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FF6: Is the Best Game Ever

Hack of Final Fantasy III



The game is no longer basically over when you reach the WoR. While no story events have changed, you will need to use the varying areas of difficulty in the World of Ruin to level up and get good enough items until you can finally kill the last boss.

New XP curve, HP curve, MP curve.

Everything has been changed to fit new damage curves, but the essence of many things are the same.

Heroes have new character stats, items stats, and spell stats such that damage, armor, and HP/MP increase in new ways. It will be very hard to reach max damage or HP or MP or armor, etc.

Every monster tweaked or changed. A vast majority of the monster AI has changed. Monsters are tough now, and should demand attention for victory. No more just holding down a button or casting your best spell. If a monster is human, it might have a little gold or items, but if not, the best you’ll get is dried meat.

The only items that have not changed are those that cure ailments. Even then, the prices have changed.

Everything is expensive, and money is hard to get.

Every character has been changed in terms of stats. Relm has X-magic instead of Sketch, and is very feeble. Setzer has Jump instead of Slot, has good defense, can use all armor types, and can use all weapons better than everyone (and DragoonBoots are no longer obtained early in the game, so jump is much rarer). All characters are competitive in terms of usability.

Nothing a player does will instantly kill a monster (except 1 Lore), unless it is petrify.

Hero Magic Spells Removed: Demi, Quartr, Float, Slow, Haste, X-zone

Hero Magic Spells Added: Exalt, Image, Flood, Plague, Sunder (Flare)

Many other spells and abilities have changed, but are not on the hero magic list and are too numerous to mention here (please see the xcel sheet)

All Tools have been tweaked, 2 were removed because they did nothing for the game and couldn’t be edited (Chainsaw and AirAnchor). Tools are almost completely magic based.

Runic is no longer gone after Celes chooses to use a new turn. If Runic is used and has not absorbed a spell, it will continue to be in play and Celes may continue battle as normal.

Blitzes were changed or tweaked. BumRush (now “Chi Strike”) is no longer super powerful because you learn it so early in the WoR. Sabin’s last skill is the most powerful magic spell, but it kills him everytime he casts it. His other attacks are physical.

SwdTech skills were changed or tweaked. Instead of waiting for the slow bar, the selection bar moves faster and upon selecting your attack you may use other players while Cyan prepares his attack, which takes longer based on the selected SwdTech. His early Swdtech is mostly magic, and most of his later skills are physical damage, and it is all offensive.

Much of the lores have been tweaked or changed. Almost every lore is unreflectable/unrunicable. Many have new graphics. There is still one lore spot being unused for now. Roulette was removed.

All of the dance spells have been altered, many of them changed completely, and a good portion of them have new graphics. All dance moves are unreflectable/unrunicable. His most powerful three dances can be found in Darill’s Tomb, the outside of the Ancient Castle, and in Kefka’s Tower.

Terra’s morph is now infinite but she incurs double damage and deals double damage, for physical and magic.

All of the rages have changed. You will be able to find a superior attack/spell in rages at each level of the game. However, at present there is a chunk of the rages mimic their monsters to the point of being a bit boring (no Quasar/Goner rages). For the most part, rages don’t have skills that come from Dance or Lore.

Throw now only ignores row, defense, and has 100% hit. Shadow will now never leave your party randomly at the end of battle.

The colosseum has also changed. Every item wins another item (No Chupon-Elixirs anymore). By betting an item, you will usually be able to win a better item. The top tier items will only be able to be won by betting another top tier item, but almost every item should be winnable.

These relics have been removed: Exp. Egg, sprint shoes, true knight, goggles, runningshoes, fake mustache, gale hairpin, mithril glove, moogle charm, charm bangle, so don’t go looking for them! Most relics have changed, of course.

Slow/Haste effects have been doubled. Reflect is now much more powerful, and does not go away with time, and hard to remove.

Jump has been nerfed, it gives 100% chance to hit and deals +50% damage.

Also, the background music does not change when entering a fight, unless it is a boss.

If you need more info than you could possibly want for this version, I have the excel sheet used to create this game, as well as a supplementary documents for easier reading attached.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: A27F1C7A
  • MD5: E986575B98300F721CE27C180264D890
  • SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
  • SHA-256: 0F51B4FCA41B7FD509E4B8F9D543151F68EFA5E97B08493E4B2A0C06F5D8D5E2




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Really Awesome, Actually Difficult

Reviewed By: Leonidus on 09 Feb 2011

Been playing this hack and I really love it so far, and it is definitely hard. I died in the very beginning a few times and had to keep starting new games just to beat Whelk, because I walked into this thinking “yeah I’m sure this is gonna be soooo tough” and there’s no way to revive a hero in the intro. I’ve been playing it a lot while I have some time off, but I have only made it to the beginning of the world of ruin (after like 40 hours of recorded play in the world of balance) so this review covers only that much of the hack.

