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Castlevania Overflow Darkness

Hack of Castlevania


The story is basically the same. I have created, changed and edited the graphics to acclimate the stage, and I put some new bosses. The difficulty is very high, but the secrets around the game may help you to continue. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania (U) (PRG0) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 39C879BB
  • MD5: 00D93C9F6B8AEFB8B6C02B20147DF4EC
  • SHA-1: A31B8BD5B370A9103343C866F3C2B2998E889341
  • SHA-256: 55BCAB0D9EFC33A9D9EFC90F2C3C4AB12F3221A44B1F357E6C6202A456399AA8




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Luto AkinoHacking

User Review Information

Overclocked Castlevania

Reviewed By: 8-bit Warrior on 30 Aug 2011

Castlevania Overflow Darkness – v 1.0

I’m not at all experienced with ROM hacking, but I am VERY experienced with Castlevania. So I think this gives me some ability to rate this.

And WOW, what a winner. The best way I can describe this is “Overclocked Castlevania.” Graphically, it’s a treat. Some sprites are different and every background is changed. The first level, for example, has been changed to a dark blue theme which looks great. Similarly, Level 4 has been changed to resemble the basement from CV4. Every level is a treat to play through, yet still feels 100% like Castlevania. The music tracks are swapped around as well, which adds to the effect.

Most importantly, the levels and enemies are totally different. The levels all fit within the confines of the originals, but the layout is completely changed. Some areas are familiar, such as the spike traps on level 2–others are totally different. Each level manages to be familiar and yet very different at the same time. It’s pretty remarkable.

So then there’s challenge. This hack is tough. Tougher than the original. Firstly, whip upgrades are much harder to come by. I spent most of the game with less than a full whip. Secondly, the enemy arrangements are always more challenging. Almost every room requires careful planning. Platforming is in full force, which is difficult at first but you adjust pretty quickly–it’s pleasantly challenging.

However, this hack is truly its parent’s child, because some situations are simply FRUSTRATING. CV1 had a way of getting you where you weren’t sure if it was a fair challenge or simply cheap. Overflow Darkness is the same way. If CV1 irked you, OD will bother you in the exact same way. Some situations are simply overpowering. It could be argued that there is an overreliance on certain gameplay elements (i.e., bone pillars & medusas). A typical situation is bone pillar + medusa + skeleton + pits = four ways to die! The bone pillars seemed to have been amped up as well, I never remember them being such a problem in the original. On the whole, the player never gets a chance to cut loose and just kick some butt. You’re constantly getting stomped instead.

Nonetheless, when you remember that the source material was the same, you can’t get to frustrated. The challenge is quite welcome. The bosses are also thoroughly remixed, including some brand new ones. There are also some minor tweaks such as more items dropped from enemies, which is helpful.

Overall, this hack is remarkable. 100% true to the source, yet superior graphically and in challenge. It proves that 8-bit style action is still relevant today–Konami, take note! Here’s hoping this author does a Castlevania III hack!

Faithfulness: 5/5

Overall: 4/5 (only because of some frustrating sequences)

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The mother of cv1 hack romonepiecefan200701 Oct 20171.0Yes
Simply the best!truefalse13 Sep 20161.0Yes
Overclocked Castlevania8-bit Warrior30 Aug 2011N/AYes