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FF6 - Brave New World

Hack of Final Fantasy III


What started out with my initial desire to properly case everyone’s names turned into a rather innocent discussion between a co-worker of mine and I about ways to improve/fix the original game, which in turn (somehow) became this.

FF6 - Brave New World is a fairly complete overhaul of Final Fantasy VI, featuring…

  • Character-based esper restrictions & new stat boosts that promote greater diversity and allow for customized development.
  • Esper leveling system that disassociates esper bonuses from traditional levels.
  • New and reworked formulas which rescue everything that isn’t magic or magic evasion from the dump-stat heap.
  • Rebalanced equipment, items, spells, and skills that aim to remove dead weight and give players more (and better) choices.
  • A complete overhaul of enemies from their stats to their behavior to better challenge veteran players and newcomers alike.
  • Tons of bugfixes, as well as remedies to many of the game’s more annoying aspects (such as rage hunting taking a lifetime).
  • And much, much more, detailed in the Readme (particularly section 4).

One thing BNW is not is a difficulty mod. While it is harder than vanilla FF6, we wanted to keep it accessible to newcomers while at the same time giving veterans a new experience. Hopefully, we succeeded.

Curious about what other people are saying about BNW? Like the mod and want to let us know? Hate it and want to tell us how much we suck? Completely indifferent and just bored? Feel free to drop by what’s become the official forum for discussing BNW:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (USA) - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: A27F1C7A
  • MD5: E986575B98300F721CE27C180264D890
  • SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
  • SHA-256: 0F51B4FCA41B7FD509E4B8F9D543151F68EFA5E97B08493E4B2A0C06F5D8D5E2




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Grindfest that requires you to play it as the developers intended.

Reviewed By: MysticLord on 09 Jan 2021

Major complaints:

  • Certain enemies can’t be beaten without specific characters. The racoons outside South Figaro are weak to fire and counter I think all everything with a ~300 HP heal-all for their side. You need to kill them all in one hit, which is only possible when you first visit with Terra casting Fire.
  • Sub-optimal parties are punished in certain areas. When fighting Dadaluma in Zozo, he eventually will give himself haste and regen, then jump (healing HP from regen while in the air) and deal a pretty good amount of damage to the party. I couldn’t beat him with Locke, Shadow, Celes, and Edgar all in the high teens and early 20s, he simply healed faster than I could damage him even with Locke and Shadow dual wielding 2x damage vs human weapons, Edgar hitting his poison/dark weakness with Bio Blaster (also needed to kill the minions he summons quickly), and Celes hitting him with slow. I ran out of MP and healing items and had to quit. I’m not grinding up Gau, Sabin, Cyan, and Edgar to level 20 to try again.
  • FF6’s vanilla early game bores me to death. I wish we could get to the meat and potatoes (magicite, full party) in like 15 minutes, but that’s how games like Saga Frontier work so I’m spoiled I guess.
  • Given how many counters enemies have, battles consist of everyone defending from the back row while Edgar or Sabin use their zero-MP hit-alls to kill all the enemies before they counter my party to death. I could learn each enemy’s weakness, but it’s just not worth the effort.
  • It’s designed to make it as annoying as possible to reach the fun part (magicite rebalaning and full party). I already mentioned Dadaluma, but there are these plant enemies that counter all physical attacks with raid, which absorb between 180 and 360 HP. Grinding and putting up with a maximal-tedium hack to reach the fun stuff that he spent a ton of time rebalancing isn’t worth it. I have no idea why they put all that effort into rebalancing Espers, then made it hard for anyone who doesn’t replay FF6 multiple times a year to get into his hack. It’s like they doesn’t want anyone except people who pass their filters to experience their masterpiece.

Good parts:

  • It’s no longer “hold A to win”.
  • You can actually lose.
  • Difficulty is significantly increased. I think I remember reading that the creators claimed someone beat it with a low level challenge, but if that’s their intended demographic they shouldn’t lie to people about it. I’m not going to reset every battle until the RNG gods bless me when there are dozens of other hacks I want to play and I have my own hacks to work on.
  • Lots of quality of life changes and bugfixes that make things nice.
  • Relics are much more balanced.
  • Weapons and armor are reasonably balanced. Don’t sell weapons, armor, or relics - you’ll need them later.
  • Consumable items are all very reasonable and all of them are useful.
  • Gau is much, much easier to use, and a solid party member.


  • While it seems like it’s intended for you to do stuff like max out Shadows evasion, this is ultimately pointless as he’ll just be killed when a plant uses raid, he barely does any damage anyways, and since his damage is spread out across more attacks he gets countered much more often. Getting countered more often to deal the same amount of damage negates his evasion. Someone who hits harder but less often is less vulnerable to counters.
  • Locke is useless except for farming humanoid enemies for low level consumable items to save GP buying them.
  • Sabin, Cyan, and Edgar are must-haves for all parties. There’s no point in not having them in your party.
  • This is a hardtype hack. That’s not my thing so BNW won’t be a priority for me to finish anytime soon, but if it’s yours then go for it.

Version 2.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A fresh new take on a classic. Almost didn't get it, SO glad I did.lobe02 Jun 20212.0Yes
The Definitive Way to Experience FF6Sir Newton Fig12 Mar 20212.1bYes
A Fantastic And Fresh FF6 Experience (long review)PokeFaize11 Mar 20212.0Yes
Great Hack but Spell Points (Magic Points) are wastedfoxguard909 Mar 20212.0Yes
A Fantastic Mechanical Update with an Enjoyable (not Mindless) Playthroughzeroedgeir28 Feb 20212.0Yes
Grindfest that requires you to play it as the developers intended.MysticLord09 Jan 20212.0Yes
"not a difficulty hack" my left footIkeTATARI09 Jan 20212.0No
Misleading presentation of hackxigix02 Oct 20202.0No
Really loved it until 2.0Croixraoul101 Jul 20202.0No
Challenging without being "hardtype", revised without being "different for the sake oSPennLUE10 Mar 20202.0Yes
A great way to experience FFVI again!Ok Impala!27 Jul 20191.9.0Yes
Definitely a Difficulty ModPhaxuji12 Jan 20202.0No
A fantastic mod, but the difficulty can be offputtingsarysa23 Apr 20181.9.0Yes
A good approach on character diversityXardas08 Mar 20181.6.1Yes
Lots of changes including save pointsKFCTwister18 Dec 20171.8.6Yes
People who say this isn't a good mod like ultima.Rotnflesh16 May 20151.6.1Yes
A Definitive FF6 Hackmagictrufflez01 May 20151.6.1Yes
This isn't a difficulty mod? Really?oubliette25 Mar 20151.6.0No