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F-Zero Parallel Dimension

Hack of F-Zero


Here is a hack for F-Zero introducing new tracks to race, in which new players will find a fun experience and for veteran players new challenges. Each Cup will increase in it’s difficulty going from easy to hard. Alongside the new changes on the track design, there’s also a new track placement, some tracks do remain on their original positions; but some do not. In unique fashion, the 4 main machines have been recolored. The game also contain some secrets hidden. Can you find them all? There’s also another version of the same hack that changes some gameplay mechanics, which are explained in the readme file.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ROM/ISO Information:F-Zero (USA).sfc
  • CRC32: AA0E31DE
  • MD5: 6F334790120E1FE1A972FF184D2CFC50
  • SHA-1: D3EFD32B68F1FE37A82DB9D9929B7CA7CC1A3AF4
  • SHA-256: BF16C3C867C58E2AB061C70DE9295B6930D63F29F81CC986F5ECAE03E0AD18D2




User Review Information

I rather enjoyed it!

Reviewed By: lightninghunter on 06 Jul 2021

I actually found myself enjoying this hack more than expected. The tracks were very unique, and the colors were a breath of fresh air. I especially enjoyed the “Pink car” that is now Blue. I know some of the reviews on here complain about the narrow tracks, and call me crazy if you want - but I rather enjoyed them. I beat Fire Field on my first try on Expert skill (I will try Master next). The track is narrow, yes, but there aren’t too many difficult turns or jumps. I just slowed down before each turn and made sure to pass cars only in the open areas.

If I had to nitpick about anything, it would be the extra energy bars halfway through the tracks that felt unnecessary. I didn’t die from low energy once the entire playthrough, although I did miss a few jumps from explosive cars sitting right near them (don’t you hate that?)

All in all, I highly recommend this hack!

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
I rather enjoyed it!lightninghunter06 Jul 20211.3Yes
So-SoRayofJay28 Jan 20211.3Yes
Almost there..JulianoFdeS18 Oct 20191.0No
A great looking hack from a newcomerRoyTheDragon17 Oct 20191.0Yes