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Hack of Metroid


Metroid Presented by the Metroid Database, or “MDbtroid” for short, is basically a graphical hack of the original NES game. The game has been improved upon in many different ways, including Samus’s animation cycle, redrawn and enlarged bosses, a beautiful new opening title screen, new ending graphics, new Suitless Samus sprites, and all the enemies have been carefully redrawn. See the included .txt file for more details on what else has been changed.

Here is a youtube video demonstration link below.


  • New Title Screen
  • New Story Screen
  • New Ending Screen and sprites
  • Redrawn Alpha-Numerical Characters
  • Completely remade Samus sprite
  • Completely remade Suit-less Samus sprite
  • New palette for Samus (Yellow for Power suit and Orange for Varia)
  • New palette for Suit-less Samus (Blonde/Green Hair; Orange outfit for Power suit, Magenta outfit for Varia)

Missiles On are depicted by a brighter visor/cannon (light green) for Suited Samus & hair/gun color change (purple) for Suit-less Samus

  • Revamped Samus run animation
  • New Chozo Statue & Item Orb
  • New, larger Kraid
  • New, larger Ridley
  • New Mother Brain
  • All other enemy sprites redrawn
  • Items redrawn (missiles, powerups, etc.)
  • Low Health alarm starts at 10 instead of 16
  • Other minor tile/sprite changes (doors, HUD, etc.)
  • Special Thanks/The End changed during End Credits

Level Design: Other than a few key rooms to enhance challenge and fun, the level design has generally not been altered as to keep the spirit of the original in-tact.

Note: Highly recommend using FCEUX as the emulator of choice for this hack. Be sure to turn on the “Allow more than 8 sprites per scan-line” option(located in ConfigVideo) to reduce flicker.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Metroid (U) [!].nes - (GOODNES 3.1)




User Review Information

Nice, it was like having a new cartridge

Reviewed By: The_Lunatic_IPS on 06 Sep 2020

This is one of my favorite Metroid games and that is why i am very pleased to have tried this patch, i played it from head to toe, that is, i already saw all the creatures on the planet in his new sprites, Samus with and without Varia Suit, Zero Suit Samus with the two color palettes (Varia and no Varia Suit), the endings of the game (without counting the first and the second because honestly it bothers me to wait so long in a game that i already know by heart) and well, i must say that I really liked this face cleaning, it was like giving new life to the game, seriously, it was very good of the creator of this patch all this here.

Sadly, like other games, it also has its cons.The changes that were made to Kraid and Ridley’s room to provide a new battle experience against these colossi was interesting, but if the idea of ​​this hack is simply a makeover then these changes were unnecessary, especially if these changes were designed to waste time and waste useless ammunition when the boss expels you from the room with his attack, because you don’t have enough space to dodge them and of course i’m talking about Ridley’s atrocious room and honestly Kraid’s i have no comment about it because the changes are irrelevant. Another point I can’t forgive here is the color palette change decision they made in the lava, and this sin is serious because lava is a very characteristic element in the Metroid saga, we see it in certain parts of all its games, especially in all the stages of the Super Smash Bros. Here they used a color palette that makes the lava look like dirty water, contaminated or with some kind of chemical, i don’t know, whatever they are trying to represent here. This may be to give it more realism since lava kills you instantly when you fall in contact but remember that it is a game, everything has to be so realistic. too bad.

If you are looking for a metroid game with an excellent facelift and that gives you the same experience of the original game, then this patch is for you, highly recommended.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Nice, it was like having a new cartridgeThe_Lunatic_IPS06 Sep 20201.0Yes