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Mega Man X4 Undub

Hack of Mega Man X4


(This entry is referential. Files are in the download link below)


What’s been changed:

  • Restored opening and ending Japanese themes.
  • Subtitled story videos with Japanese audio
  • Replaced all character voice clips with the Japanese counterparts, while also restoring some that were cut off from the western version.
  • Retranslated script, with a new font and variable font width.

Kept from English version:

  • Menu voice clips (title screen, Maverick names, special weapon names)


  • Corrected a localization error in Magma Dragoon’s introduction (”Irregular” - “Maverick”)
  • Touched up colors of the loading screen logo (stray red pixels)

Additional hacks available in the “readme” as hex editing instructions:

  • Exit Stage Button Always Available (8 Main Stages)
  • Disable Double Tap Dash Input
  • Change Default Button Configuration

Patch variants:

  • UNDUB: The original version of the project. Doesn’t include any changes to script or font. Video subtitles based on Hondoori’s translation.
  • UNDUB + RETRANSLATION: Includes the script from NectarHime’s relocalization of the PC version (Final Weapon project). Includes additional tweaks to font and text spacing (variable font width).


ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man X4 (USA)
  • MD5: 1c425b49bb25c45b3964b2d565dd0ec0




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
acediezHackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
DarkSamus993HackingGame documentation and voice clip ASM hacks.
NectarHimeScript Editing/RevisionScript editor. Author of the PC version's Final Weapon relocalization project.

User Review Information

No More Shame on One of the Best X entries

Reviewed By: SuxMenner on 11 Aug 2021

Like many, I am a big fan of Mega Man X4 which is known for its terrible and always mocked western voice acting, with many scenes being meme’d to death to this day.

This hack finally gives X4 the treatment it deserves by restoring the JP Voice Acting and re-translating the game’s text as an optional patch, finally making so more people can take this game’s story seriously unlike ever before.

Thank you Acediez for your continued amazing work!

Version 1.13 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
What Am I Writing For?!!Eldrethor15 Aug 20211.13Yes
No More Shame on One of the Best X entriesSuxMenner11 Aug 20211.13Yes