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Rockman 2000

Hack of Mega Man


Kuwata’s first hack of Rockman (1). It features new levels, graphics, enemies, and even music. The levels are very challenging; some even have small puzzles in them.

It should be noted this hack will not work with a Mega Man ROM, you need to patch a Rockman ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rockman (Japan) (En).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: E0141A24
  • MD5: 8824842070A569E9BA7287BCDEA045A3
  • SHA-1: 5914D409EA027A96C2BB58F5136C5E7E9B2E8300
  • SHA-256: E5BBC798798A0F5AE6E6D22A35DF2FC3D08CEFE6A1B278ED7F1CC325E8EE19E0




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Rockman (1) 2000- An unusual hack from such a game

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 04 Nov 2021

I meet this hack first. I tried to play and enjoyed it. Graphically - a mix of original and new graphics. And, well so combine. But there are not obvious places because of this.

In the Fire Man stage, I was trying to figure out where to go until I accidentally clicked the up button.

But there are other places because of the graphics that cause a deja vu effect. But mostly it looks normal.

Enemies and other tricks are a special thing here. I was surprised that “pieces from enemies” are used as obstacles or in other ways. Surprising and a bit shocking. About tricks: “I noticed that bombs - although they are harmless if you touch them… They self explode after a while… Both shock and surprise… How did they do it before?” Problem this: many enemies… Too many enemies - in the Gutsman stage. A lot of enemies with shields or with a lot of health.

Enemies - they remained from the original, but differently made graphically. They are original, but in different levels - they are redrawn - and seem different.

Levels. Some levels were redesigned in an interesting way, unusual for that time, some - just honestly, some - have unusual solutions and features. But there are also those in which there are many enemies, and some - do not pass without abilities (Which is a plus, rather than a minus. Because the approach that you need abilities - not everyone uses)

Bosses - everyone’s movements were accelerated, the AI was changed a little. But one boss was made in an original way. Yellow devil - first appears in one side of the screen, without flying the entire screen, which really came out fairly. And then - it acts on its own AI. But difficult ones that went too fast: FireMan and Gutsman. The rest are made more or less playable, or interesting

The abilities haven’t changed in any way. Rather, one ability has changed. The bomb explodes much faster. The rest is not changed

Music is subjected to the first attempts to infuse different music. Although it sounds a little buggy, but the attempt is more or less successful. It doesn’t break your ears.

Maybe I was lucky, or I played well… I didn’t find any bugs (maybe others noticed them, so I don’t rule them out)

Why do I recommend this hack? 1. Interesting levels with unusual features, other tricks of passage, or an unusual feed at the level of enemies 2. Bosses. Not all are good, but passable. And there are a couple of really unusual serves 3. Music. Attempt to port music - although there is, it breaks the game itself, pleasant to the ear. What can push this hack away? Difficulty and unbalance, some bosses.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Not very goodCANbus20 Sep 20211.0No
Rockman (1) 2000- An unusual hack from such a gamediablo66604 Nov 20211.0Yes
Responsibly ExperimentalMother Kojiro20 Nov 20171.0Yes
Challenging, but fun.Kallisto05 Feb 20171.0Yes
Good, but buggy ROM Hack.AdrielRB20 Jul 20151.0No
A nice, fun hack!Jimmy5290513 Jul 2008N/AYes