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Yume Penguin Monogatari

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Awesome awesome game. Brilliant brilliant game. You thought Konami was weird when you saw Solid Snake skateboarding? This is weirder. It would be a typical old platformer, except for the fact that you’re a penguin. And, your goal is to lose weight to get back in good with your chicky penguin. And all the bad guys? They throw FOOD at you! So you have to avoid the food cause that makes you get fat and die. Haha, it’s cool even talking about it.

Translation Description:

Everything’s translated! WOOOO! All the stuff that you’ll actually SEE, anyway. Kitsune mentions that there’s some untranslated text in the rom that refers to a level that was - I assume - cut from the game during development, so you never see it during the course of normal gameplay. So don’t worry about it. Just play the thing and have fun.

Please note, though, that there are two patches in the archive, and only one of them should be used to patch the game. See, Yume Penguin Monogatari apparently has some crazy protection scheme to it that affected earlier versions of Kitsune’s translation, causing the game to become extremely, brutally difficult after it was patched. yume100.IPS fixes the problem and should be used for normal playing purposes, while yume100a.IPS (the “hard” version) should only be used in the occasion that you want to drive yourself completely insane. Got it? Good.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Yume Penguin Monogatari (Japan).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: E1686577
  • MD5: 1A8CDB42E6D6B0BE737298708B7F4052
  • SHA-1: 3FF1C6A320E16B9B33DB269C44C8AC914E2AFC6C
  • SHA-256: 824FD5246859A53A9B5F17BA501A061B3AF354E39C1A471F526C0E7D1F28171E


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Kitsune Sniper (Foxhack)Hacking
Shih TzuTranslation
sl1meGraphicsMain Graphic Artist
Vorname NachnameHackingProtection Workaround

User Review Information

A professional translation of an overlooked game.

Reviewed By: The Beaky Buccaneer on 06 Mar 2021

Back in the day there were sometimes weird games that were dismissed as being “too Japanese” to get a global release, and Yume Penguin Monogatari (a 2D platformer spin-off from Konami’s Antarctic Adventure and Penguin Adventure games) is one of them. And that’s a pity, because it’s a fun and absurd little game that, whilst you can easily figure it out in its native language, is made more fun when you have the full context for its bizarre goings-on.

Vice Translations’ Dream Penguin Adventure hack sets things straight by offering a full translation of the game and keeping its oddball personality intact in the process. All of the text has been translated, including any logo graphics and in-game effects that contain text or onomatapoeias.

The translation is as charmingly weird as the game itself, and it feels like what might have been created had the game made it out of Japan originally. Greedy Penta has gotten too fat, and his girlfriend Penko (whose life Penta saved in 1986’s Penguin Adventure) threatens to leave him in favour of the slimmer and supposedly more stylish Ginji (a rival penguin who wears a top-hat and shades) if he doesn’t shape up. Ginji and his gang then take this as an opportunity to throw obstacles in Penta’s way in order to get him out of the picture! Well, I say “obstacles”, but more accurately they throw food at him (which he’ll automatically eat if it hits him), whilst holding onto stashes of dieting pills; If Penta avoids eating the food and defeats the goons, he can pick up the pills and keep trying to get into shape. Along the way, he’ll engage in an aerial battle against a food-throwing fleet of airships led by a pig, and rush to meet his girlfriend at the top of a giant multi-storey cake which is currently undergoing construction-work, amongst other things. Poor Penta has to deal with one temptation after another!

This is an authentic-feeling translation that will hopefully open this game up to a wider audience than it would’ve reached in its own time. Most excellent.

I tested this game in the versions of RetroPie for both the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and the Raspberry Pi Zero W, and it worked as it should with both.

Version 1.021 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A professional translation of an overlooked game.The Beaky Buccaneer06 Mar 20211.021Yes