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Hack of Final Fantasy III


ReCast is a ’standing on shoulders’ half-hack that assembles various material created by members of the FF3SNES hacking community. Originally intended as a simple graphics patch to fix FF3’s combat art clash, ReCast has grown into a “vanillish” scenario adjustment, making Banon a more prominent character and adding a second story split to the latter half of the game to adjust Ruin pacing. Several characters are rewritten and some scenes are expanded or moved to different parts of the game (such as “Taming of the Gau” being moved to the World of Balance).

Additionally, spells were changed and natural magic was given to more characters. Enemies were made vulnerable to more status ailments and the Zombie status had its mechanics altered. This isn’t intended to be a major re-balance of combat or a hard-type patch, so the difficulty of the game should be roughly comparable to the original (it is slightly harder).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Final Fantasy III (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
  • File/ROM CRC32: A27F1C7A




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
C. V. ReynoldsHackingBug Fix Compilation (Building Base)
Rodimus PrimalTranslationDialog Script (Building Base)
PowerPandaDesignScenario Pacing (Building Base)
MadsiurGraphicsGraphics Compilation (Building Base)
GrayShadowsHackingInventory UI, Gogo Magic
HatZen08HackingCombat fixes, wilder RNG
Gi NattakHackingFunctional Umaro
James WhiteGraphicsLocke, Edgar, Mog, Gau A, Biggs, some portraits, various enemies (GFX Collection)
BropedioHackingCombat UI (Informative Miss)
assassin17HackingBugfixes (CV Collection and Sketch Bug)
Leet SketcherHackingBugfixes and Combat UI
Leviathan MistHackingInventory UI
Master ZEDHackingB-Button Dash
AstarothGraphicsCeles, Cid, Sabin (partial), various enemies (GFX Collection)
ZozmaGraphicsCyan, various enemies (GFX Collection)
Poco LocoGraphicsClyde, Darryl, various enemies (GFX Collection)
KugawattenGraphicsTerra, various enemies (GFX Collection)
RjenyawdGraphicsTiny Moogle (actor graphic) (GFX Collection)
SmithyGCNGraphicsTiny Moogle (portrait graphic)
Novalia SpiritHackingBugfixes (CV Collection)
Terii SenshiHackingBugfixes (CV Collection)
SutebenuGraphicsRelm (partial), various enemies (GFX Collection)
CrumpledMedalGraphicsVarious enemies (GFX Collection)
ZeemisGraphicsVarious enemies (GFX Collection)
Dr.BlankGraphicsVarious enemies (GFX Collection)
FEOKGraphicsShiva, Cyan (partial) (GFX Collection)
B-RunHackingEdgar's cover mechanic
LockirbyProductionBug Reports
Alby4t5ProductionBug Reports
SilentEnigmaHackingSoft Reset, Continue Prompt
CatoneHackingImbue's command menu

User Review Information

Lots of Great Ideas Worth Your Time

Reviewed By: Bearamedic on 24 Oct 2020

In a nutshell: I have issues with the changes in the art direction, but despite that this is well worth your time because of the changes in characters and story that make it feel like you’re playing vanilla for the first time, while still being respectful to the original. I thoroughly loved this mod.

So the positives:

  • The story is mostly vanilla, but there are some incredible changes with the characters that I think are excellent, with one exception (I’ll discuss spoiler stuff further below). But there are significant changes to Shadow, Setzer, Umaro, Gogo, Cyan, and Gau. There is also some personality adjustments for Celes that I think are great and make her feel more like a general to me.
  • The story has been streamlined early on when the divergent paths happen that I think should have been in vanilla and I believe are an excellent choice. I’d like to think of Square were to remaster this game, this mod is how they’d do it.
  • The game is challenging, but far from hard (with one major exception I’ll mention in my cons). I found myself no longer blindly just using the Fight command and stomping my way through.
  • Script changes are controversial. I’m of the side that I like to remain as close to vanilla as possible, and that additions to the script should support the original or clarify things. Of all the wonderful things that BNW gets right for me, I absolutely HATE that script with constant meta-jokes and vulgarity. THIS mod does what I think a good mod should do, as mentioned, add and give it flavor without diverging too much. And areas where they did diverge, I think were well done, and actually added some flavor to certain background characters in ways that I absolutely loved.
  • Spoiler stuff with the character changes: Cyan and Setzer have had a gender swap of sorts. Cyan completely changed, being a woman whereas Setzer is now his rival Daryl and both changes are great. Cyan was bland to begin with in vanilla and while she isn’t given much more here, I like the addition of more women in the game. Daryl is probably me absolute favorite change, and she quickly became my go-to in party creation because of how versatile she is, but her addition and story changes actually fixes one issue I had with vanilla in that, I always found it kind of creepy that Setzer was essentially about to kidnap a woman he was infatuated with. It didn’t match the rest of his character (what little of it there was). While Daryl is still going to kidnap Maria, it’s made a little less creepy because she’s doing it more out of spite AND because Daryl is given more opportunities for characterization, I can totally see her doing that just to screw with people. Great change. Oh, and Umaro is now Biggs, one of the soldiers you start with in the game. Umaro had NO characterization so what he was given here is not only a welcome change, I personally think it’s brilliant.
  • All the minor character changes I think are great which include: Ghosts are now mini moogles. Additionally, the generic ghost models are all different NPC models, which I like. Ultros, while I’m not a fan of his model change, has been given some fascinating characterization and some story changes that I think helps fit him into the world more than he did in vanilla. Celes has been “hardened” and made to seem more combat weary. She comes off as more of a bad ass, and I love it. Shadow, which has been unmasked and now called his real name, is a bit less edgy than his vanilla counterpart, and I think that’s for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Shadow as a kid, but as an adult he kind of comes off as a bit cringe. Now that we’re dealing with classical literature here, but I think some of the changes to his character and dialogue are much better. I no longer get the feeling he’s going to teleport behind me and whisper in my ear “Nothing personal, kid”. There are more things like that which did not go unnoticed and were warmly welcomed. I am not joking when I say I think the character and script stuff in this mod are absolutely wonderful.

