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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Yep, it’s a Sailor Moon RPG. Pretty nifty, huh? The game is pretty standard I guess; there are some pretty cool things in it though, like the nifty techniques and stuff. However, it is pretty hard to make sense of things (especially in the beginning) without a good knowledge of the series; the game continues the unfortunate “You’d damn well better know who everyone is before you play, cause no way in hell are we going to explain it to you” syndrome of anime gaming. Of course, this game isn’t meant for just your average Joe guy, it’s meant for people who like Sailor Moon. So, uhh, there you go.

Translation Description:

Sorry Toonami-lovers, but this translation heavily relies on knowledge of the fan-subtitled Sailor Moon anime, and fansub anime in general. Names will be left as-is (expect to see Usagi instead of Serena), some items are left untouched (like Ginzuishou instead of Silver Moon Crystal…what), and even some general words are left alone (does someone seriously say “sonna” as an expression of disbelief? That is pretty inscrutable for more casual fans).

As for the translation itself, FuSoYa has done a superb job, even adding new code for a variable width font which looks really nice. Even the signs have been translated, which is a really nice touch.

ADDENDUM: Make sure you apply mteam’s fix (link) over the English translation, which makes the intro work as intended in modern emulators.

ADDENDUM: Optionally, you can use vivify93’s patch (link) that changes a lot of enemy names and a few technique names to be more accurate. This patch already includes mteam’s intro fix, so no need to double up.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • GoodSNES: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (J)
  • NoIntro: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Another Story (Japan)
  • Size: 3,146,240 bytes (headered)
  • MD5: 5f776488e366b6d6b44f6e8a01d9953d (without the header)
  • CRC32: 02A442B8 (without the header)


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Cecil StormclawProduction
Moose M.Translation

User Review Information

How NOT To Translate A Game

Reviewed By: Animation Guru on 18 Jul 2011

The idea behind a game translation is that you’re converting a foreign language into English text. So why do we have translations such as this one which insist on making it hard for people who just want to play a video game?

Don’t get me wrong. The patch is very well done, and is extremely competent as far as converting a Japanese story to English. In fact, the in-game dialogue reads very conversationally, which can be a huge problem with other fan translations. Grammatically, the game is top notch, although I did spot one homonym error when a character uses the phrase “shouldn’t of.”

[Addendum: Since writing this review, I spotted many, many more grammatical errors, specifically related to homonyms. Honestly, ask someone to proofread your translation, please.]

My biggest issue here is that there are certain Japanese terms in the game, such as those referencing the Silver Moon Crystal and the Ark of the Four Kings, which are simply left untranslated, which is asinine. Just because you’ve converted the word to characters of the alphabet does not mean that you’ve translated it.

You know, I may not know what a Silver Moon Crystal is, but that’s a heck of a lot easier for me to absorb than “Ginzuishou.”

To remedy this annoyance, the translator has included a set of liner notes with the patch. Why not just translate these things in the game? Why are you giving players a homework assignment just to play a video game? This leads me to believe that the translator doesn’t understand the concept of localization. Just give us a name in English that we can understand! That’s all I ask.

The liner notes also include alternate names from the DiC dub. Again, why not just put those names in the game? Okay, sure; some English names technically weren’t known at the time of the patch’s release, but they were close enough on most of them that they could have put them in anyway.

The problem with this “blame Cartoon Network” mentality is that it’s elitist snobbery that ignores simple fact that, although the translator may not care for the DiC dub, there are far more people who still fondly remember that version of the show and still think of Usagi as Serena. That’s reason enough to use the DiC names.

I wish I could recommend this, but I simply can’t. Aside from the translation issues, the game itself just isn’t very good, and it involves a lot of grinding and equipment purchasing until you’re simply too overpowered for the enemies to handle. Some fights are tedious. Others are a cakewalk, and it seems at times that if it were possible for the Sailor Scouts to trip over a rock in this game, that might be enough to level-up.

Only download this if you’re really, really into the subtitled series. Everyone else should stay away.

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Translation Not As Goodjulayla31 Jan 20181.00No
How not to translate a game (not)arromdee01 Jun 2013N/AYes
You missed one detail about the ROM sizemaster higgins14 Sep 2012N/AYes
How NOT To Translate A GameAnimation Guru18 Jul 2011N/ANo