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Ultimate Castlevania

Hack of Castlevania


This patch intends to offer the definitive version of Castlevania for the NES for its 30-year anniversary.

The 1.1 version completely changes all of the game’s graphics, including backgrounds, font and item sprites.

ATTENTION: It must be used exclusively with the standard american ROM: Castlevania (U) (PRG0) [!].nes

THE GRAPHICS: it aims to stay as close as possible to the original concepts, but with a better presentation. Lots of graphical upgrades and clean-ups were made, including enemy, item and boss sprites. All backgrounds were touched up to make the castle looks nice, dark and architecturally consistent. Fonts and items were redesigned too.

THE SKINS: The patches offer 3 possible skins for Simon Belmont for you to choose. Check out the Skins Guide file included in this folder to see the options.

THE GAMEPLAY: everything was a little rebalanced. Overall, the idea is to make the difficulty progression a little more gradual, and to make the gameplay even more strategic and thoughtful than it already was.

  • You start with zero hearts, so you keep the short whip for a little longer, and you should really learn to survive with it.
  • Big Hearts now are worth 3 units, and they’re more rare, so you’ll have to really use you Subweapons toughtfully.
  • Candle placement was completely changed. There are much less of them (and their position is now more coherent, no more weird floating candelabras).
  • Subweapons were replaced to really help you. With a few exceptions, you’ll always find the perfect weapon for each situation… somewhere.
  • All enemy attacks deal 1 less point of damage than normal. This makes the last 3 Blocks a little more forgiving. You’ll notice that the bosses now put up some fun fights, instead of butchering you instantly.

CRAZY MODE: The same as above, but all enemy attacks deal 2 more points of damage than they did in the original game.

EXTRA STUFF: I’ve designed a digital new version of the original american instruction manual. It’s included in this folder.

Huge thanks to Dan for his tool Stake.

YYCHR helped a lot too, thanks to whoever created it.

Hope you like it!


ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Castlevania (U) (PRG0) [!].nes
  • Size: 131,088
  • CRC32: 39C879BB
  • MD5: 00D93C9F 6B8AEFB8 B6C02B20 147DF4EC
  • SHA1: A31B8BD5 B370A910 3343C866 F3C2B299 8E889341




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

I wish all games had a hack like this

Reviewed By: NiggelMyNiggel on 18 Oct 2020

I just played through the hack. Everything just looked really clean and better. It looked like a late NES release instead of an early release.

Ive beat the vanilla version at least 30 times. When I got 20ish minutes to kill I fire it up on the ol BVM1911. I don’t die.

After I beat the “Ultimate Castlevania patch”, I loaded the vanilla version for comparison. It made my eyes hurt. For example, the trees on the first screen actually look like trees in the hack but in the vanilla version they just look like green abstract blobs that are trying to look like trees.And pretty much every screen in the game gets cleaned up. There’s no fancy graphics added.In fact the overall treatment is subtle.

The hack is darker and less garish.

There are a few vanilla sprites that I prefer over the hack, like Dracula and the whip, but overwhelmingly I prefer the hack’s sprites.

The level design is altered slightly and I think it is an improvement. Especially the intro to the 4th level, and just the 4th level in general.

In some places it felt harder but in others in felt easier. kinda a wash.

I hated the look of level 5 in the vanilla version. It got the uggs. But this hack tones it down. Still not a beautiful level but the hack is better.

The game did hard freeze on me while fighting the cookie monster. and I was playing on original hardware with no save state. 10 years ago I would have been pissed off AVGN style. But I’m old and don’t care. I just hit reset. poured tequila. and beat it. I’m having some weird issues patching roms right now and I’m not sure it’s the patches fault. It could very likely be on my end.

It’s October 2020 right now and I’m feeling the Halloween vibe thanks to this patch!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
I wish all games had a hack like thisNiggelMyNiggel18 Oct 20201.1Yes
Add wine sauce on meatonepiecefan200713 May 20201.1Yes
An obvious labor of loveAdamDravian29 Oct 20181.1Yes