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Metroid Super Zero Mission Hard Edition

Hack of Super Metroid


For fans of Metroid Super Zero Mission and fans of hard-type hacks is the latest update to Metroid Super Zero Mission. Version 2.2 plus Hard Edition. You can play the most up-to-date standard version of the hack or you can play the special Hard Edition if you want more challenge. The screenshots reveal that the Hard Edition is heavily modified from the standard version of the hack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En,Ja).smc
  • CRC32: D63ED5F8
  • MD5: 21F3E98DF4780EE1C667B84E57D88675
  • SHA-1: DA957F0D63D14CB441D215462904C4FA8519C613
  • SHA-256: 12B77C4BC9C1832CEE8881244659065EE1D84C70C3D29E6EAF92E6798CC2CA72




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User Review Information

It really is worthy.

Reviewed By: curses on 12 Oct 2011

I’ve played through Metroid Super Zero Mission twice and I’m working on the third time as I am composing this review.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, because in reality, this hack is designed well. If the player only wants to beat the game, the hack will seem only somewhat harder than Super Metroid. The increased level of challenge comes from three fundamental sources.

First, it has completely different room and level layouts from the original Super Metroid. The player will be dropped in a world with an unfamiliar structure. There are parallels between the layout for this game and the layout for Zero Mission, but it’s still very different. The latest update to this hack has a much more helpful in-game map than earlier versions did. However, exploration still requires actual thoughtfulness. There are blocks to shoot, suspicious backgrounds to spot, and more. Does that sound fun? Then be aware of the second source of challenge.

This hack has new kinds of puzzles. The puzzles aren’t unfair. The ones you need to solve in order to beat the game are the easier ones. Most of them will require the player to think a little to solve instead of it being a giveaway. There are also harder optional puzzles that show up throughout the game. The best bet for a player new to this hack is to give up on puzzles that are frustrating and spend some more time exploring. The player can be confident that uber-fancy maneuvering is in fact not necessary to be able to reach an item that will unlock more areas to explore. But that doesn’t mean that no maneuvering whatsoever is needed, and that happens to be the third source of challenge.

The player will have to learn new maneuvers in a few cases. Yes, that means a little practice. But it is not excessive if the only goal is to beat the game. The reward makes it worth it. Be aware that there are many optional items that call for exceptional skills to acquire. If you feel like it, you can go for those optional items. But getting them won’t feel too rewarding to a player that is only trying to complete the game. Only players with massive determination will stick with this hack long enough to get 100% of the items.

Here is a link to a much more detailed and thoughtful review with screenshots:

Here is a link to the unofficial english language help thread:

My advice is to stay away from the Hard Edition that is included in this release. It is very hard and very frustrating, but from what I have seen of it, much care has been taken to make it into a quality game. It is for uber-experts only.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Amazing HackMetroidMst03 Jan 2012N/AYes
It really is worthy.curses12 Oct 2011N/AYes
Now an excellent hack!lexluthermiester17 Oct 20152.2Yes