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FF 1 and 2 DOS: Mod of Balance

Hack of Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls


This mod aims to improve the gameplay of both Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 2.

The current download here contains two versions… v2.2 and v3.5 (all other versions are available at the author’s website). Version 2.2 is the most up-to-date version of the mod with Final Fantasy 1’s class change event intact. Version 3.5 does away with the class change completely, allowing the player to choose their party from 12 differing (and some entirely unique) character concepts.

The Final Fantasy 1 mod was originally intended to restore the difficulty of this GBA version of the game to the difficulty of the original NES version, so it can be enjoyed with all of the modern trappings of the GBA version. Version 2.0 was a step beyond the previous one, and was intended to provide enhancements to the gameplay and address user criticisms of version 1.2. Version 2.2, therefore, is mostly a bugfix version.

The ambition behind the Final Fantasy 2 portion of the mod is simple: “unbreak” the character development mechanics. The GBA version already fixed the select-action-cancel-action-and-gain-skill-ad-nauseam bug, but still required players to grind in all the wrong ways. Unlimited actions should increase slower than actions that are limited by mana or resources. I hope I have succeeded in making Final Fantasy 2 play much more smoothly. Secondarily, weapons were much too underpowered in the endgame as enemy defense rendered them mostly useless versus spells. Warrior-heavy and magic-heavy party builds should have the potential to be equally successful.

As putting a full changelog here would make for a needlessly long entry, you can read the readme (link above), or view a comprehensive changelog with screenshots at

ROM / ISO Information:

  • 1805 - Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls (UA).gba
  • CRC32: 1B39CDAB
  • MD5: 5D29999685413C4D2BEC10D3160F6EE6
  • SHA-1: 6472695D69661490F78245E2982E1E676C080BE7
  • SHA-256: BBAFB77D2BE577CA0A4BFCBEC9FC3004B589F24478EC5E406D61645296449422




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User Review Information

Breathes new life into the game!

Reviewed By: Necromas on 05 Sep 2020

My favorite class to play in the original has always been the Red Mage and it always bummed me out that at least until the class upgrade all of the other classes in FF1 feel very much one note.

With the new classes in the mod you can really get some interesting variety going on in your party, and it still feels like it maintains a good level of balance. You won’t see a ton of challenge though unless you self-impose limitations like rushing through or choosing a weaker party setup.

I’ve been playing with Paladin, Ranger, Battlemage, and Sage.

The Paladin is similar to the Knight but you have mana and access to white magic early on in the game. Compared to the fighter (which has no magic through the whole game in the hack) he sacrifices a bit of offensive power for the ability to use some white magic and eventually they get the best armor set.

The Ranger is the closest to the original Red Mage. They hit faster than a fighter/paladin but slower than a ninja/thief and will do decent physical damage while being able to use most weapons and armor. And they also get both black and white magic at a middling rate but they don’t have enough int to do a lot of damage with magic so you’ll mostly want to give them support spells.

The Battlemage is similar to the ranger in martial prowess although a bit slower. But on the magic side of things they get black magic almost as fast as a dedicated mage does and have enough int to still do decent damage with magic as well.

The Sage is the epitome of the squishy wizard. They get the highest level white and black magic but compared to the other mage classes they have the least durability and a will do slightly less damage. Their mana pool is pretty large too so you don’t have to spend a lot of turns with them being dead wait to conserve for the harder fights.

Version 3.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Breathes new life into the game!Necromas05 Sep 20203.5Yes
Interesting? Yes. Definitive? Ehh...BlazeHeatnix16 Jun 20192.2No
Excellent (with update)theknowerseeker03 Oct 20193.5Yes
Final Fantasy II for Sane PeopleZeLoz (akaBill)01 Apr 20152.2Yes
A few fresh changes but nothing drastic.SPennLUE06 Apr 2014N/ANo