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John 3:16



Demo that displays the text of John 3:16. Github page



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Reviewed By: rari_teh on 13 May 2020

I don’t even understand the rationale behind adding this to RHDN. It’s literally just a NES ROM that prints out one specific verse from the Bible, and nothing else. I imagine that the author made this as a personal project to learn more about NES programming and I can totally get behind that, but I can’t see why would somebody want to actually download and run this.

I mean, not to get into the merits of the book from which the excerpt comes nor of the religion around said book – despite certainly not being part of its target demographic, I can understand why someone would download (or even buy) Wisdom Tree’s editions of The Bible for Game Boy: it serves its purpose as a dedicated ebook reader, complete with an index and search function, and most importantly, it includes the whole damn text. For those who wish to read an electronic version of The Bible in a games console, I do recommend those, even though I’d never do it. This thing, however, is different: unless I’m missing something major, there’s literally nothing in this ROM that you can’t see without looking at the one repeated screenshot at the submission page, not even a typing animation or anything.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
What?rari_teh13 May 20201.0No
It is the Biblebeinor08 May 20201.0Yes