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Super Mario Land DX mod

Hack of Super Mario Land


For those who complain about Super Mario Land DX character, here you got a mod that brings the old school Mario look-a-like!

As the author of the original DX version changed some code, there is some changes on how the game load the tiles, so, expect some bugs.

Known Bugs:

  • White face while jumping without mushroom power up
  • Small face on plane without mushroom power up

If anyone wants to help fixing these, be my guest.

Apply the Super Mario Land DX patch first, and then this patch.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Land
  • File/ROM MD5: B45F850D25943A636D9999F90A2BBAA8
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 7D95107C45D4F33649324DA2E8A3C8DDB10CDA5E
  • File/ROM CRC32: 6862D7F8




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
toruzzOriginal Work

User Review Information

Great, but there's a weird problem with Mario's sprite

Reviewed By: ITOM on 07 Aug 2021

I’ve been waiting for an addendum hack like this since the original Mario Land DX released and I’m so happy that it finally exists. The sprites of Mario look good, but when small Mario jumps, dies, or big Mario crouches, his skin color changes to white and it just looks odd

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great, but there's a weird problem with Mario's spriteITOM07 Aug 20211.0Yes
Nice try, what many purists expectednj180grados05 Aug 20211.0Yes