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Arcana - Seal of Rimsala

Hack of Arcana


SOR is the definitive version of Arcana, a JRPG dungeon crawler by Hal Labs before they became famous for Kirby and Smash Bros. Please enjoy this modernized take on an underrated title =)

  • Faster gameplay, redrawn maps, and a coherent story.
  • Explore remodeled dungeons and search for new items!
  • Battle the SOR mascot, Mimic!
  • Undoes 90’s Nintendo censorship
  • One-page level-up screen; no more scrolling!
  • Tons of unused content debuting
  • Easter eggs
  • Hundreds of tiny tweaks

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Arcana (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 35D04611F815672D02104E174624F9610994B0B5
  • File/ROM CRC32: C891B297




User Review Information

Good hack of a good game.

Reviewed By: firedropdl on 13 Sep 2020

While it’s no Final Fantasy II or III, Arcana was a cool little SNES RPG that I find myself coming back to every now and then, so like I tend to do these days when I want to re-play a game I come to this site first and see if anybody has made a hack that both seems interesting to me and seems to be generally well regarded. This hack seemed to do both so I gave it a whirl.

All of the changes that have been made were welcome. I do appreciate the ability to gather more of the status boost items from chests and not have to grind as much for gold to purchase them as well. Not every RPG needs to be a 3-to-5-full-day grind fest like Final Fantasy III, and sometimes a very simple one like Arcana that can be completed in less than a day scratches the RPG itch.

There is, however, a pretty big, non-game-breaking bug. I’m not sure if my excessive grinding is the reason why I found it and nobody else has, but I noticed quite early on that at some point once you equip somebody with a weapon their attack power drops substantially (and goes right back up by unequipping the weapon). Having the ability to buff your strength quite a bit with cheap Strength Honey seems to have the unintended effect of making all of your characters unarmed monks that become crippled when you equip them with even the best end-game gear. (For example, at the end of game Alex’s bare handed attack was 839 but when you equipped the Spirit Sword it dropped to the low 200’s). This alone isn’t a huge deal, but for some reason late in Chapter 4 everybody’s attack was super low, with or without a weapon, and it was really hard to end the chapter. Once I went to Chapter 5 the attack went way up again in accordance with the high Strength stats and never was a problem again.

This bug does not effect any defensive stats, and you’re completely free to wear the armor and shield/gauntlets without any penalty.

Suggested Future Updates:

I’m not sure if any of this is possible, but I figured I might share a little “wish list” for the future of this hack if the author continues to update it.

1. Movable maps.

It is never more evident that I’m going back to my grade school days to play a game than when I pull up a map and it’s just stuck there showing a very small area. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could pull the map up and use the D-Pad to move the entire map in all 4 directions to the borders of the area?

2. Backtracking.

It was cool to see that code put in to select a chapter, but you use it you’re stuck with the levels, stats and gear that was pre-programmed in. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to backtrack to earlier towns to buy stuff at cheaper prices, especially now that changes were made to the Honey and the prices?

3. New Game+

NG+ is just cool in all RPGs and it’s a shame that aside from Chrono Trigger they’re mostly absent from the SNES generation of games. It would be cool to start the game over at level 1 with all the characters but all the OP gear. Maybe give a Dark Souls style bump to all of the enemy stats the second time around and even bump the level cap for your players beyond lvl60 for the second go around to compensate for some really nasty battles end-game.

(I hope the author doesn’t mind the suggestions. I do tend to throw these ideas into most of my reviews… But you should REALLY take a look at that STR/ATK bug before your next patch).

All in all, I would think that this is just about the best hack you could possibly hope for, given the extreme limitations of the source material compared to many of its RPG contemporaries. This hack surely sped things up and made it feel quite a bit less grindy than original, and in a game where only EXP and GOLD are the rewards for grinding to the exclusion of any rare items and gear, I feel this is a very welcome addition to the game.

Though I find it hard to recommend Arcana to anybody in 2020 who didn’t grow up playing it, I would strongly recommend any fan of the game to apply this patch and give it another play through.

Thank you for sharing your work with us. :)

Version 2.0g Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Good hack of a good game.firedropdl13 Sep 20202.0gYes
Check this patch out immediately!Cureless02 Jul 20202.0gYes
The Definitive Way To Play Arcana (Card Master)Apocalypse61224 Nov 20191.0cYes
Gets a pass.Old_gamer12 Nov 20191.0cYes
AwesomeGrammerPants19 May 20191.0cYes