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Dragon Quest I+II

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Dragon Quest I+II is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

This patch translates Dragon Quest I+II from Japanese to English, fixing all the bugs that froze the game or avoided playing it normally. Based on the RPGOne’s translation (2002). It must be applied to an unheadered “Dragon Quest I&II (Japan)” ROM.

The aforementioned bugs that this patch fixes include:

  • The freezing text in the inn of Beran / Beranule.
  • Rolando cloning bug in Leftwyne / Liriza.
  • An untranslated text in Japanese belonging to an alternate variant of the ending of Dragon Quest 1 that happened when you complete the game with the Princess Laura in your arms, has been translated.
  • Occasional main characters’ misnamings in Dragon Quest 2 are fixed.
  • The bug that avoided saving the game in Dragon Quest 1 after reaching maximum level (level 30) is fixed.
  • The randomized system of name generation for the Princess of Moonbrook and the Prince of Sumaltria / Cannock in Dragon Quest 2 has been restored to its full functionality, that it had in the row Japanese original ROM.
  • The nun’s endless looping dialog in Dragon Quest 2 that appears near the end after having defeated Hargon has been fixed.
  • The bug that occurred when using the cheat for customizing the names of the Princess and the Prince of Sumaltria in Dragon Quest 2, if you used a name bigger than 5 letters for the Princess, has been fixed.
  • Wrongly stated price per night in the inn of Beranule has been fixed.
  • A dialog that was cut during the DQ1 final battle (before King Dragon transforms).
  • It’s not necessary to press A Button three times anymore when using field magic spells, as it was in the Japanese row ROM (very useful).
  • “Ball of Light” replaced by “Light Orb” (as in the Game Boy Color official English translation), that sounds more solemn.
  • The item “Eye of Malroth”, that wrongly appeared like “Statue of Evil” in the inventory, has been fixed.
  • The amount of money stored in the vault is not misinformed anymore, when higher than 65535 gold pieces.
  • The original possible random names for the Princess of Moonbrook and the Prince of Sumaltria have been restored as they were in the Japanese ROM (transcribed to their etymological Latin).

They are for the Princes: Rolando, Kain, Arthur, Conan, Kooky, Tonelat, Esgar, Paulos And for the Princesses: Airin, Maria, Nana, Akina, Purine, Maiko, Linda, Samantha.

  • Mziab’s pre-existing patch for fixing the broken title screen in Dragon Quest 1 has been added.

More information about new updates and bug fixes inside the readme.

This patch has been made by Rod Merida, with the participation of other members of Crackowia team, like Vicks Dg, who betatested the Inn of Beranule and Nun’s bugs; Dudejo, who has betatested Dragon Quest 2 RPGOne’s English screen, in order to make it clean of any kind of text overflows and extra, undiscovered bugs; and Lilpuddy31, who has betatested Dragon Quest 1 RPGOne’s English screen with a similar result.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Dragon Quest I & II (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 1C0C6D78BF2BC29160ADF48B17EBF5A5BC46230E
  • File/ROM CRC32: 98BB6853


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Rod MeridaHackingBugfixing
SpSpiffOriginal TranslationOriginal Japanese-English translation
ChrisRPGOriginal HackingOriginal ROMhacking, ASM programming and editing
NearOriginal HackingOriginal ASM programming

User Review Information

A good, but disappointing effort.

Reviewed By: Jormugandr on 25 Nov 2021

I applaud everyone’s hard work on this project, but I just can’t recommend it. The direct translation from Japanese for things like character and monster names is incredibly confusing for anyone with a history of playing these games with the great original localizations. Some of them don’t even make sense. For instance the WolfLord enemy is now Wolf Mammal… what? And correct me if I am wrong, but I’m pretty sure the final boss was never called King Dragon, even in the Japanese version. Some very strange choices made.

I really hope there is an “Erdrick” version in the works, because I don’t like “Roto” and it certainly doesn’t match any official English translation we might get of these games in the future.

Version 1.052rtm Recommended - No

User Reviews
A good, but disappointing effort.Jormugandr25 Nov 20211.052rtmNo
Removes the option to go with the DW namesThirteen 135526 Oct 20211.052rtmNo
Excellent, I've only found one thing off so farMario8607 Aug 20211.052rtmYes
The best English version yetdudejo09 Jul 20211.052rtmYes
This makes me exceedingly happy!Red Soul17 Jun 20211.0Yes