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Final Fantasy IV - Ultima

Hack of Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy IV - Ultima is a ‘deluxe’ version of Final Fantasy II for the SNES. FF2US always felt somewhat lacking and incomplete but full of potential. This hack rectifies that by adding a ton of additions to the base game while keeping the majority of the main story intact and the feel of FF2US the same.

Now includes the Novice Mode patch for a much more accessible experience with the Optional/Endgame content!

List of features, additions and changes:

  • 35 New Weapons! Including Ultima Weapon!
  • 26 New Spells! Also revamped existing spells!
  • 25 New Bosses!!
  • Can turn Enemy Encounters On or Off!!
  • New Enemy Graphics!! (HUGE thanks to chillyfeez!)
  • New Areas! New Side Quests!
  • New Events! New Endgame Scenarios!!
  • New Equipment Screen with DETAILED buffs and stats!!
  • New attack/swing/spell animations!
  • New weapon graphics!! New sound effects!
  • New maps, new areas and new edits to overworld maps!
  • New events! New enemies!! Sprint with the Y button!!
  • New commands for characters. New Armors and Gears!
  • Revamped shops/equipment and balanced their progression.
  • Dark Knight Cecil now dual-wields and is 2-handed!!
  • Edge is now buffed offensively! Stealing is also buffed!
  • Rydia has also been buffed(slightly). It’s a surprise!
  • Cecil has been buffed as a tank.
  • Rosa can use more White Mage combative gears.
  • Kain has new offensive buffing spells at end-game and new commands as he rejoins the team.
  • Rare items and summons now drop much easier! This hack is designed as a ‘play-through’ without grinding.
  • Many enemies now have meaningful rare drops, and all end-game enemies now have rare ultimate drops!
  • New thrown weapons and back-row weapons!
  • Lots of secrets that can lead to early acquirement of better equipment!
  • Few minor tweaks to the base game such as save points, etc.
  • Useless finds now replaced with good items or equipment!
  • All weapons/armors used by characters no longer in party are now usable by at least one character from the end-game party!
  • MOST items/equipment are now non-missable. Meaning they will be acquirable in some ways at end-game.

More guides and info at: Discord:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy II (U) [!] (v1.1).smc
  • English
  • Version 1.1
  • Unheadered (1,049,088 bytes)
  • CRC-32: 23084FCD
  • MD-5: 27D02A4F03E172E029C9B82AC3DB79F7
  • SHA-1: 41A74EB369A7A91815529EF99AB1B20E20E2BDF3E26




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
8-bit fanHacking
chillyfeezHackingTechnical Producer - Custom Graphics/ASM work
vivify93HackingProject II used as base
Grimoire LDHackingCritical Hit bug fix, Adamant Armor bug fix
Myself086HackingImproved Sprint function
b0ardfaceHackingAttack Power Overflow bug fix
Crow!HackingAdvanced Equipment Screen mod

User Review Information

Ultima Edition is right!

Reviewed By: Cronobolt on 22 Feb 2020

Where do we begin with this hack? Do I start with the cleaned up and sensible dialogue that only adds to the story and fills in gaps? Do I mention the part where character roles are expanded upon, allowing characters to shine in roles where they had barely minimal coverage without sacrificing their capabilities in their main roles? Or do I mention how this game has added so much new content, quality of life updates, and has breathed new life into a game almost 30 years old without sacrificing the heart of the gameplay?

This is one of the most solid hacks on this website I’ve seen. The creator has carefully weaved new elements of gameplay into this game in such a way that from first glance, you almost wouldn’t be able to tell that the game was modified. New weapons, new armor, new bosses, new spells, and they all fit in line with the game as a whole, without being overpowered, underpowered, or gamebreaking. Fun glitches are still left in as tools for speedrunning as well, should you desire to speedrun this hack while cleaning up the debilitating glitches, such as the one involving the critical hit bug.

The dialogue, again, is very cleaned up. There’s no awkwardness to the dialogue, and lines that were muddy or ambiguous have become straightforward and their intentions and information clear as day (Yet Edward is still a spoony bard. What else can you say about him?). As a result, the story feels much more cohesive without introducing external elements and tells the same tale from start to finish, the same one we all know and love, while updating information using newer renditions released by Square Enix.

And the content. There’s so many new minor twists to dungeons and other locations, and they start early. Very early! Don’t expect to burn down Mist without a fight! The hovercraft can go to many more places! New locations means new places to explore, more treasure, and new Nintendohard fights, should you choose to undertake them! And it all starts right when you control Cecil for the first time all the way through to steps before you fight Zeromus himself. This hack spans the entirety of the game, not just the intro or the end. Plus, nothing is useless anymore. There are upsides to letting people use different weapons. Ever wanted a Berserker Rosa? Elemental Edge not relegated to using just claws for the extra bit of damage? What about simply Cecil healing a little better? It’s all here, and it’s all tasteful.

v8 has just released, and I’ve started from v1. I can tell you from experience that this is a project filled with love by fans, for fans. Wanna re-experience FF2(4)? Play this hack. Want a challenge with new bosses that will smack you harder than ever before? Play this hack. Wanna just play a really good hack from this site? Play this hack. It’s just that good.

Version 8.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Good game, but still need some upgradesVolganos05 Apr 20208.35Yes
Ultima Edition is right!Cronobolt22 Feb 20208.0Yes
Not just the best FFIV hack ever, but possibly the best *ROM HACK* ever.scarlet15 Feb 20207.01Yes
Unlocks the "Ultima" potential of Final Fantasy IVAce_Aileron14 Feb 20207.01Yes
Lotta Love Went Into ThisPhaxuji11 Mar 20208.30Yes
Nothing Spoony About ThisKarsh Highwind11 Feb 20207.01Yes
An authentic but vastly improved experience.mathguy8608 Feb 20207.01Yes
Dream come true for FF4 fansNinjatemper15 Nov 20195.41Yes
A Really Good FF4 Expansion Modyeul120306 Nov 20195.21fYes
The best version of Final Fantasy 4 !!nookisabelle24 Aug 20194.31fYes
BeautifulIndyblackmage9730 Jul 20194.10fYes
Great HackQueen Zeal22 Jul 20194.0Yes
This is true present for us !tonshinden23 Jun 20193.21cYes
Awesome hack, play this even if you beaten the original many times.liraman24 Apr 20192.10dYes
The definitive version of Final Fantasy 4!Echoherb26 Aug 20194.32fYes
Final Fantasy Fans, New or Old, Definitely Give it a GoWebbhead0826 Sep 20181.0cYes