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Game Specific


CoilSnake is the most powerful mod making tool for the game EarthBound. CoilSnake has been used to create several original games in the EarthBound engine, as well as to translate EarthBound.

More information and tutorials can be found on the authors website —


User Review Information

Interesting Hacking Tool

Reviewed By: Ninten999 on 31 Dec 2020

While most hacking tools directly modify a ROM, this tool treats EarthBound like a .zip archive and extracts it all into a project directory for easy editing. It is also far better than jHack which always corrupted your ROM file.

You can use any image editor to modify the images instead of a image editor programmed for that specific game. You can also use any text editor, I recommend Notepad++, to modify the .yml file format. Everything in the yml file is readable and easily modifiable.

The script can be extracted and uses the CCScriptWriter code to extracted. With the script all extracted you can modify any of the text and add new script code in a easy readable way. You can even add ASM code to modify the game even more.

Most of the game can be modified to the point of completely new games, like Holiday Hex, in the EarthBound engine. Or simple hacks like my speed challenge.

The extraction itself is amazing and revolutionary but it can also recompile back into the ROM.

It has also inspired a similar tool for Mother 3 by JeffMan called ‘RopeSnake’. As for Mother 1, we have to see! Fun fact: the source code has the ability to extract and re package the Super Mario Bros NES ROM.

Overall, I have wrote a short review and recommend it!

Version 3.33 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Interesting Hacking ToolNinten99931 Dec 20203.33Yes