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Dragon Quest III: Delocalized

Hack of Dragon Warrior III


Thank you for taking a moment to look into Dragon Quest III: Delocalized. This project has been steadily worked on for approximately 2 years. It includes a complete retranslation from the original Japanese text along with numerous bug fixes, restorations and highly conservative improvements. The main idea for this project was to provide English speakers an opportunity to play a version of the game that mirrors the Japanese Dragon Quest III while retaining some of the improvements made to the English version. The authors are striving for something that’s uncensored and rigorously accurate, yet also delivered with none of the awkward language that frequently plagues literal translations.

Please submit any questions or issues on this combined project thread.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Dragon Warrior III (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: A867549BAD1CBA4CD6F6DD51743E78596B982BD8
  • File CRC32: EB63E83
  • ROM SHA-1: E58B61B031A9F0DC168525654BCB9883EF61A976
  • ROM CRC32: A86A5318




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Chicken KnifeHackingHacking, Graphics, Script Editing
nejimakipiyoTranslationLead Translator
DattebayoTranslationTranslation Consulting
abwHackingHacking Consulting
EggersHackingBug Fix
erinnkProductionASM Concepts, Spell Names
LadyCannockProductionASM Concepts, Spell Names

User Review Information

One for the Ages

Reviewed By: iridium_ionizer on 02 Mar 2021

I played the game to completion, and I can say that this is the version that amateur video game historians will use to understand what it was like to play the game for the first time in 1988 Japan.

I do not claim an encyclopedic knowledge of Dragon Warrior III. I read about in in Nintendo Power in 1991. About a decade ago I played a translation of the super-Famicom remake to completion. What can I say, but the text flows well and the newly translated dialogue portrays the story in a consistent and enjoyable manner.

The restored religious symbols fit in well. The ongoing off-color joke is only done in one town and is very hilarious. Also, killing baby satans has never been so fun!

I acclimated to the new spell names fine (with a bit of experimentation). Their names contain hints of their uses and advanced spells use longer suffixes than their simpler versions. The new item names were easy to correlate with the western release names if you are using walkthroughs or strategy guides.

To thoroughly enjoy Dragon Warrior 3 I would recommend first playing the Dragon Warrior 1 to completion and at least the first half of the Dragon Warrior 2 (preferably the delocalized versions to match this). There are quite a few call-backs that will pass you by if you don’t. If you are put off by the grind, then just add the Doubled hacks on top. For this game use the revert_to_localized_gold-xp patch.

I appreciate all of the hard work done by the Translation Quest team on the most complicated (and most replayable) game of the Roto trilogy. Everything just worked smoothly throughout the entire game.

Version 1.00 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
One for the Agesiridium_ionizer02 Mar 20211.00Yes