagical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:16:55
NewLost Vikings II - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:09:52
NewLost Vikings - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 06:04:35
NewZelda: A Link to the Past - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 05:57:30
NewMystical Ninja - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-08 05:53:43
NewLagoon - NTSC PatchGhostlyDark2017-03-07 14:26:00

Last Updated Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditMulti-Font Selection PatchMadsiur2017-03-21 21:18:08-Fixed a bug with actor name length calculation in dialogue line width.
EditFF3us Music PlayerMadsiur2017-03-21 21:15:11-Fixed a bug with apostrophes in song names.
EditTaleSpin: Another Shitty Day 1.25Nightcrawler2017-03-21 20:35:59Fixing duplicate game entry. Changed game to one to keep.
EditLegend of the River King GB - RevisionIssun2017-03-21 03:28:19Uploaded new version (v.1.2)
EditWizardry Empire - bug fixrainponcho2017-03-20 22:23:20thanks
EditAdventure Island Abridgednesrocks2017-03-20 22:16:50Reformatting. The other edit can be disregarded. It seems that the system is handling indentation differently than before the server went down. It looks correct now using the preview function. Sorry for the inconveniece.
EditAdventure Island Abridgednesrocks2017-03-20 22:09:29Indentation and list formatting
EditMetroid - Rogue DawnGrimlock2017-03-20 21:40:14Updated to version 1.21
EditMagitek Madness13375K37CH3R2017-03-20 21:13:31Readme file linked to from Dropbox was just a bunch of XML code. Now that Scratchpad is working again, I can upload a proper readme. Also fixed the date in the entry.
EditBubsy in Streets of Rage 2Zynk Oxhyde2017-03-20 21:05:54Titlescreen removed because its not a titlescreen.
EditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue - uncensorrainponcho2017-03-20 16:27:25thanks
EditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue - bugfixrainponcho2017-03-20 16:26:10thanks
EditDr. Mario SNES - no punishrainponcho2017-03-20 16:11:56thanks
EditDr. Mario Gameboy - no punishrainponcho2017-03-20 16:11:05thanks
EditSuper Castlevania IV - don't moverainponcho2017-03-20 16:08:20thanks
EditMagitek Madness13375K37CH3R2017-03-20 10:12:29Previous version didn't account for the possibility of Doom missing; VRAM would get messed up for subsequent Fight animations. This version is correct.
EditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionRodimus Primal2017-03-19 20:00:48Update to version 1.93. Script fixes and major fix to Music Player.
EditCastle Party13375K37CH3R2017-03-11 20:10:16Fixed a bug that caused items in the inventory to be changed into Dirks.
EditMultiple Events Fix13375K37CH3R2017-03-11 16:01:00Added the seventh event fix.
EditMonster TacticsEmmy2017-03-11 10:24:47Version 2.48!! Bugfixes and new display code! :)