One of the first things I noticed was you get literally no gold (with some few important exceptions) and I thought “How the hell am I going to get by like this?” But really it just made it feel like your characters were actually out there surviving as traveling adventurers, trying to scrape together what they can to fight the empire. It forces you to really think about equipment purchases, because you simply can’t get enough cash to get full gear on everyone you want (on purpose I assume) and it makes what little items you can find or afford extremely precious. I have never been so happy in my life to find a green cherry in a barrel, seriously. Elixirs aren’t useful so far (because it’s % based so not a big deal compared to other items so far in the first half) but they sell for a lot, so finding all the clock elixirs and selling them was a good strategy (and actually made me care about finding them). The only ways I’ve found to get money from fighting are beating humanoids or stealing from them (mainly zozo, but also some repeat encounters on the veldt were good).

As far as item changes go, everything is different and I really like how it’s set up. Heavy armor and shields actually reduce evade to compensate for their higher defense, so you have to choose do I want to get hit more or be hit for less? I haven’t really found a lot of items that weren’t useful in some way or another, and the unique items are really well done. One of my favorites is a sword that gives you the offering style multiattacks and a counterattack, but it has 1 battle power so you have to lose out on shield defense (which is really important in this difficult version) to basically increase your total attack damage from your main hand by 50 or 100%, since the sword’s damage is negligible. I had to win it from a monster in the box in the Floating Continent who just freakin raped the everliving hell out of me, but I had to figure out a way to make him unable to use most of his skills (and he still was extremely hard). There is one type of armor that is only real good vs magic though and I have found it to not be too useful so far, perhaps should be balanced more to make it worth purchasing compared to the other light armors.

The monsters and battles are the real heart of this hack and that is what I have liked so much. You have to really think about what you’re doing when you are fighting, even in many of the most basic overworld map random encounters. I have been annihilated countless times by thinking I could get away with attacking one more time instead of healing that character who is at half hp. Sometimes I can get away with it. Sometimes that character gets murdered by a regular bolt spell which leads to a downward spiral of futile attempts at revival and game over. The monsters are so hard that I had to put every party member in the back row, with few exceptions for farming gold or learning spells against lower monsters, and if I ever got struck by a pincer attack it’s almost a guaranteed game over.

Some monsters have really advanced tactics, like those grasshopper guys by vector will berserk your party and cast vanish on themselves. There’s been plenty of times where the monsters seemed at least somewhat impossible, but I’ve pretty much always found ways to beat them. Like poison and pummel do really good damage that really adds up to high hp and high defense enemies. That’s the only way I could find to beat this pair of guys who would cast pearl wind on each other for ridiculous amounts (beakors I think?). I had to survive until the poison would do enough to kill one off in a few rounds of no healing. Honestly I can’t tell whether the creator intended there to be these specific ways to defeat the enemy, or if the guy just made most of the fights extremely hard and wanted us to figure out whatever way possible, but it’s definitely been tough to break some of these monsters at certain points and really fun and rewarding to do so. You can tell he did make many important fights purposely immune to some strategies, like you can’t just revive undead monsters to kill them, I haven’t found a single boss that could be petrified, and some bossess seem to be purposefully immune to some of your best available elemental attacks.

A few parts were just too hard for me to fight through. In Locke’s scenario when you get Celes and are on the run from the empire, the guards and their dogs just owned me so hard I had to run. The readme though says there are parts like this, so that is intentional I’m guessing. Another part was Zozo, which had enemies that just seemed way above my level when I got there, so I had to run my way to ramuh. I could make good cash from fighting the guys here later though, so that’s probably why. The other part I had to run through was the Magitek Facility. The guys in there weren’t unbeatable, but they were so hard that if I spent time fighting them I couldn’t have possibly been in a position to defeat the megahard boss fights. The wallchange guy was super crazy (like 20-30 minute fight when I actually won), but I got through him. The cart ride out of the facility vs the magroader guys and the boss fight at the end was the only part so difficult that I’ve had to use rewind to get through it. The Floating Continent started out extremely rough, where I could only successfully fight the ninjas and had to run from everything else until I could get back down to the airship, but it got a lot better with some levels. I still haven’t defeated the Dragon, that creature is really tough, and I just completed my way through the world of balance without ever being strong enough to slay it.

