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SD Keiji Blader

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

SD Keiji Blader is a role playing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Translation Description:

This is a complete patch for the SD Keiji Blader, making the full game playable in English. We’ve spent a lot of time tuning it and making the game you can see right now. This is a neat RPG for NES set in the distant future.

Thanks to the hard work of Apocalypse612, a new high quality English manual is available to download from here:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SD Keiji - Blader (J).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 452C373C
  • MD5: 238D810664C22903574525893AF0A440
  • SHA-1: D835530339E8DB56ADEBB8BE33E3E3AC3092A650
  • SHA-256: 571BF5C99DC8DC11E88A0F07CFFF89FA1E3A34E19AB47EAE1A3277C4ADA93920


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
aishshaHackingMain Hacking
aishshaTranslationMain Translation
PennywiseHackingVarious Cosmetic Hacks and Bug Fixes + Script Revision Work
DvDHackingCode Disassembly + Various Advice + Title Screen Hacking and Design

User Review Information

Interesting Generic Little Game

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 09 Mar 2012

I haven’t beaten this yet but I have played far enough into the game to get a good feel for what’s on the plate. Basically it is one of the more interesting, if not strange, Dragon Quest clones with some minor differences. I had heard very little of the game and checked it out a little while back just to see what it was, but without a translation a game like this would not be worth playing. So it was nice to see that the game finally got one.

The storyline is hard to take seriously and the translators did the best with the somewhat goofy material given to them. Basically a villain named Judo wants to take over the planet and has stolen a machine that can turn all of the humans into animals. You play the part of a sort of space detective given the job to take down Judo’s henchman and finally Judo as well. For a Science Fiction RPG it is certainly no Phantasy Star but it is still quite a bit of fun if you are into level grinding old school style.

The translation is pretty decent. I have played about 3 hours worth of the game and haven’t seen any goof ups, no spelling errors, etc. Apparently a lot of time went into getting this game translated and the work does show. Also, make sure to read the “readme” file as it will explain more about the game and the effort that went into it. Also, it will explain about how to use the patch properly as the ROM will need to be expanded.

Overall, the game is not anything too original. Especially if you grew up playing RPGs from the NES and Master System era. But for old school RPGs go, the battle system is unique enough to add a nice little spin on the DQ like combat. And a Sci Fi RPG is always welcome over the monotony of the classic Medieval RPG.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Seems like a solid hack and translationApocalypse61227 Sep 20211.01Yes
old skool sci fi fund0pefish23 Aug 20181.01Yes
Interesting Generic Little GameKlaviaturist09 Mar 2012N/AYes