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NewFFCC Hacking notes2021-10-26 13:55:51
NewBreath of Fire IV Text Hacking Guide2021-10-15 06:44:01
NewDW2 - Disassembly +2021-09-22 00:16:00
NewBreath of Fire III Text Hacking Guide2021-09-04 23:29:25
NewSMA2 HACKING NOTES2021-08-24 13:53:30
NewCrayon Shin-Chan: Taiketsu! Quantum Panic!! - Compression2021-07-26 17:58:20
NewLegend of Zelda Screen Code Reference2021-07-16 22:40:47
NewMetal Gear (MSX2) Table file2021-07-14 10:53:49
NewMetal Gear 2: Solid Snake Table file2021-07-14 10:50:55
NewGhost Trick Master Sprite Directory2021-07-06 01:47:47
NewGhost Trick ROM Visual Assets Information2021-07-04 21:57:02
NewHacking Japanese NBA Jam T.E. for PSX: A Beginner's Guide2021-06-05 17:04:55
NewHacking NBA Jam T.E. for PSX: A Beginner's Guide2021-05-29 10:05:23
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NewCastlevania: Bloodlines Cutscene Text Editing Guide2021-04-17 23:52:33
NewSuper Mario Bros. Converted PAL Disassembly2021-04-11 15:38:34
NewLunar Address C# Library2021-04-03 15:59:44
NewAdventure Island NES Hacking Notes2021-03-11 20:31:01

Last Updated Documents
UpdateBreath of Fire IV Text Hacking Guide2021-10-17 00:58:04Fixed error in the color code example, added info about portraits
UpdateBreath of Fire III Text Hacking Guide2021-10-14 09:46:30Enumerate step-by-step instructions, and some rewordings
EditDW2 - Disassembly +2021-09-25 15:31:14Im not sure how this is working... The first link is the original one submitted. The 2nd one is from the instructions that were given to me.[858]DW2 - Disassembly.rar I copied this in the URL above... Hopefully it works. This is the original link
UpdateBreath of Fire III Text Hacking Guide2021-09-18 07:29:00Updated information on pointers, which should help with making text sections longer.
UpdateSMA2 HACKING NOTES2021-09-08 13:53:57Because new things have been found that should be added to the document
UpdateBreath of Fire III Text Hacking Guide2021-09-06 19:08:26Added new information about symbols in the Japanese version, which uses different encoding from the English versions. Added information about party member's names and location in the game files. Added more information on text box placement. Various rewording.
UpdateHacking Japanese NBA Jam T.E. for PSX: A Beginner's Guide2021-07-09 19:13:22Minor version update
UpdateHacking NBA Jam T.E. for PSX: A Beginner's Guide2021-07-09 19:12:09Version update
UpdateHacking NBA Jam T.E. for PSX: A Beginner's Guide2021-06-05 16:57:34Error correction
UpdateRock Man 2 Weapon Data2021-05-24 01:33:44Updating this document to include more information
EditSuper Mario RPG - Bank $C2 Disassembly2021-04-07 10:20:06updated my file
UpdateThe Legend of Zelda Disassembly2021-02-20 02:58:12Get rid of most TODO's and "Unknown blocks". Reformatted for readability.
UpdateThe Legend of Zelda Disassembly2021-02-11 15:12:53Remove dat files; source code improvements.
UpdateThe Legend of Zelda Disassembly2021-02-09 13:51:19Fix the build script for first time use.
EditHow to edit Donkey Kong titlescreen2020-11-10 16:30:42Created rar file with the two available versions of the tutorial (English and Spanish).
EditStreets of Rage 2: Level Music offsets2020-08-18 14:04:31I updated the document
EditSNES Initialization Source Code2020-07-17 11:20:30Removing 'Nintendo' from community database. This document was previously 'Unknown', but someone set it to Nintendo for some reason. Doubtful it is official documentation. Setting back to 'Unknown'.
EditSNES Register Map2020-07-17 11:17:39Removing 'Nintendo' from community database. This document was previously 'Unknown', but it looks to be a community transcription of SFX02 and SFX03 OEM documentation and can be set to 'OEM'.
UpdateMs Pac-Man Hacking Document2020-07-09 15:39:33I made some updates to this while working on a hack, so I'm sharing the updates for everyone to enjoy.
EditHacking NBA Jam TE: A Beginner's Guide2020-05-26 15:22:01Linking certain documents required to use in the tutorial, for preservation purposes.