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NewPC Style Sprites2021-01-26 14:51:15
NewCastlevania PoR Saturn Richter2021-01-26 01:17:44
NewInverted 3rd Person Camera2021-01-26 00:48:41
NewPac-Man CE - Fixed "PRESS START BUTTON" Prompt2021-01-25 22:32:12
NewS.C.A.T - Manual Options2021-01-25 14:23:52
NewArea 88 EN Plus2021-01-25 13:17:08
NewFF6: Final Fantasy Tactics Chocobo2021-01-25 10:31:51
NewMega Man Arkanoid2021-01-24 18:42:46
NewKage: Out Of Control Edition2021-01-24 15:13:37
NewRecca - Barrage Limit Change2021-01-24 01:35:18
NewLegend of Zelda - Echoes of the Past2021-01-24 00:34:19
NewKid Chameleon SRAM2021-01-23 00:24:11
NewLow Poly Promo Models2021-01-22 19:27:30
NewFinal Fantasy II Speedrun Practice2021-01-21 16:24:25
NewEarthbound Beginnings: Consistent Version2021-01-21 01:59:48
NewSonic 2 Fixed Sprites2021-01-20 19:52:22
NewRefined Platinum2021-01-20 16:11:02
NewSuper Mario Bros - The Super Revenge of the Red Bowser2021-01-20 02:40:46
NewFF5 Double EXP, Gold and ABP2021-01-19 15:55:38
NewOK KO Must Break Into Boxmore2021-01-19 06:57:35

Last Updated Hacks
EditCastlevania PoR Saturn Richter2021-01-26 22:38:02Extra details added
UpdatePokemon Fire Red Rival Variation2021-01-26 22:20:50New content and bug fixes.
UpdateUltimate X-men2021-01-26 02:56:53SRAM support added for Saving and Loading progress. Additional SRAM patches added for purists.
UpdateArea 88 EN Plus2021-01-25 17:13:43Fixed typos
UpdateFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2021-01-25 07:48:13Updated to version 21.1 - Many bug fixes and other minor updates. Thanks!
UpdateSeiken Densetsu 3 / Trials of Mana - Better Monsters and Maps2021-01-24 21:36:11Update.
UpdateSeiken Densetsu 3 / Trials of Mana - Less Grinding2021-01-24 21:36:05Update. Also changed the title.
UpdateTetris: The Grand Master ZN-2 to PSX conversion2021-01-24 17:58:08Update for v1.3
UpdateZelda 2 Redux2021-01-24 01:43:37Updated to v2.4. Added a new optional patch which reworks the Title Screen to match the title screens from ALttP and onwards in the franchise.
UpdateTetris - Actually Useful Statistics (TAUS)2021-01-23 23:28:12Update to 1.4.0. Now compatible with PAL and compatible with twoplayer mod.
UpdateTetris - Two Player Mod2021-01-23 23:22:37Update to 1.4.0. Now with PAL, garbage, and extended compatibility with other mods.
UpdateOK KO Must Break Into Boxmore2021-01-23 17:43:40Was able to change one spot that still said 'BUGS' instead of 'K.O.' Thanks to @MattheRabbit for the help.
EditFinal Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions Tweak2021-01-22 19:22:42This is a documentation only update that adds info to the readme that was asked for on reddit!
UpdateNBA Jam 2K21 - Tournament Edition2021-01-22 16:24:59bugfix
EditPorco Rosso (1943 NES Hack)2021-01-22 11:31:00changed nature of the hack from improvement to complete
EditEC CD AI Nerf2021-01-22 09:29:18Removed "No-Intro: Genesis" (this is SEGA CD version). Also not regular version but "RE" version (there are 2): Regular (will not work) RE (the one required)
UpdateSonic 2 Improvement2021-01-22 09:28:20Version 7.3
UpdateDigimon World 2 Improvement Hack2021-01-21 23:00:40Fix Issue
EditBattleTech - Operation REVIVAL2021-01-21 21:34:19screen shots update
EditSD Gundam G Next - Hack Rom Pack & Map Collection2021-01-21 21:18:04I fixed a mistake in the program. Thank you for updating.