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A generic graphics dumping tool, based on the elusive program GGD

TiledGGD - basically it’s GGD (General Graphical Dump tool), with some extra features: Currently working (extra) features:

  • Support for tiled graphics (tiles of any size) and palettes (tile sizes are restricted, because they need to fit a 16*16 grid)
  • Copy visible graphics and palette directly to clipboard
  • ‘Go To Offset’ functionality
  • Toggle Endianness of graphics and palette separately
  • Save the entire graphics
  • Built-in NCGR/NCBR and NCLR support (I’m not using all the data from the files, so there are most likely still some bugs)
  • Lua plugin support

Features currently being worked on:

  • Support for files compressed via the default DS/GBA algorithms

Planned features:

  • Palette edit function
  • Support for planar & composite pixel formats
  • Different layout options, including a scrollable graphics window when the graphics are too large for it.
  • Support for tile maps


User Review Information

Pretty good

Reviewed By: Videogamer555 on 08 Sep 2011

I like that the fact it’s added tile support. I DON’T like that it no longer supports linearly arranged image data.

I like that it corrected the text glitches in the status window (that showed what the endian was set at etc). I DON’T like that the hot-keys for changing these things are NO LONGER shown in the status window (you just have to memorize it from when you were a user of the old version of GGD). I DON’T like it that now pressing “x” when the main graphics window is selected, NO LONGER changes the bit-mask for 16bit images.

These sentences that start with “I DON’T like” represent SIGNIFICANT DOWNGRADED features from (that were actually better in the ORIGINAL GGD program). Therefor I hope the developer of TiledGGD will very soon read these important sentences and make it his/her NUMBER-1 goal to fix these inadequacies in the next version.

Other than that though, it’s a pretty good program. And hopefully the developer will see that as well by the sentences that start with “I like” regarding various features.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Lua fix on 64bit systemstorridgristle24 Mar 20182.0.3.0Yes
Pretty goodVideogamer55508 Sep 2011N/AYes
Excellent tool!Esco21 Dec 2009N/AYes