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Ys V: Ushinawareta Suna no Miyako Kefin

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Dont really have much to say here… but I’ll try anyways.

First, Ys V was originally released by Falmcom in 1995. In 1996, Falcom released a second version of the game for the Super Famicom with a higher difficulty level, known as Ys V Expert.

Second, the RPG-style statistical elements and the overhead view of most of the previous games are retained in Ys V. However, the combat system has been changed again; the player now must press a button to swing Adol’s sword and attack enemies. Adol is also given the ability to jump and defend with his shield in Ys V.

So… yep.

Translation Description:

This game spent many years as the sole entry in the Ys series never to have been seen in English, in any form, and for good reason; the process of hacking this game has been a nightmare and has been plagued with dozens upon dozens of crashes. Said crashes were crippling to the motivation to work on the game, but the translation is now done. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • CRC32 5E08C48C
  • MD5 F630C6E0F11FD53D112F3DD004EA7184


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gideon ZhiProductionProject leader, romhacker, assembly hacking
DeuceTranslationText translation, script edit
g8z et alScript Editing/RevisionCompression solution, text tools

User Review Information

Glad I Got A Chance to Play It

Reviewed By: bobrocks95 on 01 Sep 2020

Ys V is certainly an odd entry in the series, but as I move through it chronologically, I’m glad I got a chance to try this one out instead of skipping it.

Longer than Ys I and III, shorter than IV, and roughly close to II, Ys V is a bit of an odd duck with its fairly short length, revamped combat that’s hit or miss (spells require you to mash the R button to charge them??? Hit detection can be clunky), and an odd story about a phantom city displaced in time. It’s also really easy, and it’s no surprise they released an “expert mode” version shortly after its original release.

Overall I liked it more than Ys III, which I also enjoyed, but that’s an action-RPG where the level cap is 16 and you can beat it in one sitting, so it’s hard to look at it as anything but slight. Hardcoregaming101 has a decent overview of Ys V and other entries in the series, though I would give Ys V more credit than their article does. I want to specifically mention the visuals, which look more generic than the earlier PC Engine releases, sure, but are still a very polished SNES tileset that holds up very well. Presentation takes a step back due to the lack of the CD format’s size advantage, but Falcom made a good effort in delivering polished visuals and story scenes, including a few large pieces of pixel art in the intro and outro more like what you’d see in a PC Engine CD game.

The translation itself feels top-notch to me. I can’t compare against the original Japanese, but nothing felt off about it and it read naturally for the most part, aside from some lore explanation pieces that were phrased a bit awkwardly. Judging by the rushed pacing of the main story beats though, I’d be willing to bet this was a problem with the original text as well, as new story elements are dropped in your lap so matter-of-factly that it sounds like the game thinks you already knew about them.

I did also experience some visual glitching using Retroarch’s bsnes core, such as palettes getting corrupted and a background layer disappearing when a textbox came up in a certain area. Nothing major, and it could have always been existing bugs or emulation issues.

Version 1.00 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Glad I Got A Chance to Play Itbobrocks9501 Sep 20201.00Yes
The Missing Link, TranslatedAnxiousBlue21 Apr 20201.00Yes
Works but ...Badboykilla18723 Jun 20191.00No