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NewF-Zero Climax Data2017-06-27 21:09:27
NewOgre Battle Rom Map2017-06-06 21:07:15
NewOgrebattle ROM Data2017-06-06 20:29:45
NewOgrebattle Compressed Graphics Locations2017-06-06 20:22:21
NewBoss Weapon Damage Disassembly2017-05-18 23:10:34
NewZelda II Dialog Conditions2017-05-03 00:12:42
NewSuper Mario Bros. Assembly MMC1 Conversion2017-04-07 17:44:23
NewThe MetalHead Translation FAQ2017-04-07 15:05:59
NewGraphics Hacks For the Tapper Arcade Game And Others2017-04-01 21:11:22
NewChanging arrow cursor in dialog choices2017-03-23 13:42:57
NewMega Man V Hex Edit Doc2017-02-28 09:16:12
NewFinal Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General Notes2017-02-18 14:19:10
NewBubble Bobble Arcade Editing2017-02-08 01:56:59
NewEnemy and Equipment Stat Editing Guide2017-01-22 12:38:58
NewCastlevania: Aria of Sorrow Item Location Editing Guide2017-01-22 12:35:05
NewBPS File Format Specification2016-11-16 16:59:38
NewBattle Event Scripts2016-10-16 02:11:50
NewCorrupt Corrupting2016-09-30 07:48:23
NewThe Theory of Relative Searching2016-09-28 16:43:05
NewMs. Pac-Man Disassembly2016-09-15 06:14:13

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EditMega Man V Hex Edit Doc2017-07-11 08:50:05url of rock5easily's site changed
EditTilemaps - Identifying, Modifying and Applications2017-06-28 09:32:44Date added
EditRob Northern Compression Format2017-06-16 16:55:37Typo in title.
EditOgre Battle ROM Data2017-06-15 11:42:42fixed name.
EditOgre Battle Compressed Graphics Locations2017-06-15 11:42:31Fixed name.
EditFinal Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General Notes2017-06-03 22:08:24Adding some FF2 data, more on map data, reorganizing structure again, adding some commentated routines.
EditPhantasy Star Disassembly2017-05-24 11:48:57Version 2.0
EditAdding an SNES Intro (with a few clicks)2017-05-14 11:11:29Fixed date.
EditPhantasy Star IV Disassembly2017-05-08 09:05:14Correcting value in Treasure_Chests.txt file
EditFinal Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General Notes2017-05-03 00:49:04Adding more menu routines. Some cleanup and reorganization.
EditFinal Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General Notes2017-04-28 00:19:43Added many more battle-related routines and some other routines including input handling, reorganized data tables listing.
EditMegaman - The Wily Wars hacking notes2017-04-02 08:25:58Date added
EditFinal Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General Notes2017-03-11 13:15:43Update: mainly adding several menu- and battle-related routines, some minor improvements generally
EditPhantasy Star IV Disassembly2017-03-09 06:37:26Version 3.1
EditMega Man V Hex Edit Doc2017-03-07 09:50:02v1.2: a few last additions.
EditMega Man V Hex Edit Doc2017-03-01 08:09:54Added URL links for the referenced hack and the suggested resources.
EditMega Man V Hex Edit Doc2017-03-01 06:55:38V1.1 : added info regarding Wily Stages bosses
EditBubble Bobble Arcade Editing2017-02-13 04:11:54Update 1.1: Added information on exactly which file hosts level and enemy data.
EditEnemy and Equipment Stat Editing Guide2017-01-22 13:25:28Missed this mistake before clicking "approve"
EditFF3us Battle Event Scripts2016-11-29 01:38:36Fixed problem with script command $FF offsets.