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Sonic Improvement Vol.2

Hack of Somari the Adventurer


This is an unofficial continuation of the work started by Jabu, in order to further improve the game and facilitate any future hacking attempts.

General changes:

  • All unused graphics and objects are removed.
  • Animations and graphics are updated.
  • It is created alternative patch to reduce the duration of oxygen (thanks Torridgristle)
  • It updates the sound engine created by Ti_ (thanks Ti_)
  • New background scroll renderer, code much more faster. (thanks Ti_)
  • Patch is included to simplify the level selector trick.
  • Several of the bugs that caused the game to crash are resolved.
  • The “Continues” were reinstated (thank you Blast - Forever 2 and torridgristle)
  • The error that causes graphics gliches at the beginning of the level is avoided.
  • Various aspects of the entire hud, fonts, position, some transition screens, etc. are changed.
  • Various stages are edited to avoid dead end roads.


+ Fixed the sequence of explosion of the animal capsule.

+ Some level blocks are edited to better fit the new resolution.

+ New objects are added.

Other contributors:

Ramzet (Tester); RisteingTV (Tester); # (Technical advice); Cyneprepou4uk (Technical advice)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • rominfo : Somari (As).nes
  • File MD5 FFE37E631AD61EBA289D8FC5C86CF88C
  • File SHA-1 1D85648EF0D2230DE49153FC94297122BABB5926
  • File CRC32 BC879CAB
  • ROM MD5 1CC79C31D41ADFBDE8C531D1F14B3F39
  • ROM SHA-1 B735C1FC25CEDE37345DC5A133814EE509CB8CCD
  • ROM CRC32 DC5959D2




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
the jabuHacking

User Review Information

Simply incredible.

Reviewed By: Doomkid on 10 May 2020

The graphics, sound and player control are all so much better than in Somari. The only bug left that I’ve found is that pesky ring that doesn’t get collected as you run through the loop. If that lone remaining issue was fixed, I would call this (already amazing) hack the perfect version of Sonic on NES!

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
When a hack is better than the originaldiablo66620 Jun 20201.0Yes
I see no improvement.Void-the-Bat01 Jun 20201.3No
Simply incredible.Doomkid10 May 20201.3Yes
Doing what Hummer Team couldn'tShootingStarr20 Apr 20201.2Yes