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Donkey Kong Country Kremling's Revenge Remodel

Hack of Donkey Kong Country


scription : Here is Donkey Kong Country Kremling’s Revenge Remodel, which is a reboot from the original hack from Preposterify out in 2012. Features :

  • New graphics on almost every level (and it was the most difficult and time-consuming stuff),
  • New design levels for some levels (Stop and go station for example). Water and ice levels are still really short because of the limits of DKC editors,
  • KONG letters now available in every level (except for water and ice levels…),
  • New bonuses in almost every level (there are now the same number of bonuses as in the original DKC game, except for water and ice levels…),
  • New difficulty game average : the difficulty of the entire game is now quite the same as in the original DKC game,

Hope you will enjoy it !

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Donkey Kong Country (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
  • (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 535A5B674859A78852A1ED70B00ECA5EA5BE8417
  • ROM format : SNES rom image
  • External Header : No
  • File Size : 4194304 (400000)
  • ROM Size : 4194304 (400000)
  • ROM CRC32 : 7A33E836
  • ROM SHA-1 : 535A5B674859A78852A1ED70B00ECA5EA5BE8417
  • No-Intro entry :Donkey Kong Country (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
  • Cheksum valid : Yes




User Review Information

Only good with rewinds or savestates

Reviewed By: Mitsukara on 08 Mar 2021

First off, I appreciate the hard work that must go into DKC romhacks, and this is no exception. Second, I haven’t actually played through the original Kremling’s Revenge so I can’t compare the two.

But, while it’s neat to see new levels, this is still excessively difficult, much more so than the original DKC, and also a little glitchy, and dips slightly into Kaizo. I had the following issues:

1. Mean enemy placements / blind jumps, which start to be noticeable as soon as the second level.

2. Tiny thin platforms you have to jump perfectly between (especially once you get to the millstone levels).

3. Although the sections that have minecarts in non-minecart levels are playable and only a little tougher than regular minecart levels, they often use blast barrels that, if you jump into them the wrong way, crash the game or fire you in the wrong direction, as though the barrel’s preset direction gets corrupted by the minecart jump somehow??

4. So many millstones packed together that the next millstone can’t properly load until you scroll the old one offscreen.

5. A late gorilla Glacier level requires you to jump up a purple rope with a narrow space above a zinger and then again around a rotating zinger, in a way that’s just horrendous to time without rewinding.

6. Torchlight Trouble is miserable as it involves a ton of careful jumps in between the Rockkroc enemies and spikes on narrow platforms all while flashing Sqwuaks in your face if you turn around very much.

7. You have to know it’s possible to push a tire through an enemy-spawning drum.

8. Elevator Antics… you’re required to roll off a ledge as Diddy, then jump back up to reach a moving platform that’s otherwise unreachable as far as I can tell.

Later, there’s a bonus area hidden at the bottom right of a very difficult rope/zinger section…. which exits you out to BEFORE that section so you have to redo it all if you go in there.

…and right after that, there’s a part where you have to fall onto a rope right below a Grinder and immediately start pressing down to climb, or else you fall in a hole.

9. Rotating grinder patterns and small moving platforms in Blackout Basement.

10. I think the jump at the N in Manic Mincers also requires a Diddy roll-jump to cross, such that Donkey can’t make it?

11. Platform Perils, the final stage, goes full kaizo with the hyper-fast rotating zingers and Krushas on tiny platforms (which means managing not losing DK or else you’re doomed). I can’t even imagine playing this one without savestates/rewinds, or on real hardware; no thanks.

In addition to this, four levels (including two water levels, and the only Ice Cave level, which made me sad because the ice cave music is awesome) were entirely removed- you just enter the level, move slightly right, and Donkey and Diddy immediately walk out and exit. I have to wonder if these are hast cuts from the original Kremling’s Revenge, or if they were already like this in that hack too, but either way it’s a bummer. I kept thinking of the name “Janky Kong Country” as I played this.

Basically, it’s not ALL bad, and I did finish it with rewinds, but I can’t imagine actually having fun with this one without rewinding, sorry.

If the goal was to make this comparable in difficulty to the original DKC, it needs a lot more work. I give it 3 out of 10. Nice try?

Version 1.1 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Only good with rewinds or savestatesMitsukara08 Mar 20211.1No
A fresh new way to experience a classic!Sosuko28 Jul 20201.1Yes
Nice spinrainbwsprinklez18 Jul 20181.1Yes