The cons:

  • The biggest changes brought with this mod, and the main focus of it is the changes in art direction, and as someone who is into game development, I want to preface this by saying I do personally know how difficult it is to do pixel art: the time and dedication that was put into this cannot go unappreciated….having said that, and I really hate to say this, a lot of the new enemy models are just flat-out hideous. There were plenty of times when I thought “Oh, that’s cute” but there were plenty of times when I’d pause the game because I was trying to figure out what exactly I was looking at, and would even pull up the original character art and think “What was the artist thinking with this change?”. Then you get close to Zozo where you encounter Wasps and you’re staring at what looks to be an almost blank screen because the enemy model is just specks basically. And I’m guessing that the size of some of the enemy models were based on the player models, but there are human enemy models that just seem too small. Additionally, Esper models were mostly changed, and I didn’t like any of them except for Shiva and Ifrit, which were super cute. I think I get what they were going for, and this is perhaps just a difference in philosophy and no fault of this mod itself, but the battle screens aren’t meant to be literal and the game itself makes this point in the case of Kefka battles. When you first meet Kefka at the Imperial Base Camp and you enter battle with him, it’s his world sprite. He’s a joke. When you finally face off with him in Narshe, you’re surprised to see that his battle sprite has changed to match that of the others. It’s because he’s become a real threat. Many of the sprites now have no gravitas and, frankly, many are just downright ugly.
  • Gogo has been removed to include Banon as a playable character, and while I loved every other character change, this is one I couldn’t get behind. Banon is worthless in vanilla, and equally so here. In fact, he’s made even less likable here. I firmly believe Gogo should have remained as a playable character and Banon left to die in the WoB. He’s the weakest addition.
  • Some of the new spell animations have also changed, and as with the other stuff with the art direction, I don’t care for it.
  • I never once felt the game was unbalanced, although many enemies had been reworked and changed, but once I got to the Esper caves to the sealed gate and encountered the Lich, I experienced wipe after wipe. And what is weird is once you make it past them further into the caves, the difficulty ramps back to normal, but it took me nearly an hour of pure luck to survive my Lich encounters. It’s the strangest ramp up. Essentially, they hit hard and fast, constantly spamming Fire 1 or 3. They can be muddled, but it doesn’t matter because they start with wall up, so they’re still raining fire down on you. Not before or since did I encounter such a brutal enemy. Perhaps it is just me, and maybe I was underleveled? But as I said, once you make it further into the caves, and they no longer appear, the difficulty was normal again. Maybe, MAYBE if they didn’t start with wall it wouldn’t be so bad, but why are they SO fast?
  • Anyone coming from BNW may have a hard time readjusting to how Gau works. I got to say, I’m actually not a huge fan of BNW, but mechanically, the changes they made to Gau were phenomenal and actually made me want to start using him in combat. While ReCast’s Gau is great in his own aspects (he eventually can get the command Juijitsu which I think is awesome, despite me not being a fan of that name), the Leap on the Veldt is old school. Leap into enemies, then battle over and you must recollect him. There was one time when I literally went through 9 battles before my Gau reappeared. I knew that moment I was never going to get all his rages because I just don’t have the patience or the time like I did when I played vanilla for the first time as a kid.

Version 2.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Lots of Great Ideas Worth Your TimeBearamedic24 Oct 20202.2Yes
Great for people who want a vanilla-ish experience with some new twistsLockirby231 May 20201.07Yes