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NewArcana - Multi Level-up2019-03-22 01:39:44
NewAll Night Nippon: Restore original Spiny behavior2019-03-21 12:36:49
NewSuper Mario Bros. NES - PAL Revision B2019-03-21 04:59:43
NewEquipment Progression Balance2019-03-21 03:12:35
NewDragon Slayer Level 2.0 Clean Save Data2019-03-20 21:14:58
NewSOR2 - Pile Driver patch2019-03-20 03:46:09
NewFaerie Coconut2019-03-19 17:55:59
NewFaster or Slower Spell Grinding2019-03-19 17:51:52
NewManiac Strikers + Zero Boss Hack2019-03-16 01:46:45
NewGaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back2019-03-15 23:21:46
NewMOTHER - Re-Faithful2019-03-15 16:12:23
NewNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-03-15 01:03:46
NewHarder Final Boss2019-03-14 21:33:46
NewSuper Mario Advance 2 - Instrument Restoration2019-03-14 20:37:25
NewHydlide Rebalance2019-03-14 15:43:48
NewStreets of Rage 3: Dragon Ball Edition2019-03-14 00:37:54
NewSengoku 3 Hack2019-03-14 00:27:26
NewQuieter Confirmation Tones2019-03-13 12:49:49
NewEnable K99992019-03-12 12:34:52
NewKOF 99'Evo - Krizalid Boss Hack2019-03-11 16:28:15

Last Updated Hacks
EditZelda III: Hyrule Explorer2019-03-22 07:56:57bug fix
EditArcana - Fastrom2019-03-22 01:17:35Bug fixes :3
EditFinal Fantasy IV Namingway Edition2019-03-21 12:53:03Updated to Version 1.92. Improved B Button Dash in towns and dungeons. Updated script in various places.
EditPokemon Perfect Crystal2019-03-21 07:28:34Sorry again. Ijust found a small unintended glitch I must have created long ago.
EditGaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back2019-03-21 03:20:00Correcting modification category.
EditSecret of Mana: Relocalized2019-03-21 01:28:02v1.7 Changes - Changed "Raring to go!" to "Ready for a fight!" - Changed "Burned out!" to "All tuckered out!" - Changed "Enemy wimps out!" to "Ha! Buncha' wimps!" - Changed "Won't fit." to "doesn't fit." v1.6b Changes - Fixed "I'm was born in the Empire..." - Fixed minor text oversights. - Changed casing format that caused "'s Poisoned!" to display as " P". - Fixed Action Grid text bug. - Fixed crash that occurs from trying to skip naming a character.
EditCommunist Mario 32019-03-21 00:50:16Updated to v1.3.2.
EditAfter Lolo 22019-03-20 21:13:12Changed category to Improvement. Revised Description to third person.
EditAyrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II - Complete 1991 Season2019-03-20 21:11:33Changed category to Improvement.
EditSnifit Returns2019-03-20 21:08:33Changed category to Improvement. Credits removed from Description.
EditPokemon Perfect Crystal2019-03-20 16:04:56Update (20/03/2019): -Cleaned up the entrance to Cerulean Cave by extending the ledge on Route 4 over the water. This avoids a bug where your sprite disappears when you start surfing off the ledge. -Cleaned up the added dialogue by replacing instances of ". . ." with "…" to match the rest of the game.
EditSamus: Mother Brain Returns2019-03-20 10:24:27Updated it a TON.
EditShining Force CL2019-03-19 18:36:50v2.1.1 update: fixes softlock
EditNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-03-19 17:46:26Fix typo in README and actually including the new zip file this time.
EditNeko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-03-19 17:40:19Fixed typo in README.
EditMOTHER - Re-Faithful2019-03-19 12:58:05Formatting
EditMOTHER - Vanilla Sprites2019-03-19 12:53:56Formatting
EditThe Quest of Ki sprite hack2019-03-19 03:36:09Changed category to Improvement since no levels were changed for it to be Complete.
EditBionic Metroid2019-03-19 03:35:49Changed category to Improvement since no levels were changed for it to be Complete.
EditQuest for the Missing Hat2019-03-19 03:35:21Changed category to Improvement since no levels were changed for it to be Complete.