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NewMario Adventure - Real Hardware + V8 Flashcart (RGB) compatible2021-10-20 10:56:36
NewPhantasy Star Makeover2021-10-19 01:15:04
NewRune Factory 3 - Lesbian Weresheep Edition2021-10-17 22:09:06
NewULTIMATE Adventure Island2021-10-17 19:57:04
NewBiff Gunman2021-10-17 16:17:03
NewGay romance for Makoto2021-10-17 05:08:04
NewDoom 32X Resurrection2021-10-17 04:44:38
NewFire Emblem 6: The Royal Army2021-10-15 15:43:50
NewPuzzle Bobble - Bust a Move: RA2021-10-15 08:40:42
NewFire emblem 7: Path of a Hero2021-10-14 11:44:20
NewVariable Width Font2021-10-13 07:26:20
NewImproved Fonts and Graphics for Forbidden Siren 22021-10-12 07:06:21
NewRad Racer - Easy Type2021-10-11 23:59:21
NewThe Junuary Project2021-10-11 15:58:00
NewMega Man X New Order2021-10-11 02:28:58
NewSuper HitCombo Kart2021-10-10 10:59:41
NewLakitu's Great Adventure2021-10-09 20:34:06
NewSuper Mario Bros. Semi-HD Edition2021-10-09 18:10:51
NewSuper Metroid - Echo Buffer Relocation2021-10-09 16:16:10
NewPokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Cartridge Rumble Patch)2021-10-09 09:32:40

Last Updated Hacks
EditFire Pro Wrestling Restoration2021-10-21 12:34:23I did a lot of changes and fixes.
UpdateMortal Kombat Trilogy: Tournament Edition2021-10-21 10:14:09The new mod version.
EditFinal Fantasy I DoS Maeson2021-10-21 07:51:00Fixed an oversight with a weapon's Stat giving a ridiculous boost to HP. Only change made, no need to change version number. Thanks exline for the warning.
UpdateBattle Kart 642021-10-21 03:22:37Updating Battle Kart 64 from version 1.0 to 2.0
EditMortal Kombat Trilogy: Tournament Edition2021-10-21 01:18:18The patch was replaced.
UpdateYs - Service Repair2021-10-20 22:10:44Release 7.4b - emulator compatibility
EditMario Adventure - Real Hardware + V8 Flashcart (RGB) compatible2021-10-20 19:07:09wrong name spelling of the original author of Mario Adventure
UpdateReturn of the Dark Sorcerer2021-10-20 16:07:20Updated to 2.6.7: fixes a bug, adds & changes some things, touches up more music.
UpdateThe Junuary Project2021-10-20 14:33:11Updated to Version 3.3.3 "Added early Swooper. More optimizations. Implemented Extended Ceilings fix. Restored front BBH chair texture. E3 DDD Them has been fully restored and added. Adjusted Water Types to make them more accurate."
EditDoom 32X Resurrection2021-10-20 10:51:52Slightly reworded the introductory part
UpdateMortal Kombat Trilogy: Tournament Edition2021-10-20 06:17:54The new mod version.
EditFire Emblem 7: Path of a Hero2021-10-20 04:22:35Update new version
EditRoad Rash - Service Repair2021-10-20 00:17:21Patch rename
EditLegend of Zelda - Service Repair2021-10-20 00:14:06Patch rename
EditYs - Service Repair2021-10-20 00:05:16Zip name
UpdateRefined Platinum2021-10-19 22:39:31Fixed a bug where trainers would use the wrong encounter themes.
EditRune Factory 3 - Lesbian Weresheep Edition2021-10-19 19:07:48attached the wrong readme file during my first upload.
EditKeep Da Flo Edition2021-10-19 16:41:32Removed per user request
EditLuv Da Flo Edition2021-10-19 16:40:35Removed per user request
EditShining Force - Gameplay Improvement Hack2021-10-19 16:40:06Removed per user request