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Ancient Magic: Bazoo! Mahou Sekai

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

An average Rpg about a young man going to magic school to take after their wizard father.

Translation Description:

Ancient Magic is a fairly generic little RPG for the SNES by the much-maligned Hot-B. See if you can spot their advert for another of their products in the game! Despite its rather pedestrian roots, the game takes several surprising twists towards the end, and is generally worth sticking it out even if the wrap-up (or lack thereof) is a bit of a let down. As a note, there’s more game past “THE END.” Also as a note, do set your window speed to “fast” in the in-game options menus - it’ll improve your experience dramatically.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ancient Magic - Bazoo! Mahou Sekai (J).smc - GOODSNES (2.04)
  • ROM Version: 1.0
  • CRC32: 3DB23A76
  • MD5: 9D33C8299FC374F87A328626B706D1B1
  • SHA-1: 6FC402115074277B237D4F24D4062F71B30832B4


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gideon ZhiHackingProject leader, romhacker, assembly hacker
Eien Ni HenTranslationScript translator and editor

User Review Information

Standard But Enjoyable

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 24 Dec 2010

Just downloaded this patch yesterday actually and have been playing Ancient Magic all night now (thank goodness for Holiday break). It’s not a bad game at all.

Overhead gameplay is standard JRPG fair. You have towns to wander in and dungeons as well. There isn’t a true overhead map. Instead you have areas that you can wander that will have a few places to explore. You can’t really explore the world map as it will automatically move you from area to area.

Battle gameplay is similar to games like Inindo or Robotrek. The main difference is the size of the battlefield. It’s about two screens large. Also, unlike a lot of JRPG’s, this game relies heavily on magic to win your battles. Doesn’t mean you won’t be using sword and ax to win fights but usually you won’t have to.

The translation (from what I can tell) seems to be pretty solid. Aeon Genesis seems to have another good translation. One can only look forward to more translations from them.

Ancient Magic doesn’t seem to break any major boundaries but it doesn’t mean the game isn’t a lot of fun. For fans of the early days of the SNES/Super Famicon RPG’s, this one deserves a play through.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Needs better spell and item namespeace01 May 20151.00Yes
Standard But EnjoyableKlaviaturist24 Dec 2010N/AYes