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Monster Rancher 2 Seasonal Shrine

Hack of Monster Rancher 2


Instead of generating a monster based on the inserted CD, the shrine CD function now generates a monster based on the current year, season and the player name. The type and statistics of the monster are similar to as if a random CD was inserted. The original restrictions still apply, so it may not always be possible to generate the chosen monster.

The probability of generating a unique monster is ~1%. A few non-CD obtainable monsters have been added to the group of unique monsters, such as those obtainable by slating or obtainable in other versions of the game.

This patch is compatible with the NTSC US version of the game only.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Code: SLUS_009.17
  • Filesize: 451 280 592 bytes
  • MD5: B41F1F33D1075F22CAB7E180F812C0AC




User Review Information

Must-Have for Emulation. One Exception.

Reviewed By: Cralex on 01 Mar 2021

First off, a clarification: When you go to a shrine to get a monster, the game still recognizes that you never switched discs. But the monster you get is determined by your name, date, and month rather than just spitting out the default monster. This makes an emulated/flash storage run far more enjoyable, while also changing the flow of the game completely. (You need to spend in-game time to change what you get.)

One word of warning: It’s completely possible for your first monster to be restricted, requiring a higher trainer rank. This essentially softlocks you because you can’t go to the ranch or advance time without a monster. You could start over with a new trainer name and hope this doesn’t happen again… Or load up an unpatched copy long enough to get your first monster and progress the game.

If a new version ever appears, I’d love to see it check if your monster book is empty and guarantee a beginner-friendly monster if so.

Version 20170611 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Monster Rancher Without Disc Swappingpeacefighter01 Mar 202120170611Yes
Must-Have for Emulation. One Exception.Cralex01 Mar 202120170611Yes
Excellent!gamingcat0226199106 May 202020170611Yes