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Zelda3 Parallel Worlds

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


A complete The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past hack.

Everything is brand new. Dungeons, overworlds, etc. It even has new music!

This hack does a fantastic job of letting you re-live the old classic while adding a new degree of difficulty that challenges even the elite!

The 10-year anniversary update by qwertymodo has brought a bunch of new and exciting features that help to re-balance much of the game, as well as bring a fresh new gameplay experience. Check the README for more information!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past, The (NA) (1.0).sfc
  • CRC32: 777AAC2F
  • MD5: 608C22B8FF930C62DC2DE54BCD6EBA72
  • SHA-1: 6D4F10A8B10E10DBE624CB23CF03B88BB8252973
  • SHA-256: 66871D66BE19AD2C34C927D6B14CD8EB6FC3181965B6E517CB361F7316009CFB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
EuclidOriginal HackingSupervisor, dungeon design, ASM
SePHOriginal HackingOverworld design, GFX editing
ConHackingASM work for v1.2
qwertymodoHackingSupervisor for v1.2, inserting Con's ASM, beta testing
PuzzleDudeHackingSupervisor for version 1.23, beta testing and debugging for v1.23

User Review Information

Great game, with some flaws

Reviewed By: wrench248 on 11 Jul 2020

This hack starts out difficult and stays at the same constant difficultly level. Having said that, version 1.23 does mitigate the difficulty level of previous version somewhat with the ability to temporarily stun an enemy with a punch making the Guardhouse a bit easier to transverse. This version also makes it possible to obtain the Cane of Byrna earlier than in previous versions as bomb jumping no longer causes you damage.

Progress in this game can sometimes be difficult, but if you talk to enough of the NPC’s you should be able to figure where to go. Once you are in the icy world, you can tackle the dungeons almost in any order, but you will need to obtain the fire rod in order to finish Ruto’s Fortress.

The dungeon design in the game is hit and miss, but the good dungeons outweigh the bad ones. Some involve an annoying amount of backtracking that ruin the dungeon’s pacing such as the Guardhouse and Favore’s Isle. Impa’s Way’s maybe the single worst dungeon design in any zelda game. The entire dungeon boils down to completely random guessing of warps. If there were some basis to decide which to take instead of trial and error, it might be better, but the rooms give no clue as to where you are going. Nabooru’s Hole’s isn’t much better honestly. At the same time, Rauru’s Ruins and Saraia’s Gardens are terrific dungeons that have great pacing and level design and provide a good challenge. Although there is a bit of backtracking in Sheik’s Hideout, the dungeon is still well designed and the backtracking is no where near annoying as the Guardhouse or Favore;s Isle. The remainder of the dungeons aren’t bad either and the music in Daruina’s Caverns brought back good memories. The fight with Dregor is tougher than would be expected at that stage of the game, but one has to keep in mind that after the fight, he does not appear in the game again.

As for the parallel tower, it’s a drag (it has to be completed at least three times to get 100%). Some of the rooms are well designed and offer a great challenge, while others rooms force you to back track to the beginning of the floor where you again have to fight certain mini bosses. The hints that the maidens give you make sense in the game, but you really do not need to know most of them in order to progress. Having to find six keys within the game world in order to complete the tower was a great idea in my opinion as it forces you to explore both overworlds, where there is a ton to find and where some of the items are well hidden.

My major gripe with the game is the lost woods…unless you look up the solution, you’ll never figure it out in game. That’s just ridiculous, particularly as the solution is essential in order to finish the game.

After completing the game, there is a second quest that you figure out how to play if you find all 7 tablets in the dungeons (or you just look it up). The second quest is shorter and more difficult, but that is because you are denied the hookshot. Favore’s Isle is removed and a room is put in its place that contains the ice and fire rods. As a result of not having the hookshot, you cannot complete all of the icy world dungeons and obtain all the heart pieces/items. Some guides say you can only complete two icy world dungeons (Daruina and Sheik), but you can actually complete four of them in version 1.23. In version 1.23, Saria’s Garden’s has an extra key allowing to skip the key that requires the hookshot as one the key doors was removed (it is not possible to complete Saria’s Garden in version 1.1 from what i remember ). Ruto’s fortress can also be completed, albeit without the hookshot it is quite difficult and it tests your bomb jumping and dash jumping skills. The ganon fight is also much more difficult because you cannot acquire all of the crystals and there is an additional area to complete.

All in all, even with its flaws, this is one of the better ROM hacks available. The game is off-putting at first, but if you stick with it, you will find an enjoyable game. Kudos to all involved in making the game.


Version 1.23 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great game, with some flawswrench24811 Jul 20201.23Yes
fun but...Shadowhacked29 Apr 20201.23Yes
Well done, but too much backtrackingAce of Spades29 Aug 20191.23Yes
Too Hard for Me But Not Un-Funavrysatos04 May 20191.23Yes
Excellent but with "flaws"g4z316 Mar 20181.23Yes
Parallel Worlds, Skew Troubles, Perpendicular challengeLumine23 Oct 20171.23No
Parallel ForcesViolentForce27 Dec 20151.1Yes
It's Like Expert Mode!TheLuigiLightning01 Jun 20151.1Yes
Good but DifficultIlPalazzo29 May 20151.1Yes
Like a cold showerSunGodPortal16 Oct 2013N/ANo
Fantastic, Great Replay Valuedissident17 Nov 2012N/AYes
Good, but hard.austin514102 Sep 2012N/AYes
Fantastic!Hrith07 Feb 2011N/AYes
Difficult, But Quite Engaging!Klaviaturist22 Oct 2010N/AYes
Master Hackpuzzledude22 Oct 2010N/AYes
Much Too Difficultgeocache28 Feb 2010N/ANo
Difficult but funBond69704 Sep 2009N/AYes
Should be redoneMelanyKoura16 Aug 2009N/ANo