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NewLittle Nemo - The Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition2017-09-21 01:19:20
NewLearn 2 Kaizo2017-09-20 09:10:03
NewCondensed Spell List2017-09-14 20:17:16
NewSuper Metroid Fog2017-09-14 16:14:52
NewSuper Street Fighter II The New Challengers Easy Move2017-09-14 08:26:06
NewDonkey Kong Country Kremling's Revenge Remodel2017-09-14 07:25:08
NewSuper Luigi Bros. 22017-09-12 17:03:39
NewMegaman 6 Ridley X Hack 22017-09-12 11:59:23
NewStreet Fighter II Hyper Fighting Easy Move2017-09-12 04:30:59
NewRiver City Ransom Font Refresh2017-09-10 14:20:29
NewCrystalis Refresh2017-09-10 14:11:06
NewDoom 2 (GBA) - PC Conversion Pack2017-09-10 13:37:27
NewWonder Boy 3 - credits fix2017-09-08 09:02:07
NewSuper Mario Bros. 4: The Undiscovered Zones2017-09-07 11:09:15
NewStreet Fighter II Champion Edition Easy Move2017-09-07 06:33:25
NewWonder Boy III - FM2017-09-06 19:55:28
NewSonic the Hedgehog - FM2017-09-06 19:28:02
NewSonic the Hedgehog - Sms Style Edition2017-09-06 19:22:29
NewSuper Metroid blue world of events2017-09-06 16:01:53
NewAlex Kidd in Miracle World - reverse controls2017-09-06 12:47:39

Last Updated Hacks
EditA Link To the Past - "Pretty Redux"2017-09-20 10:16:49Added New screenshot so all new shield sprites and Tunic colors can be previewed.
EditMakai Island Restoration2017-09-20 04:23:03Changed the word "Pass Word" to "Password".
EditChrono Trigger 1.012017-09-19 21:48:08- updated 'Load Enemy FB' location in my notes
EditPhantasy Star III Bug Fixes2017-09-19 07:59:43Version 2.3
EditPhantasy Star II Bug Fixes2017-09-19 04:46:13Including another patch with fast walking option
EditSuper Mario Kart MSU-12017-09-18 14:20:28Update to v1.2 to fix a minor issue with the Star theme.
EditF-Zero tracks unlocked2017-09-17 23:25:16ROM Information changed to the Headered SNES ROM
EditCondensed Spell List2017-09-17 05:44:14Bugfix for error found after initial release, as well as some additional functionality.
EditSonic the Hedgehog - SMS Style Edition2017-09-17 05:01:46The last image was old. I updated it with the correct sprite
EditChrono Trigger 1.012017-09-17 05:01:17- Fixed a graphical error at Crono's couch
EditChrono Trigger 1.012017-09-16 20:02:52- Fixed the song switching during Dino Age ending - A couple more byte width fixes - Octorider enemy makes an appearance in NG+ - Changed some things at the fair, in return for all of your redownloading troubles ;)
EditSonic the Hedgehog - SMS Style Edition2017-09-16 14:05:06The main photos were wrong
EditMegaman Battle Network 'Operation Patch'2017-09-15 22:34:30+Better formatting (sorry I'm new here). +added newer title screen
EditSpudd - The Journey Home2017-09-15 21:29:58Author added
EditMegaman Battle Network 'Operation Patch'2017-09-15 20:20:55Added more battle chip changes, Partially recreated the 'OSS' color palette, and incorporated it to much of the game.
EditPokémon Green in English2017-09-14 20:51:43Update to 2.3; enable the quick flashes for Selfdestruct/Explosion in the new optional patches
EditSuper Luigi Bros. 22017-09-13 14:14:23Added ReadMe file to main hack page.
EditZombies Ate My Neighbors - The Sequel2017-09-13 04:42:03Updated the readme file inside the .zip. I can't believe I forgot that.
EditMegaman Battle Network 'Operation Patch'2017-09-13 01:48:03Updated patch+readme Updated description
EditThousand-Year Door+2017-09-12 15:55:23Updated version.