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Dragon Quest I+II

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Dragon Quest I+II is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

Included in the archive is a DW patch and a DQ patch. The DW patch changes the names to adhere to the old Dragon Warrior NES games, while the names in the DQ patch are closer to the original Japanese (NOT the more recent Dragon Quest English releases, as this patch pre-dates those).

There’s (reportedly) some untranslated text in Dragon Warrior 1. If you rescue the princess and don’t bring her to the king, when you defeat the last boss and go back to the king, there will be different ending dialogue that was left untranslated.

An addendum patch (link) can be applied over the English translation to fix the broken title screen in the DQ1 part of the game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Patch requires a headered rom.
  • CRC-32: aa4d4e0a
  • MD5: c0e2c5d0a3843ba6fd0575d5f0a34806
  • SHA-1: 122b599e80a5d1d7999d1936d2cf9f5bf5f257a9


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
ChrisRPGHackingProject leader, script editing, ASM programming
Arch DemonScript Editing/RevisionScript editing, ASM programming
BrightmanScript Editing/RevisionScript editing, graphics
NearHackingASM programming

User Review Information

How to fix the major softlock

Reviewed By: redtrollinhowser on 27 Jul 2020

I personally think despite the errors and glitches, this is the best way to experience the first two Dragon Quests, they look great, sound great, and I think the re-balancing only makes the games better.

Anyway, there’s a couple glitches I’ve noticed playing through both versions, though most of my time was spent in the DQ version:

  • Dragon Quest 1 from my experience was basically glitch free, not a lot to talk about here, most of the issues come into play with Dragon Quest 2
  • sometimes character pointers are wrong, the ones I notice the most are in the DQ2 patch where the names of your party members are swapped (e.g. Kain shows up as Maria in dialogue, Maria shows up as Kain) from what I can tell this wasn’t happening in the DW version
  • One minor annoyance in the DQ version that might’ve been fixed, but despite the dialogue at the end of the game mentioning “Malroth” the boss is named Shidor. This makes sense considering Malroth’s Japanese name is Shido, but I thought it was strange how it’s named Malroth in the dialogue but Shidor in battle.. Main reason why I’d say pick the Dragon Warrior names version over it (Erdrick is also a lot more iconic to me than Roto, and the names are easier to remember)
  • I wanted to put this glitch fix here which is the main reason I wrote this review: The Cannock Softlock. Simply put, when you sleep in the inn in the water city, Beran, Cannock will get sick and you’ll have to find a Leaf of the World Tree to revive him. If you do this, you’ll get into a softlock where the text never ends and you need to reset. If you saved between sleeping in the inn in Beran and reviving Cannock, you’ll be screwed without him.

Now, I saw some reports saying this glitch did not happen, so I did some investigating in both versions. I never ran into this glitch either, and from some other reports, I found out why and would like to put it here so people reading these reviews can see it)

If you’d like to do the event, follow these steps:

First thing, check your current Cannock’s name, if it’s Kain or Rand (I always get Kain since “Red” is the name of my Hero) no need to continue, you can just proceed with the sidequest as normal.

If not and you have any of the other 6 names, reset your game after saving at a priest.

In the menu, hit continue an adventure, and while hovering over your save. Press Start+Left, hold it, then hit A, this will put up a small name select, this is for the Prince of Cannock’s Name.

Change it to any name consisting of 4 or less letters.

Continue the event as normal!

The glitch is triggered by names longer than 4 letters for some strange reason, what makes me intrigued is the fact that in the Japanese version, I think all the default names are 4 characters or less, so this could’ve been a glitch in the main game that was never found during testing, but I’d have to try the Japanese version myself to find out.

Either way, luckily this code exists so there’s an easy way to avoid this softlock.. If you just want to be safe, if you get any Prince of Cannock name over 4 letters, just do that code and change his name ASAP.

Version 2.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
What happened to the old english?!retrogamer12301 Dec 20212.0Yes
Good with bugs that may or may not turn you offPiccoloZimGir04 Apr 20212.0Yes
How to fix the major softlockredtrollinhowser27 Jul 20202.0Yes
Game Breaking DQ2 BugRxBrad12 May 20202.0No
Nothing an addendum couldn't fixAnimation Guru10 May 20152.0Yes
Great DQ 1 but buggy DQ 2 ruins it.Strat27 Oct 2013N/AYes
DQ Patch 2.0 - DW Iiamralph01 Jul 2012N/AYes