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Hack of Mega Man 5


Welcome to AV

Created by CousinCatnip

Additional Modding and Owl sprite by Menblock

This Hack includes:

  • New Level Design (All 16 Levels have been changed!)
  • New Boss AI/Attacks
  • New Enemies (and some old)
  • New Music Remixes
  • New Palletes (and some old)
  • New Story
  • New Weapons (and some old)
  • NO Autoscrollers
  • New Weaknesses
  • MEGAMANV Letters unlock a NEW upgrade
  • 3 Different Difficulty Settings: Normal (AV), 300 (Increase Speed + Air Dash), and ROB (300 + 1 HIT MODE)


  • You can press SELECT (or Select+Down) to SWITCH WEAPONS at ANY POINT
  • Your G BUSTER is more versatile then you think
  • The first 8 ROBOT MASTER LEVELS can be beat with just the default BUSTER and RUSH
  • STORY-


Armed with the G. BUSTER, help MEGA MAN take down the 8 MEME ROBOT MASTERS and CONQUER THE ROMHACKERS!

It includes the following patches:

“Rockman 5 - Keep Mega Buster Charge when Megaman is Hurt” by StalkerMaestro

“Rockman 5 - Dash Sprite” by StalkerMaestro

“Rockman 5: Switch Weapons” by StalkerMaestro

“MM5 - Charge Shot Sound Fade Out” by Methy

“Rockman 5: Patch for Air Sliding” by StalkerMaestro (in 300 and Rob versions)

“Rockman 5 - Speed Patch” by Anandastoon (in 300 and Rob versions)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Mega Man 5 (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: 1748E9B6ECFF0C01DD14ECC7A48575E74F88B778
  • File CRC32: 5E023291
  • ROM SHA-1: 36842491BB513C80BEB9F2FB2AA30EDAA1121CA4
  • ROM CRC32: 3EDCF7E8




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
MenblockHackingAdditional Coding and Hacking Help

User Review Information

AV (MM5 hack) - the first sample of the pen?

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 26 Nov 2021

I thought I’d meet another unique hack for the Mega Man series. However, I came across this hack. And… I’m disappointed.

If we talk about the pros and cons, then I met a lot of cons.

Level Design. Honestly, I thought he would be fine, but no. All levels according to the Local Level Design are either difficult and dishonest, or impassable without pain.

  • In the stages of Robomasters, it is difficult and unfair. Each stage is upset in its own way.
    • In the Charge man stage - really without Rush Jet - you can’t pass the stage
    • In the Gravity man stage - gravity tapes are trying to send you to the pit or to the ceiling (which takes 1 UP)
    • In the Star Man stage - they obviously tried to lose to the spikes faster, because there are a lot of them and they are installed in very inconvenient places.

    I have listed the least that I have met in the stages of Robomasters

  • In Wily Castles, in Protoman? Сastle - A lot of time was spent going through this one stage at a time… And I had a total of 6 hours of real time… It just brought me pain and suffering…

Music. Honestly, the MIX that was created is painful to listen to. Because some of the keys in the MIX are either too high or very fuzzy in sound…

The main ability and secondary. We start the game with a “Blaster”… It works very strangely and in some way incorrectly. Plus - I had a strange bug that appeared from a large number of objects (sprites) on the screen.

Secondary abilities also don’t work as they should… they managed to break them. An example is: The ability of Stone Man. In the original - it works strangely, but without getting stuck in the walls. And it gets stuck. Or the ability of Wave man - activating, it turns into an enemy and deals damage to us.

The only plus that I highlighted: Bosses, or rather 8 Robomasters. They have been changed by AI - and they act differently, but it is interesting. However, I cannot but note that it has not been done to the end. Unfinished, but interesting bosses.

I hope the hack will improve, but at the moment - I can’t recommend it

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
One of the worst Mega Man hacks ever madecschifani17 Dec 20211.0No
AV (MM5 hack) - the first sample of the pen?diablo66626 Nov 20211.0No