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Pokémon Black

Hack of Pokémon: Red Version


This hack recreates the game based on the famous Pokemon Black Creepypasta as close as possible to the original story.

Read the story here:émon-hack

Features (Version 0.06):

This game is complete, and every feature from the Creepypasta is implemented.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon Red (UE) [S][!].gb
  • CRC32: 9F7FDD53
  • MD5: 3D45C1EE9ABD5738DF46D2BDDA8B57DC
  • SHA-1: EA9BCAE617FDF159B045185467AE58B2E4A48B9A




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Surprisingly Accurate

Reviewed By: Siggu on 09 Apr 2020

I had read the creepypasta a long time ago, and I had known of the attempts to convert it into a game, so I remembered it quite well.

To be honest, given the limitations of the regular Game Boy, I’m surprised this ROM Hack is so faithful to the creepypasta. Curse, the death cries of Cursed Pokémon, the ability to Curse trainers (and them turning into tombstones once you revisit the map), the inability to get rid of GHOST no matter what, the Rival and Giovanni being unkillable until the final confrontation… and even the time skip section with the whole sequence of victims were there, exactly as stated by the creepypasta, which I didn’t think was possible within the game’s limitations.

I did notice a pair of bugs though:

  • Sometimes the tombstone sprite fails to show up, but it still blocks your way. This can be solved with Teleport, Fly, Dig or a Escape Rope though, so it’s a minor issue.
  • In the final battle against GHOST, my character had an abnormally huge amount of HP, with the HP bar even wrapping around the screen. With Struggle taking out 3 HP per try, I had to edit the memory value to get to the reds and have GHOST Curse me, as it would take forever otherwise.

But apart from that, it’s a near-perfect conversion. Maybe another time I’ll play without GHOST, but good job anyways.

Version 0.06 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Surprisingly AccurateSiggu09 Apr 20200.06Yes
Genuinely unsettling.GoldenAvenger27 Jun 20190.06Yes