Really, there are still ways to lame your way through this hack. Like I said previously, you can run from a lot of the encounters, and so could run your way through most of the game if you wanted. Maybe make a lot of the encounters unrunnable, if possible? That might really screw you unecessarily though at some parts, so I don’t know. Also you can use the rewind to go back to when you aren’t totally losing a fight or to force the monster to make a different choice and get favorable outcomes. That’s pretty lame stuff though, and I think that really defeats the whole purpose of playing a difficulty hack.

There are a lot of changes to the magic and characters too. A lot of the monster spells were changed and some look really cool. There’s this one dance spell called sunflare that looks freakin awesome. A lot of Mog’s dances seem different (I can never remember all of his original moves) and alot have really good healing. Setzer becomes really valuable with his jump ability replacing slot, which lets him do really good physical damage from the back row as well as preventing him from taking damage. I never really liked slot anyway since the best way to use it was to abuse the game mechanics (which is pretty lame). Shadow has really high evade and his interceptor friend, so he’s a total ninja when it comes to taking hits. His throw is pretty nerfed but probably necessarily so. Cyan’s sword techniques are actually really useful for once, that was a really welcome change. The espers don’t teach exactly the same stuff, and I haven’t gotten more than the first level magic spells so far. I really think magic is kind of underpowered in this first half that I’ve played through, because unless you are by a free healing location, it’s unaffordably expensive (gold is very hard to get) to refill mp enough to just use it when you want in most fights and doesn’t do enough sometimes to warrant its use. Magic does still have its place (mostly bossfights or special encounters, had to transform terra and cast ramuh to instakill a mtek guy in the imperial banquet in order to get through it fast enough, for example) but I feel like it’s just not up to par with most of the physical or free-magic-damage-skills like blitzes or swordtechs. Could use a boost, in my opinion.

The only other reviewer so far said it was so hard as to be pointless, and I really don’t know what to say, I mean it was hard but not grinding hard like the guy said. The guy probably thought he could run his way through the game and not buy armor or just didn’t want to buy potions or something (I had to use a truckload of potions, like over 40, during some hard parts). The only times I had to purposely fight for exp to get levels were before the phantom train (the phantom forest monsters seemed hard enough, so I got cyan and sabin up until they got quadraslam and firedance before I got trapped on the train), for the floating continent, and I think it was right when I first got to the southern continent I had a really hard time fighting the monsters and had to really get like 4 levels on some heroes. But yeah I never had to gain more than 4 levels that one time. I did have to get life and cure learned on heroes but you had to do that in the normal version so I don’t think that counts? I always really tried a lot of strategies and eventually found something that really worked, and that’s what got me through the game so far, but I guess you have to really be smart about playing the game instead of just leveling your way to success. That’s what has really made the play most rewarding to me though, beating the enemies because of something I did with my mind, instead of burning hours getting exp.

I must say knowledge of the game mechanics has helped out a lot, like take jump for example. Spears do 2x damage using jump, even from the back row, and if the enemy is weak to the element of the weapon you are using, it will do even more damage, and so that’s the kind of thing I had to consider to really do enough damage to the monsters. Mantra, sabin’s healing blitz, is based off his hp, and you can get things which raise his max hp and allow him to heal really well (especially if Setzer is jumped, since it divides by remaining party members). I never really used rewind except for that one crazy cart ride part, but I would always use scan on a hard monster (and a quick rewind to preserve mana; the mithril staff was also useful for this before I could learn scan) to see if it had any weaknesses to exploit. It’s definitely taken some experimentation and a lot of thinking to find what works against some really tough monsters. But if you’re not up for a challenge, why play a difficulty hack? The difficulty has been the fun part for me, hopefully it is for you guys out there.

Overall, if you’re like me and have just loved this game to death since you first found it, but have always been bored by how stupid easy the fights were, this hack is for you.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Extremely well designedWhispers21 Dec 20171.27Yes
Very difficult, but always a solution.Lockirby203 Feb 2012N/AYes
No Thankyougdoddmeta360803 Jan 2012N/ANo
Really Awesome, Actually DifficultLeonidus09 Feb 2011N/AYes
BGE, WHEHrith07 Feb 2011N/ANo