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Battle City - 4 Players Hack

Hack of Battle City


1/2 player - 3/4 players game.

Play classic Battle City with a four-score or 4-player adapter. Also adds some features (selectable) and 35 levels from Tank 1990 (levels 35-70).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: Japan
  • MD5: CD4FE2E78DF0696DBE652F02C19541A1
  • SHA-1: E1061C9241B06A965FB7845CB951D921ACA010EF
  • CRC-32: F599A07E
  • Battle City (J).nes (GoodNes 3.14)




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Tank Party Ahoy!

Reviewed By: Preki on 17 Oct 2021

Get your NES, Famicom or whatever, hook up the 4-player adapter of your choice, bring in some booze and snacks and you’re in for some great party time. Because this hack turns a classic two-player cooperative game into a real party game. Various options that come with this modification vastly increase replayability and each gameplay session is gonna be unique. Stronger enemies who spawn with a shield thus not going down as easily as in vanilla game? Enemies being able to use power-ups to their advantage? Or even enabling friendly fire for even more stuff and giggles? It’s all up to you. And whatever options you’ve chosen - you’re in for some great, fun time, regardless if you win or lose.

My only quip with this one are those power-ups spawning like crazy whenever a power-up carrying armored tank is hit, which creates chaotic situations, but other than that - this hack is something we should have had back in the day.

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Tank Party Ahoy!Preki17 Oct 20211.3Yes
Turning into a multiplayer gamediablo66616 Feb 20201.3Yes
Nice and goodszemigi01 Mar 20181.3Yes