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Star Wars

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

This is not the same game as LucasArts’ version, which was released in the US. Unlike that one, which mixed sidescrolling parts with overhead pod trips, this one is more of a platformer where you control Luke Skywalker as he goes and plays parts of the movie by using your Lightsaber to mow your way through the enemies.

And the first boss? Well, it’s your own pop, Darth Vader. Except he’s not Vader. Which is strange because he turns into this scorpion thing when you hit him once. And when you beat the first stage, you get on the Millenium Falcon to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi.

So wow, you get your first Lightsaber before meeting old Ben!

The game is pretty good, with its graphics suffering because of the huge detail that the characters are supposed to have… whereas that simply cannot be recreated on an NES. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Just get used to the fact that Luke dies with a single hit, that there are no continues, and that the control’s a little shoddy, and you’ll be fine.

Translation Description:

Well everything text wise is done. That means that the ability menu and dialogue screens are fully translated from the original, which used katakana to display everything. Not a bad job, just don’t mind the overusing of ellipses everywhere.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Star Wars (Japan) (Namco).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: CCE17A0E
  • MD5: 86382CFADA9D12B339B1DB8E5BBFF026
  • SHA-1: D5047DA05E3F161B97A11CA271671380635B4B8D
  • SHA-256: 4E596C6721D61E57EEEB044BDE0122DB68D7E8069EA3B6B5B9C60E9A1DD60443


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


User Review Information

A very difficult but rewarding game

Reviewed By: Cahos Rahne Veloza on 31 Jul 2008

I used to have a FamiCom cartridge of this game & used to love it very much, & even if I could never understand the Japanese text I knew what this game was about.

Now that there is a fan translation I rejoiced once more, but…

The translation is a bit off in some points:

1. Every Darth Vader clone (end of level boss) was given the wrong approach with the names. If you’re a true blooded Star Wars fan you know that every sith warrior had a name starting with “Darth” (Darth Maul, Darth Sedious, Darth Vader), not names ending with the “Vader” part.

2. In the beginning of the game, Leia was talking to Luke, where as her holograph record was intended for Obi Wan.

3. The Translation has minor grammar issues, like when you’re off to save Obi Wan, he says” I’ve being held in Kessel”, the I’ve part should have been I’m.

4. There was a small bit untranslated, after you save Han Solo, he tells you of a secret passage somewhere, this passage is in a small tree area after the bit where you jump across several quicksand, just access the menu screen & press A on Han Solo’s icon & he will show you the passage, the text here is still in katakana.

None the less, this translation is quite good actually. Those of you who’ve never played this game will have a great time playing it, mind you though, this game is WICKED HARD! So thank God we can now use save states.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A very difficult but rewarding gameCahos Rahne Veloza31 Jul 2008N/AYes