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Chrono Trigger

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Chrono Trigger is a SNES RPG similar to the Final Fantasy series. The story takes place in many different time periods ranging from the pre-historic days to the end of time. It has a “New Game +” mode and 13 different endings (determined by when you choose to battle the final boss) so the replay value on this one is through the roof.

Translation Description:

After a long month of grueling work, a patch for KWhazit’s Chrono Compendium Chrono Trigger Retranslation is out. In addition to inserting the entire script, the hack uses a fix to mimic Ayla’s nickname for Crono, adds in Sky / Dark elemental icons to replace Lightning / Shadow, and restores the Japanese ending art for the Marle searching for Crono with the Epoch ending. The only external changes are a pre-title screen and changes in the ASCII credits; there are no easter eggs. The linked page also connects to a “making-of / how-to” feature and a pack of three patches allowing users to implement the changes described above on personal projects. So, surprise! And have fun.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • CRC 8A36ED76
  • MD5 395BF4D0A75717B03C0C2131495FAF7A


Screenshots: Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
ZeaLitYScript Editing/Revisionedited, arranged, and presented the scripts in the four-column format
JLukasScript Editing/Revision
VehekGraphicscreated the title screen and located lost lines in March.
Lena AndreiaGraphicsedited the Sky and Darkness menu elemental icons and made the final site banner.

User Review Information

A Giant Mess (Spoilers)

Reviewed By: Meeptroid on 25 Mar 2020

Hoo boy, I don’t even know where to start with this one. I had to stop when I was nearly through the game because my brain was melting by that point.

First and foremost, as many glaring issues as this retranslation has, I’ll give credit where credit is due and say that I respect what they were attempting. Trying to make a translation that transfers what the official English translation may have been missing is a monumental task, and there are at the very least brief moments where they accomplished that to a degree that is enjoyable. But there are just too many issues for this to be enjoyable.

For one, the retranslation is far too literal, and sure, they were trying to keep it as close to the source material as possible, but when translating to a different language, especially two that are so different, there are limits. An example is how the wording of some sentences feel odd, and not very natural.

There’s also the issue of honorifics, which are used literally everywhere. Japanese honorifics feel very out of place in the English language, and the scale of them being used, along with other things such as Magus calling his sister “ane-ue”, while would feel fine in Japanese, seem odd being used in English.

Another thing that feels out of place, and this is more of a personal gripe, are some of the name changes. Things like Schala turning into Sara, while being more true to the source material, shows a name that is simultaneously more and less interesting. The name Sara has it’s sources in Hebrew, and fits her well, meaning “royalty”. However, Zeal is a very exotic place, and Schala, an exotic name. There’s also the fact of the Reptites being called “Dinomen”. Dinomen sounds far worse than Reptites, and was another personal gripe of mine.

Another interesting situation, this one of inconsistency is, even with Magus’ Japanese name being “Maou”, he is still called Magus in the game. From what I remember reading, this was due to limitations, but there’s also the matter that Janus is called by his Japanese name, “Jyaki”.

Finally, as much of a negative review as this is, I would like to speak about what I did like about this translation, as few things as they are. As another reviewer has said, this brings back in many lines that were lost in translation for various reasons. One of which explains that Frog has straight up drank alcohol due to depression (this one was an eye-opener for me, and one of the few things that has me thankful I did get nearly through this translation!). Another, which I knew about, was Frog straight up calling Magus a “pale-faced bastard”. Another thing that I enjoy are things such as fixes and re-implementations of features lost from the Japanese version, such as the fix to Ayla’s nickname for Chrono. The Magus exchanges at his castle are done quite well also, from what I remember.

All in all, even with the few things this retranslation did really well, I truly cannot recommend this at all. There are two very great translations in the form of Woolsey’s SNES translation, and the DS translation. While they may be missing some that this retranslation restores, they are excellent translations that keep in the scope of the English language, and don’t feel awkward.

Version 1.01 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A Giant Mess (Spoilers)Meeptroid25 Mar 20201.01No
Fantastic!obscurumlux0104 Mar 2011N/AYes