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Metroid mOTHER+99

Hack of Metroid


This is an addendum to the Metroid mOTHER patch by dACE, which adds the functionality of the Metroid99 patch by Maximum Potion. By patching this on top of Metroid mOTHER, you will start the game with 99 health, and any energy tanks will be refilled. Credit goes to Maximum Potion for the original Metroid99 patch which was adapted to make this.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • GoodNES name: Metroid (U) [!].nes **PATCHED WITH METROID MOTHER**
  • CRC32 (before mOTHER patch): A2C89CB9
  • CRC32 (after mOTHER patch): 04819E27




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Maximum PotionOriginal HackingOriginal Metroid99 patch

User Review Information

This Hack + Metroid HD = the ideal way to play Metroid.

Reviewed By: eskimo44 on 09 Apr 2020

As the base hack for Metroid HD I used this in conjunction with the Metroid HD texture pack. These two things combined IMO is the definitive Nestroid experience in 2020. Unfortunately Aclectico and company’s great work isn’t represented here on the hacks page but can be easily found in the forums or on Metroid Construction:

It requires the Mesen emulator to work but setting up Metroid HD is a breeze, just follow the instructions from the romhacking forum post linked above and let Mesen do the work applying the patch and textures. All you need is a clean rom, the emulator, and the texture pack as it includes this patch. While using Mesen i found overclocking beneficial, i just used the example of “400″ given in the emulation option for overclocking and the game ran as beautifully as it looked. It was largely a flawless experience with next to no glitches, and the minor ones i experienced are likely endemic of the original game.

It was great to play the original Metroid again except this time I didn’t have to farm constantly nor was I lost as the health refresh, auto map, and enhanced graphics made navigation much quicker and easier. I am very thankful to all of the effort these many wonderful people have put into making Metroid a classic that holds up in 2020. All the folks behind this patch, Metroid HD, and Mesen should be very proud as no Metroid fan should hesitate to enjoy this new version of an old experience that without these additions is IMO a poorly aged game. If any of you talented folks who’ve done work on making this all possible see this I offer you a sincere Thank You.

Version Metroid HD Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
This Hack + Metroid HD = the ideal way to play Metroid.eskimo4409 Apr 2020Metroid HDYes
Exactly what was neededMaximum Potion11 Dec 20191.0Yes