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The Ninja of the 4 Seasons



The Ninja of the 4 Seasons is a plateformer game for the NES. You play a ninja who crosses the 4 seasons to be the best ninja!

I hope you’ll have fun :)



User Review Information

Nice ninja hopping madness.

Reviewed By: CaptainHIT on 17 Mar 2021

It’s a sweet jump’n run game. I expected to throw a few ninja stars but it’s all about hopping on enemies, that’s all. The music is sweet, but it’s the only music in the game; playing on the title screen and also in-game. After a while it can get annoying though. Animation is ok, but could have a few more frames. Collision detection should be overworked. Touching water with just 1 pixel will kill you, I expected a drowning when falling into water but instead the ninja explodes. There are not many enemies out there to get rid of. All sprites are walking 1 pixel above ground, so they look like they’re hovering on the ground. Looks not good when you walk in front of trees and you can see the bottom of the tree under your feet. I also expect a combo bonus when hopping from an enemy to the next, but you’ll get the same 1 point. This game could get better in the future, I hope.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A fun little platformerdoommaniac20 Nov 20211.1Yes
Way Too Slow for a Ninja Gamerizzardcore01 Oct 20211.1No
Nice ninja hopping madness.CaptainHIT17 Mar 20211.1Yes