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Latest New Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
NewRakuga Kids PAL to All Regions PatchZoinkity2017-01-21 18:53:26
NewFriday the 13thHarlemhero2017-01-21 18:14:31
NewReturn of Double Dragon - Kencho hacksKencho2017-01-21 07:13:02
NewSuper Mario Bros. AtarisizedMegafield642017-01-18 19:24:08
NewBugs Bunny Crazy Castke Atarisized, TheMegafield642017-01-18 19:17:51
NewAtari Man IIIMegafield642017-01-18 19:08:00
NewBomberman CxDANGER X2017-01-18 15:17:32
NewNBA Jam 2K17MathUser29292017-01-18 11:27:09
New999: Faster Text SpeedNoOneee2017-01-17 08:28:29
NewSuper Mario Bros. Special for NESTRIFORCE892017-01-14 15:48:10
NewMetroid - Rogue Dawnmrrichard9992017-01-14 11:40:12
NewCemetery Bros. 2Megafield642017-01-13 18:57:12
NewKirby's Adventure RestitchedGiga5712017-01-13 13:46:57
NewSuper Mario Bros 3.67 Fae Earrings Editionahakomi2017-01-12 01:07:42
NewSuper Mario Bros 3.75 Torva Editionahakomi2017-01-12 00:53:18
NewBubsy in Streets of Rage 2Metal642017-01-11 18:56:44
NewSnow Brothers - Return of the King Scorchlancuster2017-01-11 14:27:08
NewDragon's Lair - Completely Playablelancuster2017-01-11 13:54:34
NewBreath of Fire II MaesonMaeson2017-01-11 07:49:16
NewShining Force II MaesonMaeson2017-01-11 07:48:54

Last Updated Hacks
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTimeReason
EditFF6 - Brave New WorldBTB2017-01-21 22:49:31Updated to 1.8.4
EditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-20 19:09:47Minor bug fixes, improvements.
EditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-20 13:56:33I fixed a couple things.
EditNBA Jam 2K17MathUser29292017-01-20 13:36:49Included SaveState needed to access options menu.
EditBomberman CxDANGER X2017-01-19 13:45:16updated the hack with new values
EditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-19 13:40:48I fixed Junji Hirata's third attire.
EditBugs Bunny Crazy Castle Atarisized, TheSpinner 82017-01-19 12:51:10Misspelling
EditYou're On Nintendo, Charlie BrownMegafield642017-01-18 23:08:05The new title resembles more of the style of the name of a typical Peanuts Special. You're In the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown, for example.
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Gamecube to N64Aroenai2017-01-17 23:05:11Combining rom patches into one page, updated with current rom patch
EditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-17 16:43:45Minor bug fixes.
EditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-17 12:44:48I fixed the fourth attire of Tiger Mask, the third attire of Super J and the first attire of Tiger Mask IV.
EditFire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCD2017-01-16 12:50:54Switched Gary Albright's first two attires around.
EditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-16 04:35:10Minor bug fixes.
EditChampionship Bowling CNROM to MMC3Digitsie2017-01-16 01:38:09Correcting month of release, based on the date created given inside the download
EditChampionship Bowling CNROM to MMC3Zynk Oxhyde2017-01-16 01:36:28Fixed date
EditPokemon Shiny Gold Sigmaash_milotic2017-01-15 20:42:24Bux fixes and several improvements.
EditPhantasy Star II Modernization Hackfedorajoe2017-01-15 15:25:01New release with bug fixes, text updates, etc.
EditDisplayable 32766 damage/healing hackgiangurgolo2017-01-15 14:05:31Added recommendation and link to download newer and more stable Overkill 32,000 patch instead.
EditSuper Mario Bros 3.75 Torva Editionahakomi2017-01-15 13:09:21I just wanted to inform whoever downloads this game that the game does indeed have a sequel.
EditGeneral Leo Editionfedorajoe2017-01-15 13:02:27No changes to patch at all. Fixing omissions and typos in accompanying documents (readme and files included with patch).