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Rockman Exile

Hack of Mega Man 2


Despite the name this is actually a Mega Man 2 hack, which translates it back into Japanese and adds a ton of cool features. To put it simply, this is a new Mega Man 2, the only things that still exist from the original are the robot masters, and even they’ve been changed in terms of fighting style.

Don’t take anything for granted in this hack, those weak rabbit robots in Wood Man’s stage? They shoot instant death fireballs now. Sniper Joes? In addition to their normal fighting style they also fire Crash Bombs are you!

It should also be pointed out that the music has been changed, this is very rare in ROM hacks, it seems some of it comes from the Game Boy Mega Man games and some comes from other NES titles.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man 2 (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 5E268761
  • MD5: 8E4BC5B03FFBD4EF91400E92E50DD294
  • SHA-1: 2290D8D839A303219E9327EA1451C5EEA430F53D
  • SHA-256: 49136B412FF61BEAC6E40D0BBCD8691A39A50CD2744FDCDDE3401EED53D71EDF




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Blast HornetHacking

User Review Information

Rockman Exile (MegaMan 2 hack!?) - Has NOT passed the test of time!

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 05 Dec 2021

I like to go back in time, see what hacks they made there. And now I meet a “stereotype-breaking” hack. This is a hack on MegaMan2, not RockMan2.

It seemed like meeting a unique creation from the past. In a way, yes… Unique pain.

1. I’ll start from afar, namely from the point: Enemies. Honestly, some are strengthened, some are unchanged, BUT THERE IS both dishonest and, probably, new.

  • On the dishonest, I single out three: Piranha Fish, Rabbit and Mettol. Piranha fish - installed very unobviously, plus damage by 1/2 health bar; Rabbit - one shot - minus the health bar; Mettol - he is difficult to hit, plus his shot takes out 1/4 of the health bar. IT’S NOT FAIR!
  • About new ones - these are flying saucers with incorrect graphics. An attempt to port from MM5 is unsuccessful, but interesting. I do not know for sure whether they are new or is it a graphic redesign - but the fact is the fact.
  • Simple enemies and slightly modified ones are essentially the same. Only a few - have behavior that is not peculiar to them, in terms of: “not their attacks in their AI”. But in essence - they are equal, only made them stronger

2. If you look into the past, then for the past - the graphics are cool. Looking with a fresh eye - there are some graphical inaccuracies, however - a pretty well done job.

3. Music. Sorry, but this is an average level. For the past - a real breakthrough, but hearing now: I hear a colossal difference. Doesn’t hurt the ear, but it’s hard to call it good either. I liked only three remixes, the rest was average.

4. Bosses. Each has something to say.

  • Air man - The first attack is standard, but the next attacks are interesting. It takes off to a certain height and tries to prevent us from hitting it. Jump changed slightly. Honest boss? Yes!
  • Bubble man - AI is almost unchanged, only slightly accelerated. Honest but not interesting
  • Heat man - This boss I call dishonest, because he flies like lightning at you when he takes damage. The reaction may not save you. Plus, even warning sounds are inaudible!
  • Metal Man - AI made it quite creatively. But low jumps - they can crush before you can neutralize him. Boss 50/50
  • Flash man - Honest boss. Too fast, stopping time with a huge stream of bullets, Which take down a lot of HP. Touching the boss himself - removes 1 HP
  • Crash man - Sped it up a bit, but throwing a projectile under it automatically damages the player! It’s not fair!
  • Wood man - Boss with a weakness for bombs. The problem in the boss: Leaves fly too fast (As in a simple attack, that you can’t dodge, that an attack with a leafy shield… but with a shield - there is not enough reaction), And he himself jumps across the entire screen. Not fair? Yes
  • Quick man - Changed its AI slightly. There are many boomerangs, fortunately they do not homing. If you hit it not with weakness and not with a blaster, it will freeze sharply in the air (even taking into account that it was hit when it was on the ground). An honest, weird, but interesting boss
  • Boss 1 and 3 Wily Castle - no changes, only unfortunate weaknesses.
  • Boss 2 Wily Castle - Without the E-tank - I could not get through. The problem is not in the boss itself, but in how the location is built. But about the locations later. But I’ll stress the fact: He’s too fast.
  • Boss 4 Wily Castle - He himself is unchanged, but it became more difficult, because the location was rebuilt and enemies were added. Fair? Yes
  • We skip Boss Rush… only fact 5 Boss of the Wily Castle depends on him. Boss 5 Wily Castle - Its two phases are non-blaster. But, it is lighter than the original. However, a WARNING: “If you run out of required abilities, you will automatically lose the level”
  • Final Boss - Only one weakness for him, Requires NOT A SINGLE MISS . It’s not fair. Plus the boss himself shoots a barrage of bullets, which is hard to dodge

5. Character abilities. Honestly, some are better and some shouldn’t have been changed. Peculiar and unusual

6. Level Design. I’m surprised that Level Design looks good even today. Fair enough, interesting and varied in places. However, I will highlight the points that are actually made not very well thought out:

  • Boss location in Wily Castle 2. Small space, no escape routes, and enemies get in the way.
  • Wily Castle 4 - The problem in the stage is confusion in the most obscure maze. Fortunately, at least in the location of the boss, they did it interestingly
  • Wily Castle 6 - Lots of dangerous red acid drops. There is very little room for escape. Fortunately, even closer to the end there is energy for abilities and energy for HP

Before the conclusion, I say right away: I played in Hard Mode (It is the pure essence of the game and hacks). And the results are as follows:

  • Pros: Level Design and Graphic part of the game.
  • Cons: Bosses and some enemies.
  • 50/50: Music, enemies and character abilities.

In the end: “To be honest, in the past it was a really good hack, but judging by common sense, it is the bad decisions that outweigh the hack. At that time, I would have liked it, but now - it is outdated and bad decisions - they don’t rush only in the eyes, but was able to annoy players like me”

If not for the mistakes in the hack, then I really would have liked it. And so - it is outdated.

I can’t recommend this. Reason: “Not my hack that seemed better before”

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Rockman Exile (MegaMan 2 hack!?) - Has NOT passed the test of time!diablo66605 Dec 20211.0No
Rockman Exile - GOODDobu_GM19 Apr 20191.0Yes
Definitely Under-Appreciatedkagerato02 May 20171.0Yes
Pretty hard, but well crafted.Kallisto08 Feb 20171.0Yes
One of my favorite hard Mega Man 2 hacks!8.bit.fan03 Nov 20161.0Yes
Awful to hearTimaeus24 Nov 20151.0No
Ouch, my ears...Yoshiatom28 Dec 2013N/ANo