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Super Mario Bros 2 NES Editor

Level Editors


An advanced Super Mario Bros 2 Level editor for the NES platform. In this editor you dont need to place any special objects, its will be placed automaticaly by editor.

From author of NESPrincEd and Duck Tales 2 level editors.

Source code:


User Review Information

SMB2's GreatEd

Reviewed By: Zerano on 28 Mar 2020

This is just……. i have no words. This is amazing. You have done it again, ALXR. This has nearly everything that made GreatEd…… great. But, watch out, there’s even more!

  • You can edit objects and change their layer
  • You can set the setting of the worlds
  • An Objects Explorer that’s useful for keeping track of how much space is left
  • Able to set how much levels in each world
  • A bunch of things that make this better than it’s successor (i can’t blame them tho, SMB1 is pretty limited compared to it’s sequel)

– ALXR, please never stop making these editors. In fact, i want you to make a SMB3 Editor. You took hacker’s wishes and did what was considered impossible. You make the best editors. These editors are the best. Never stop.

Version 0.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
SMB2's GreatEdZerano28 Mar 20200.1Yes
Best Editor to DateCatLizard25 May 20170.1Yes
Better than othersSMWAgent09AF10 Aug 20160.1Yes
YES!Googie27 Jun 20160.1Yes