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Pokemon Grape

Hack of Pokémon: Red Version


Welcome to the Region of Frejo!

It’s 1999 and you will impersonate a former baseball player who has to participate in a deadly competition for the ownership of the Pokémon League, which is contended between two regions, Frejo and Kelgo. On top of that, some survivors from Team Rocket had fled Kanto after the failed Silph Coup and are trying to sabotage the proceedings with some nasty plot! Will you save the World, conquer the title of ultimate Pokémon master and unveil all the dozens of secrets hidden around?

Pokémon Grape is a unique gaming experience: so many changes are featured that it is de-facto a different version altogether. It features Three quests: the First Quest (up to the Pokémon League), the Second Quest (post-league), and the mysterious Secret Quest (intertwined between the two).

There are way too many additions to be listed on this page alone: refer to the dedicated ReadMe for more information. Highlights include:

  • Three main quests, League, Post-League, and a secret one;
  • 248 unique Pokemon species, with brand new Hi-Res sprites;
  • De-Capitalization (since Final 1.6), as in the newest games and hacks;
  • Bi-Color mode: the game is automatically colorized, and some features make use of color functionalities, too. Backward compatible with GB and SGB, too;
  • New Types for a total 25, including the canonical Dark, Steel, and Fairy with the addition of others (e.g: Light-type, Sound-Type and so on);
  • Dozens of new moves, at least 3 offensive moves for each new type. Some feature completely new effects (e.g: Thief);
  • 2 regions, each one with its distinct Town Map;
  • New evolution methods (1st hack to feature it);
  • Held Item Mechanics, Evolution through Held Item, Everstone (since Final 1.6);
  • Phisical-Special split attack;
  • Thief mechanics, like in the newest Pokémon games;
  • New tilesets, including underwater, volcanos, glaciers, forests, sidescrolls, and so on;
  • Travel between regions via land, via Magnet Train, or via Fast Ship;
  • Roaming Pokemon;
  • Partial Day/Night and Clock engine;
  • New items with new functionalities, e.g: Lighter, Magic Hammer, Cottage, and so on;
  • Several fixes for bugs found in the original games (e.g: Ditto Assumption/TransformGlitch, Glitch City, MissingNo, etc. etc. etc.);
  • Unique events and unique scripting, also for the legendary Pokemon, including Mew under the truck and Ho-Oh;
  • Several additions for almost anything featured in the original games, e.g: new animations, additional emotion bubbles, whatever;
  • Colored fonts, shaded fonts, braille, and so on;
  • Multiple selectable textboxes, “Max” instantaneous text speed, etc;
  • Redesigned Menus (e.g: Trainer Card showing the gems you have collected, etc.), and new functionalityies too (Give/Take items etc.);
  • And much more features and changes in the order of magnitude of the hundreds that can be consulted in this game’s ReadMe.

Gotta catch ‘em all again!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • *Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced) [No-Intro]
  • *Pokemon - Red Version (UE) [S][!]
  • *ROM Size: 1048576 Bytes (8 Mbit)
  • *CRC32: 9f7fdd53
  • *MD5: 3d45c1ee9abd5738df46d2bdda8b57dc
  • *SHA1: ea9bcae617fdf159b045185467ae58b2e4a48b9a




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Uac.DarioHackingASM, Beta Testing
Shanty TownHackingASM, Custom Music
AshAndMisty (aka -Red)MusicCustom Music
Danny-E 33HackingDanny-E 33's Red Graphic Patch

User Review Information

Requires infinite patience.

Reviewed By: Plint Michigan on 22 Feb 2020

I have a lot of problems with this hack. There are a few minor ones like the abuse of trees that need to be cut down, but my biggest problem with this hack is the extreme amount of unavoidable trainers. More often than not, I just want to get to the next town as quickly as possible and worry about grinding later, but I am going through the route and I have to fight a trainer that I cannot walk around and have no choice but to fight. And then there is another one… And another one… And another one… And another one… And another one… And another one! Virtually every trainer is unavoidable and that makes this hack an aggravating slog. If you are fine with fighting hundreds of trainer is against your will just to get to the next town, this is the hack for you. If not, then look elsewhere.

Version 1.4 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Requires infinite patience.Plint Michigan22 Feb 20201.4No
The Greatest Gen I Pokemon Hack.Lord Igniz21 Jan 20201.2Yes
Most engrossing Gen 1 hack.RustInPeace15 Jan 20201.2Yes
Interesting hack with some issuesFinnbro10 Jan 20201.1Yes
Still need improvementsJulianoFdeS10 Jan 20201.1Yes