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Latest New Hacks
NewSolstice Manual Randomizer2018-06-20 11:51:42
NewSuper Sheffy Bros.2018-06-20 02:37:08
NewBlades Of Steel: ECAC 2015 Edition2018-06-19 19:49:40
NewPokémon White 2 - Swap Curtis and Yancy2018-06-19 10:47:45
NewPokémon Black 2 - Swap Curtis and Yancy2018-06-18 17:49:56
NewSuper Koopa Bros.2018-06-18 13:02:38
NewPokemon Blue - Walk Through Walls2018-06-16 17:21:46
NewPokemon Red - Walk Through Walls2018-06-16 17:19:10
NewThe Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2018-06-16 09:42:16
New8-bit Mario World - Desert Mario2018-06-15 11:29:14
NewWendy: Every Witch Way - Force GBA Enhanced Mode2018-06-14 22:36:12
NewSonic Legacy2018-06-14 20:57:46
NewMonty Mole Island2018-06-14 16:40:01
NewMega Man X6 Tweaks2018-06-14 00:30:59
NewSuper Mario Bros: The Early Years2018-06-13 22:08:56
NewMario is Missing Done Right2018-06-13 21:59:00
New'the2018-06-13 19:24:49
NewPokemon Crystal Restoration2018-06-13 10:51:59
NewBomb Man2018-06-10 04:07:27
NewRockman EX2018-06-10 03:56:18

Last Updated Hacks
EditSuper Sheffy Bros.2018-06-20 20:55:15Version 1.1 - Fixed some minor bugs and spawning issues.
EditAdventures of Lolo Remix2018-06-20 16:26:29update to the hack
EditSuper Mario Bros - Extra Hard Levels2018-06-20 16:23:32update to the hack
EditPokemon Ultra Quartz - Lets Go! Blobbos2018-06-18 04:31:06Added the final area, game finished bar any bugfixes
EditEnable Shin Akuma and Easy moves2018-06-17 21:14:16Extra patches
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks2018-06-17 16:29:07Bug fixes
EditShining Force CL2018-06-16 14:07:56new version
EditThe Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2018-06-16 11:39:26changed the text of the story
EditShadow Dragon - Online Shop Exclusive Items Integrated into Normal Gameplay2018-06-16 09:17:34Updated to 1.1
EditSuper Mario Bros: The Early Years2018-06-15 20:43:57Past tense not necessary.
Edit'the2018-06-15 03:39:59Added other team members as authors
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks2018-06-14 09:26:42Fixed a typo in the description. Thanks!
EditOverkill 32,0002018-06-12 19:58:13YouTube link, plus edited for brevity.
EditSuper Mario Bros Rebirth2018-06-12 09:51:05Minor fix.
EditSuper Mario S - SMB3 Graphics2018-06-12 07:57:13Fix SMB title, better description.
EditPokemon Ultra Quartz - Lets Go! Blobbos2018-06-11 16:52:43fixed a bugged trainer, fixed a few TM learnsets
EditChrono Trigger: Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch2018-06-10 09:47:13I'm very sorry, it looks like there was a mixup in the last fix where some helm names got switched around in SkyDark patches. This should be the last patch update for a good while, so enjoy!
EditSuper Mario Bros. Another World2018-06-09 23:16:12File reuploaded
EditPokemon Ultra Quartz - Lets Go! Blobbos2018-06-09 13:43:20fixed more important bugs, added events for unobtainable legendaries
EditSuper Street Fighter II Turbo Revival colour restoration2018-06-09 08:12:48Updated Akuma and Shin Akuma's Colours to be more like the colours from Ultra Street Fighter 2