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StarTropics (MMC3)

Hack of StarTropics


This patch converts StarTropics from mapper MMC6 to MMC3. It is only useful for any emulators that still rely on the CRC or hash of the ROM to enable MMC6.

This patch is intended to be combined with other patches such as the infamous “StarTropics (Music Fix)” by rainwarrior and the “nesce_mempatches” from rhester72.


ROM / ISO Information:

  • StarTropics (USA).nes
  • CRC32: 2ed79b73
  • MD5: 02c6bc59abdf527679a7962c5b390ea6
  • SHA-1: fdd3d68c7b5b2f9dc7ec50d9888b0a8edbaaec28
  • SHA-256: caa1930a1e40c8d011cc61af66a78cd1927a7cfbfc1b1dcce9aa996f9bda1257
  • CRC32: 4f3e8821
  • MD5: 5ebcc6f57d5a51eca00893cbce32252f
  • SHA-1: 3f7360936bd98230194a86e496ce9cbf6d2d08a4
  • SHA-256: 3a00215234cd40deacfe9caf49af4048282b384c30687f01b108bd11006aabd2
  • --
  • StarTropics (Europe).nes
  • CRC32: 3fc29044
  • MD5: fcd4c76357c780a01093a9e199d94089
  • SHA-1: 7f78375d7ecf05e9c177b33e36e34addd3daed44
  • SHA-256: 3a48ffe57f8a7501a8f4cd4efdb8070c8cec39d91dfaa9c468d7c2b9f0e1ebc9
  • CRC32: a3c74c57
  • MD5: 0d594151c393c7a730bd3de95d6aa534
  • SHA-1: 9459b9c0da7052528688bbae61fec43cc51502eb
  • SHA-256: 170bf8e8378f1eb847f4b97f51a5d7ae2feb03048bce870b80b7400e582b863c




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Long overdue

Reviewed By: zoinknoise on 08 Jun 2020

does what it says on the tin––converts this underlooked game from its one-off MMC6 mapper to a proper TKROM board with MMC3. (after all, the only reason MMC6 existed was to save on RAM chips––bean counting no longer applies in the era of emulation!)

anyway, if you don’t know what any of that means, you don’t need this hack :)

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Long overduezoinknoise08 Jun 20201.0Yes