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NewSeiken Densetsu 3 Genetics Patch2018-10-17 11:02:15
NewMario Rescues the Golden Mushroom2018-10-16 17:02:41
NewHarvett Fox in Super Mario Bros.2018-10-16 08:14:49
NewAria of Sorrow Rebalanced2018-10-14 18:53:33
NewKing of the Rage Streets 22018-10-14 00:27:53
NewSuper Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack2018-10-13 15:49:11
NewStreets of Rage 2: Doraemon2018-10-13 06:16:25
NewSwamp Thing Easy2018-10-12 23:45:02
NewDeathmatch Hockey2018-10-10 11:55:53
NewThe New R2018-10-08 21:33:19
NewLearn SMB3 Skills2018-10-08 21:29:10
NewThe Final Challenge2018-10-08 21:23:42
NewCustom Robo Arena Redux2018-10-08 17:33:19
NewPhantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization2018-10-05 13:07:52
NewNCAA Football 20192018-10-03 18:12:20
NewMonty Mole Island 2 - Redrawn Island2018-10-03 16:08:48
NewPac-Bomber2018-10-02 22:56:50
NewStreets of Rage 2: Battletoas & Double Dragon2018-10-02 14:59:42
NewPunch Out Lag Fix2018-10-02 12:37:21
NewFFL2 Text Update (with Saga 2 Title Screen Hack)2018-09-30 16:45:10

Last Updated Hacks
EditHarvett Fox in Super Mario Bros.2018-10-17 19:51:49Minor description update.
EditMario Rescues the Golden Mushroom2018-10-17 19:42:57Update 1.0.1 fixes some things such as the level ender's music and adds more cluster effects.
EditSeiken Densetsu 3 Genetics Patch2018-10-17 19:21:43Accidentally approved submission with improper titlescreen image
EditPhantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization2018-10-17 01:29:02Fixed more bugs, typos, grammar, and added story content.
EditChrono Trigger 1.012018-10-17 00:01:10- Replaced blue pyramid with North Palace
EditUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 Hack2018-10-15 23:24:23remove the '[sms]' suffix from the name of the hack, because it's already apparent from the format, the game etc. I'd like to remove the 'Hack' for something more descriptive too but i can't think of a alternative to get a acceptable name to be different from the base game. Renamed "Arcade Hack"
EditUltimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy2018-10-15 20:20:18The hack version was cutoff by copypaste error (real version found in readme)
EditAria of Sorrow Rebalanced2018-10-15 19:00:36Added additional screenshots showcasing hack's changes.
EditUniracers Uncensored2018-10-15 12:57:31Removed spoof hack to comply with site rules.
EditCastlevania III: Curse of the Moon Hack ROM2018-10-14 16:33:17Update.
EditStreets of Rage 3 Project2018-10-13 19:46:57Update
EditFF:CRASH2018-10-12 23:11:07Bug fixes and new companion information spreadsheet.
EditPhantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization2018-10-12 10:16:23Fixed game-breaking glitch midway through game. Fixed many typos and a minor item-display bug.
EditCastlevania III: Curse of the Moon Hack ROM2018-10-11 20:18:24Update v1.2 + new images.
EditFinal Fantasy IV Namingway Edition2018-10-11 19:18:52Updated to Version 1.86. Many script changes and typos fixed.
EditShadowrun 20502018-10-11 17:52:32first hack update
EditChrono Trigger: Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch2018-10-11 16:27:47Small update; fixed one single typo, did some typo fixing in the readme.
EditCastlevania III: Curse of the Moon Hack ROM2018-10-10 21:04:21Update 1.1
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2018-10-10 01:07:49Just made a slight update to the zip file containing minor updates to the patches. Very minor updates so same version number 1.10. Thanks!!
EditPhantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization2018-10-09 14:03:19V 1_20 -- fixed many typos & small text-box glitches.